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Young Love!!(She Is A Magic!!! / He Understands Me Well!!!)

The boys came in together, but my eyes were fixed onto him.

His eyes are a trap for me to drown me in! I never knew why I always get lost in his eyes.

I really don’t know why I am talking about his eyes. Maybe what I feel about him is just infatuation. I should leave it if he is made for me, then we will be together.

Honey is living in a flat like each one of us. We all sat in the floor which was suggested by me. They were all shocked at first, when I told them sitting on the floor is more comfortable than sitting on the chair.

At first, they tried to deny. Then I told them to try, if it is not comfortable then we will sit on the chair. This rich people don’t have the habit of sitting on the floor like how we used to do. They only sit when there is somewhere need.

Habits….As I told them to sit on the floor, they were sitting in different off positions. I told them if they were sitting like this, then it is more painful. I told them to sit with their legs crossed.

All of them sat according to the way I told. Then we sat talking all about fun we had at school, about each others’ family, other friends, etc.

After all the talks, we went home. I was on my bed again. That’s when I remembered to call Mom. She is going to kill me today.

I called her and she started her usual drama. Moms, these days…..!

I had to somehow cancel the call telling her that I was tired.

The moment she cancelled the call. I took out my video camera to take a video of my diary. (Why??)

I had promised Chandhu that I will tell her all the happening in her life. Even she promised me!

I told her all the incidents.  She was in fact my only secret keeper!

Afterwards, I had a good night’s sleep!!!!


Anika’s POV:

Uff…again I missed my alarm. I brushed, had a bath and ran to the college. Somehow, I managed not to reach late. I sat near him, where I saw him eating a sandwich, which reminded me, that I didn’t have my breakfast.

My stomach growled. I was really hungry. What will I do??

Anika’s POV ends

Suddenly she noticed a sandwich on the bench at her place.

S: You didn’t have your breakfast, right?

A: How did you know that?

S: I can understand that from your hairstyle, I meant the way you tie it.

A: How does my hairstyle tell you that I had my food or not?

S: When you tie your hair in a pony tail, it means you ran from the house. Otherwise if it is plaited, then you had time to tie you hair.

A: Mr. Detective!!(laughs)

Shivaay smiles.

Shivaay ‘s POV:

This girl is some magic. I never noticed girls like how I noticed her. She makes me go in a different world. Am I falling for her again? No..Shivaay..focus.. On studies. I know if you take these thoughts into your head, you will again distract yourself! You have already distracted your school life with her thoughts. (Distraction!!! You will change as I am the author!! Do believe in your love, Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!!)😃😃

Shivaay’s POV ends

Shivaay and Anika’s friendship were the talk of the college.

When the handsome hunk and the beautiful angel are together talk with each other, then you know what happens!!! Rumors started – they were in relationship. But both of them rejected it as they were in their so-called friendship!

Once, Shivaay gave her letter when the class was about to start. She was about to read it, when someone snatches the letter from the back, it was James. Shivaay rolls his eyes, as if Oh My God!

J:(makes a sound of clearing the throat) Dear Anika,

I, Shivaay, had experienced a lot of things with you! I cannot thank you for that as the word, “Thank You” is something which cannot express my feelings. You’re someone whom I met in school, but failed to notice because of my so-called fear of talking to girls(Really?? Was that fear or Love??😜). As you know, I had my wonderful brothers who taught me that girls are not someone to be scared, but to be respected. You literally made their teachings true! You will hold a position in my heart as my brothers! Can we renew our friendship with this letter??(James fumes, as he had thought that it was a love letter for Anika written by Shivaay)

Your Dear Friend,


Years passed, it was their second last year….! Their friendship had broken its boundaries and is at the brim of love!

It was on February 13th, when Anika decided to propose him. He had plans to propose her that day, but fears of losing her friendship overcame it!

Waiting for the proposal???

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