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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra takes a decision

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahana asking principal how did she pass Saransh, how dare she. Principal says sorry, all his answers were right. Ahana says so what, you should have failed him. Principal says our names and reputation would have spoiled if we failed him and paper got rechecked. Ahana says I told them that parents of the kid should be a graduate, this is the admission policy. Principal says but Prisha is educated. Ahana says Rudraksh is not educated. Principal says he is a big rockstar. Ahana says he isn’t well-educated, even if anyone calls you, tell the same policy. She says Prisha, its your turn now, I will see how you get your son admitted in my school, its a check mate move.

Gopal and Vasu come to meet the jeweller. She asks him to show her jewellery. Jeweller says its kept in safe, the man who took the keys didn’t come, he will need some time, I will send jewellery at your home. Vasu says no, call that man now. He says he won’t come soon. She says I will call the police, I want to check my jewellery, you are forgetting that Gopal is a retired judge, if he makes one call, police will come. He says just sit, I will try to get it. He goes. Gopal says he helped me by giving money, why are you doing this. She thinks once I get proof, you will see the truth. Rudra sadly plays guitar. Prisha says Saransh’s admission happened in another school. Rudra says he had to go in same school. Prisha says this school is very good. Saransh says I m happy, I will make new friends. They go. Rudra says how did Saransh change his mind. Vasu says see he got late. Jeweller says sorry, I got late, but I got the keys. Vasu says just show it soon. She thinks how will he show it, Mishka was wearing my necklace. Jeweller shows the necklace.

Vasu gets shocked. He thinks I got saved. He recalls meeting Ahana and getting the necklace for her, keeping it back in the safe. He asks are you satisfied now, will I do wrong, do you want to get it now. She takes the necklace. She thinks how did it come in the safe suddenly. She goes. Rudra goes to meet Saransh. He hears Saransh talking on call. Saransh says I m very sad, Rudra is sad, I don’t want to look sad about admission in new school, I will miss you all, I can do anything for my Rudra. Rudra cries and thinks Saransh loves me a lot, Rajeev is with me in his avatar, Saransh will study in the school he wants.

Ahana likes the lunch. She asks Saransh what new toys and games he wants. Saransh says I already have it. She says you have much free time. Prisha says I got his admission done somewhere else. Ahana says that’s wonderful. Rudra comes and says Saransh will go to his old school. Ahana says no, my silly, Prisha said Saransh got admission in the new school. He says yes, but I cancelled it and got him admitted in your school. Saransh smiles. Mishka asks how did you get it. He says very easily.

Ahana asks what do you mean, you remember the school policy, how can you break rules. He says I m following the rules. She asks what do you mean. He says I also took admission in your school. She asks what are you talking about. He says I will also study there. Everyone gets shocked. He says Saransh got admission in 2nd grade and I got in 8th grade, I spoke to school authorities and they agreed, I will be educated from their school, Rudra is the student of their school now, I will complete my education which I should have done in childhood, breaking news is that I will complete my studies with my son in my son’s school. Ahana asks what’s wrong with you, you are a celebrity, this will be nationwide news, you will be termed like a cartoon. He asks shall I let Saransh’s future get ruined, let anything happen. She says think about it. Balraj asks are you in senses, forget all this. Rudra asks what will you do, will you beat me, my decision won’t change. Balraj asks who are you to decide, I m the eldest member in family, I will decide it. Rudra asks how long will you decide, let me also grow up, let me decide. Balraj says you will become a joke for the world if you do this, this name, money and fame, I got this for you, you will ruin my hardwork, you will not study, you are worse than kids, even a kid won’t do this.

Rudra says what you did is wrong, you have beaten me and didn’t let me study, how can you think of that, did you feel bad to hear truth. Balraj says I m feeling bad to see your foolishness, I have stopped you so that you become a sing, I made your life, you just remembered that I stopped you from going to school, this proves you are so selfish. Rudra says you are selfish, you snatched my childhood, I didn’t want all this name, money and fame, I m saving my son’s childhood, I won’t let the same happen with Saransh, I will study with him, my son is making me do this which you should have done as a father. Balraj gets angry.

Balraj raises hand on Rudra. Prisha holds his hand. She asks how dare you. She says Rudra isn’t a small kid, he is an adult, he will study if he wants. He asks who are you. She says Mrs. Rudraksh Khurana. Rudra looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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