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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 51 # bided legally

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Tell me if u feel i am dragging the story i will just reveal the truth and them end the story

Let’s start

Scene 1

Next day morning

Riddhima’s pov

“Vansh..what are u doing atleast tell me na” i said keeping my hands on his who were on my eyes..

Vansh dragged me to his room closing my eyes with his palms..

God knows what is he upto..

But i love the way he surprises me..my  kucchu pucchu raisinghania..

Well I don’t like that babu shona jaadu tona..but sometimes it seems so cute calling him by this kind of names..

“Just 2 minutes love” he said walking further holding me tightly..

I opened my eyes as soon as he asked me to .

“Van..vansh this” i gasped seeing the sight in front of me..

“Only for u my love” he said hugging me from back..

There was a mini model of a hotel named riddhima residency kept on the table..

“But van.vansh what’s the need of this” i said still trying to digest the fact..

Never have i ever imagined in my wildest dream that someone can do like this for me..

“I have planned this long ago .but now it’s ready..this gonna be on the name of Mrs vansh raisinghania..and that is you..” he said kissing my temple..

“Thnk u vansh” i said kissing him back ..

“I want something from u..will u give me” he said and i nodded in yes smiling..

I can give my life to u.. just ask meri jaan..

” I want to name this hotel on you..and that is Mrs raisinghania..but as u know we are not married yet legally..

I want to do a legal court marriage today so that I won’t face any legal issue in future..are u ready riddhima” he said i rooted at my spot

It’s not like I don’t want to marry him but this was so sudden..

” Van..vansh..i mean so sudden..” i said trying to speak but failed miserably

“It’s ok riddhu if u are not ready..you know na i can’t force u..

But if we won’t do this today i will loose this project” he said smiling slightly

How can i let him loose something that too when he did that for me..

“I am ready vansh..and we are going to marry in few days..it doesn’t make any difference

But i want an Indian wedding” i said pouting like a kid asking for his mother for a toy

“Pkka..we will do that.. just get ready in evening..angre will handle everything” he said kissing my forehead and left the room like a kid dancing happily

I can do anything just to see this happiness on his face..

I smiled like a teenager thinking about our marriage..

Pov ends

Scene 2


Vansh’s pov

“You lied to her again” angre said huffing in annoyence

“I didn’t..i just hided the truth..and there is a difference between lieng and hiding truth” i said stating the fact..

“Deception is deception only..then no matter if u put a facade on it in the pretext of your love” he said and my blood boiled..

How dare he to call my love a facade..

May be i am doing wrong but my sole intention is to get my love my riddhu in my life..

“Then what should i do..make a paper of marriage and ask her to sign saying lie..

At least i said the truth and she is gonna do this by her will” i said being agitated by his constant scoffing

“She said yes because she doesn’t know your true intentions” he said i banged my hand on table

“Be in your limits angre.. just go and do as i say” i said and he left giving up..

What’s mine is mine only..once i will bide u legally with me..you won’t be able to go away from me jaan..

Still one week is left in our wedding and this mansion holds so many secret..

Pta nhi kab konsa raaz bahar ajaye..

I smirked thinking about my perfect planning

Pov ends

Scene 3


Angre’s pov

“You can share angre..we are friends right” Maanyata said keeping her hand on mine..

I was hell frustrated by boss’s behaviour..

Riddhu is like my sister.. I can’t see her getting decepted constantly by boss

His love is toxic..i just pray..my innocent sister will stay strong in future..

God knows what brought me here..but my legs automatically turned this way..

Seeing Maanyata close to me i just wanna pour my heart out but i know i can’t..

But i am happy someone is here for me with whom i can share my feelings

Although boss was with me till now but still their was a void of a caring partner in  my heart

“What happened angre” she said bringing me back from my revere

“Just stress of business nothing else” i said assuring her..

Pov ends

Maanyata’s pov

Although i was not convinced by his words but i knew somewhere that we are yet not that close that he will tell me everything…

But atleast i am happy he came to me when he felt low..

“Everything will be fine ” i said pressing his plam a little to calm his nerves

“Thnx for being on my side” he said and i smiled brightly ..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“My bride is looking pretty as always” vansh said side hugging me …

“Bhai atleast don’t romance here ..you will get enough time for your first night ” Maanyata said teasing us..

“Bhai celebrated marriage rituals in reverse order ” angre said Chuckling and i gasped getting the double meaning behind his talk..

I looked at vansh in hope he will save me from this 2 devils but he joined them for teasing me

We are standing in front of the court waiting for our turn..

I will be Mrs raisinghania forever..i am the happiest soul today..

I never had any relation whom i can call mine but now I am gonna be his wife..his partner..we will have a smallll family..me ..vanshu and our baby..

My cheeks turned red thinking about our baby .

I just hope god won’t snatch my happiness this time..

Agr esa hua na.. to is bar me khud ko sambhal ni paungi..

“Earth calling bhabhi” angre said bringing me out from my lala land..

“Don’t think about me this much Sweetheart”vanshu said winking at me..

This chipda raisinghania will be my death someday..i just love the way he flirts with me..

Going through the procedure of wedding we exchanged the garland and then signing the legal documents the registrar declared that we are husband and wife now officially

We hugged each other in happiness

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

My chest puffed with proud..when the registrar called my riddhu mine..

I kissed her forehead and we left the court..

I send riddhu and Maanyata ahead as i was attending an urgent call..

Hanging the call i was about to move but

” I hope u will keep her happy always but not by hiding truths” angre said taunting me .

“Not now saale sahab..i am in happy mood today..

Finally my love is mine that too officially..

Nobody can separate us now..if she also wants to go..she can’t” i said with a sinister smirk playing on my lips .

“Vanshu come na” my riddhu shouted from the car and my smrik turned into a soft smile

“Coming love” i said and left leaving angre behind..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Boring tha thoda i know

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