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Young love!!!(First Day!! – 2)

We both went together to our class. He sat on a bench and I being an opportunist, sat beside him. I can see many girls in our class drooling over him. Luckily, I don’t have anyone.

I am getting jealous of those girls. They are so beautiful and I look ugly. (You’re beautiful, lady!!!! What do you think? Are we fools??)

He will never like me. I thought not to tell him right now that I love him. I think it is better if I understand him well and then tell him. (That’s my girl!!)

We got a lot of friends today. These people were studious but not nerds. So, we decided to have combined study in anyone of our friends’ house.

That was really awesome!!! Now I can go to his house. I can understand him more. This is exciting!!!!!

During our break time, we sat with our friends. Wait!!! I didn’t introduce you to them! Our circle consists of Raj, Priya, Honey and James.

As you know, we always have a lot of fun. I really like it. Even if I miss my Chandhu, this is epic!!!! I must say she is missing it!!!(That’s because Shiv is with you, right?? 😉😉)

It’s not only because Shiv is there. If he was only there, it will be good. But when all of us are there, then it is the best!!!!!(Bad girl!!!!! You made me expect!!!😓)

Today we will be going to Honey’s house. Her house is the nearest one from school.

That day evening, I got ready to go to her house.

I got out of the house and called an Ola taxi. With that, I went to her house with the map she has sent me through whatsapp!

I never expected such a nervous day to turn into a fabulous day! I usually study with Chandhu, as we had to split nowadays, I never expected another opportunity.

Combined study is the best!! You can study plus have some fun!!!(Ya..ya…Especially when your crush is there😂😂)

(AHey Agga, are you here to spread my story or make a mockery out of it???

Ag: Sorry! You can continue!)

I went inside the house to see that only I came. Punctuality is in my blood. I hate coming late. If I were late, then I won’t go to the place where I had to go.

It’s something which my Dad had taught me. We always reach early whether it is a small visit to a friend’s house or a formal meeting.

I never let those ethics in me to leave me. I am not a sad type. My parents had given me a lot of love. There are some behaviour which makes me angry but they are my parents.

It’s all because of them, I am safe. Even though, I disobey some of the major orders given by them, they forgive me.

It’s said, asking forgiveness is better than asking permission…! (Not my words)

Five minutes later, even Priya came. We all started talking to each other as we were waiting for the boys to come. Usually they say boys are punctual, but here it is the opposite!(Sorry boys!  I am not choosing your bad side’s!)

As we talked, I understood Priya and Honey knew each other since school days. They were another version of me and Chandhu.

Their talks remind me of our friendship. How we used to bunk the classes, disturbing teachers when they separate us, completing each other’s homework! Those days……they are something which makes me happy!!!

Chandhu too, knew about my crush on Shivaay. I do remember when she pushed me to him, telling me to propose him. The moment I collided with him. I thought he will know everything as if he is a mind reader.

It’s said that “Living for love is always better than Love for Living!!!” (This is my quote)

Just then we heard the door bell. We opened the door. It was them!

How will be the day????

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