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Nimki Mukhiya 15th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tettar angry at Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 15th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai laughs evilly and says to Tettar that you lost your respect in panchayat, Babbu tries to stop her but she says shut up, today I will talk only. She asks Ritu to stay silent otherwise she will kill him. She glares at Tettar and that cheap girl made everyone silent and you people couldnt do anything? She laughs and says answer me, that girl threw Babbu out of his own room and he couldnt do anything. She says to Ritu that girl brought gap between you and Sweety but could you do anything? this Tettar didnt get anything with this marriage, that Ram was hospitalized and made us all servant and for what? you couldnt even get a seat, lost it, what a politics, you dont even have standard of a head now, Dublo says leave it. Mai says why? its time to laugh at all of them, that Ritu is a

useless lawyer. Rekha says you are right. Mai says shut up, this all started with Nimki’s proposal from us, I tried to burn myself but even then Tettar didnt listen to me, that girl didnt only destroy your respect but your whole identity, she has made you naked infront of all. Babbu says enough. Mai says you want to show your power to me when you couldnt do anyhing to her? Tettar gets angry and shouts tha t stop, you want to see who can play with my respect? I will show you what I can do, that girl is coming and you will see what I do with her, all will see that Tettar is not dead.

Manager says to Abhi that Tettar is finished, Nimki asked me to leave because I am not from this village but a man told me that Nimki took charge. Abhi says Nimki finally became a head, when a girl takes charge then nobody can stop them. Aunt says Nimki proved herself. Manager says what if Tettar tries to hurt Nimki? Abhi says he cant do anything and I am with her too, I want to let her fight her own fight, it brings confidence.

Tunee tells family about Nimki’s takeover, how people were chanting for Nimki. Nimki says enough, she takes his phone and shows Nimki’s photo of leading the session. Ram sees it and says what about her family? Nimki says my father in law and husband was there, they were happy, they guided me a lot. Tunee is disappointed with her lie, Nimki says tell Tunee. Tunee lies that they supported her. Nimki asks where is Chachi? Mauha says she must be crying. Dumri comes there and says why would I cry? Dumri says the relation which destroys you should be out of your life, I am at peace now, I had a deep wound but Nimki took it out and threw it away, now I dont have any pain, she hugs Nimki and says I will always be thankful. Tunee jokes that you should hug Ram. Dumri asks Nimki if Tettar will say anything about what happened? Ram asks what happened? Nimki says everything is fine, he left everything to me, I am late, I should go to palace, they must be waiting to celebrate my first panchayat.

Tettar and all waiting for Nimki. Sweety asks what will you do with Nimki? Tettar says I might kill her, Sweety says for a small thing? Babbu says she destroyed our respect infront of whole village and you think its a small thing? let her come, I wont spare her. Diamond asks where is she? Nimki arrives there, all glare at her, Sweety is worried for her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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