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Sajna Veh / Epi – 67 / Disaster strikes!

Sajna Veh / Epi – 67 / Disaster strikes!

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Swara,Prince and Naira are shown standing.

SP – mmmh…di, Nayu…these jalebis are just wow..just amazing..di, mu phulaye kyaa khade ho, taste it come..

Swara – tiger stop trying to distract me and answer my question.

Naira – woh…

Swara – where is Ro? And when will he come..look, everyone is asking for him . he can’t be so irres…

Naira – Di, he won’t come.

Swara – par..

SP – di please try to understand. He wont be able to see all this. He won’t be able to see Kanchi get colored in the Haldi of Vatsal’s name . he will be broken. Please di, itna toh hum kar hi sakte hai na bhai ke liye.

Swara nods.

Naira – vaise. Jiju doesn’t know about this na ?

Swara nods in negative.

Naira – its good, we should hide this from him.

  • Hide what??

Prince, Naira and Swara turn around to see Sanskar there.

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Swara – sanskar you…..

SP – jiju woh..you had gone abroad for a cobsignment for  long weeks na, in the meantime Di missed you a lot. Like a lot. So we were just asking her to hide it from you…

Naira – ha..otherwise you won’t go next time na…isiliye..

Sanskar looks at swara and smiles.

Sanskar – ha ..vaise..that’s true. Even I missed you di so much ki maine toh papa se bol diya ke next time se I wont go for such consignments. Mai apne biwi ke bagair reh hi nahi sakta.

Swara smiles. Naira and Prince leave. Sanskar comes towards Swara and hugs her. Swara hugs him back .

Swara- sorry Sanskar…for yesterd…

Sanskar – mm hmm Shona..raat gayi baat gayi…aur tum mujhe sorry bolte huye acchi nahi lagti . kuch aur bolo toh…

Swara chuckles – I love you sanskar..

Sanskar – now that’s my girl.

They keep on embraced.

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Twinkle is shown arranging the haldi bowl and putting rose petals on it.

Suddenly Kunj comes from behind.

  • Be careful ha, khud hi na laga liyo…

Twinkle glares at him.

  • Oh hello..ami pagalo ki rani nahi hu jo kanchi ki haldi khud ko…
  • Oh sorry sorry mai to bhul gaya tha, tut oh siyappo ki rani hai…
  • Kunj you are just…
  • I know I know baby, I am just a decent sa..normal sa…no wait..ha..kamal sa..mindblowing sa..awesome sa…

Twinkle looks on.

TwiNj/SidMine AT #4 Tu Chahiye Hai(Page 41)

  • Zyada ho raha hai?
  • Ji…
  • Ki farak padta hai…

Twinkle rolls her eyes.

  • Superb sa..dashing sa..extra goodlooking sa indian man hu..
  • Ugh….If you irritate me anymore na Kunj , then….
  • Then what ?
  • Then…I will put this haldi all over you…
  • .kya baat hai….you are being very romantic today, you want to apply haldi on me..woh bhi all over me…hmm hmm?
  • Kya….

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Suddenly, dadi comes – what are you both up to ? Twinkle we are getting late , the muurat will…

Twinkle – areh dadi yeh to Kunj ki…

Kunj – dadi..actually Twinkle was reminiscing our haldi, bohot emotional ho rahi hai dekho na, mujhe haldi lagana chaahti thi, kitna pyaar karti hai mujhko..

Twinkle- what….

Dadi – haye..nazar na lage tum dono ke pyaar ko…

Twinkle slaps her forehead.

Dadi – now come you both. Come fast.

Dadi leaves. Twinkle enlarges her eyes.

Twinkle – ku…

Kunj – haye kina pyaar kardi hai na tu mujhse marti hai ekdam ..

Twinkle – wh…

Kunj – chal aaja…

He drags her…

@Haldi Stage

Kanchi is shown sitting . all are shown gathered around her. The haldi rasam starts. Everyone applies haldi on her 1 by 1…


@raichand Manshion

All are shown gathered in the hall sitting. Ishani gives snacks and tea to all while Twinkle helps her. Ragini is shown feeding Ahaana with her own hands. Sanskar and laksh are discussing files while Kunj and ranveer are shown playing with Shivanya. Shivaay emotionally looks at Shivanya. His eyes brim with tears but he wipes them away.

Loveleen – swara…beta call Vatsal and see when he will reach. Tilak ka muhrat hone ko hai..

Swara nods.

Swara – areh…what the…he is not picking my calls.

Naira – ha even I tried, bhai is not picking up.

Laksh – relax guys..phas gaya hoga traffic me..aa jayega.

Loveleen nods.

Sanjida nudges kanchi – what happened…you are getting really desperate hmm?? Tapping your feet on the ground so fast means you are in anticipation hmm?

Kanchi smiles – ha..matlab…a little bit..Sanji..i have not seen him in a month. I have missed him so much. Now when he comes na, I am gonna hug him so tight and never let go..

Kanchi giggles.

Komolika whispers – maa…

Dadi – kya hai?

Komolika – you have heard of karma right…

Dadi – wahi na..jisse tujhe darna chahiye…

Komolika – nhi..wo..jisse aap ko darna chahiye..remember what you had done to me? You didn’t let me marry my love..you didn’t let me marry Anurag and got me married to Naitik …kahi aisa na ho ki aap ki poti ki kismet bhi aisi nikle..aisa ko taisa ho aur..she doesn’t get to marry her love and is forced to…

Dadi – khabrdar jo meri poti ke khushiyon ko nazar lagaya toh..

Komolika smirks…

Swara – lo..Vatyy is calling..hello…ha vat…..

All look on. Wind blows……the mandir is shown zoomed in. the diya slowly blows off….

Swara – ky….

Sanskar holds her hand as a tear escapes her eyes…

Loveleen – swara..what happened ?

Gopi – swara…what is vatty saying…

Sanskar – swara you are okay na ?

Swara closes her eyes.

Ragini – Shona..what’s wrong….

Kanchi – bhabhi…aap itni chup chup kyu hai..Vatsal..Mere Vatsal ko kuch….

Swara screams – Vatsal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She falls on the floor crying………

Kunj grabs the phone – hello…who is this….

Naira and twinkle grab swara . kanchi shudders as Sanjida holds her. Loveleen sweats.

Loveleen – kunj….

Twinkle holds his arm – Kunj kya hua…..

Kunj cuts the call.

Kunj – Vatsal has met with a very major accident.

Greyscale effects are shown .

Loveleen – nahi!!!!!!!!!! Mera baccha…

Gopi holds her.

Camera zooms in on Kanchi’s shocked expression. she breaks down crying…

Kanchi – vatsallll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@2 days later

@Walia House

Beautiful walia house is shown.

Maya is shown arranging the pillows. Jeevika comes with Aaarti platter.

Jeevika – di….

Maya – Jeevika..when are they reaching…

Jeevika – in a few minutes. Viren ji ka phone aya tha..

Maya nods. Tears stream down her face. Jeevika wipes her tears and hugs her.

Jeevika – di please stop crying. Be strong. Our Vatsal will be fine soon.

Maya – don’t give false hopes . he has been paralysed under the waist. He caan’t move his legs. Paralysis is lifelong in most cases. Our Vatsal……why is this happening to him…

Jeevika – di..we all will handle him..but our sister..Kanchi must be so broken, I am scared only thinking about her condition. Sanky had called . she hasn’t eaten anything in 2 days..

Maya – I can understand…when Arjun was sick, mere gale se bhi niwala nahi utarta tha…

Jeevika – di..shh….

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Gopi brings loveleen down. Loveleen is shown as good as dead.

Ahem – lovey…be strong…we all need to be strong for our vatsal…if you break down like this, then our kid will be shattered…wo aur dar jayga..

Gopi – lovey..be strong for vatty……

The door opens. Viren and arjun enter along with Prince. Naira comes down.

Jeevika goes with Aarti platter.

Gopi – where is….

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Rohan is shown coming with Vatsal.  He is shown pushing Vatsal’s wheelchair . Vatsal Ahuja ‘s face is shown with special effects. His eyes, lips and nose is shown. Vatsal (pearl V Puri) is shown with a bandage on his forehead totally numb. Rohan’s face is shown zoomed in with his eyes, his lips and his nose. Rohan Walia (Mishkat Verma) smiles fadely. his face is shown thrice with special effects.

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gopi – rohan…Vatsal…

Loveleen gets tears but handles them. Gopi runs to vtsal.

Gopi – dekho to..hamara chirag aagaya…

Jeevika does his Aarti and puts teeka on him.

Vatsal – I want to go to my room.

Loveleen – I will ta…

Rohan – nahi…I will take Vatsal to his room.

Naira and SP look at each other.

Sp – bh…

Rohan – Lovey maasi..don’t worry. I will take care of my brother. Ab se Vatty ki saare kam mai khud karunga.

Naira – Bhai…what has happened to Ro bhaiya ?

SP shrugs – I don’t know Naira…

Rohan – lovey maasi..mai aapka beta hu na..dont you trust me ?

Lovey nods – I trust you beta…

Rohan takes vatsal to his room.

Naira and Sp look on .

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@Raichand Mansion

@Kanchi’s room

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Kanchi is shown sitting. Dark circles, a red nose, swollen eyes are shown prominent in her face. Her brothers are shown sitting around her.

Suhana – beta…please eat some food. You haven’t eaten a single spoon since 48 hours beta….

Kanchi nods in negative.

Swara – kanchi aise toh tum sick ho jaogi…

Laksh – exactly ..then who will take care of Vatsal..

Suhana – beta please have it..Vatsal ke liye…

Kanchi gets emotional and takes a bite. She hugs Suhana and cries bitterly.

RAnveer – kanchi …please sambhal khud ko. Vatsal will be fine and soon we will dance a lot at your wed…

Anahita – don’t give her fake hopes.

Ragini – mom….

Anahita – everyone please come down…


@raichand mansion

All are shown gathered.

Anika – what happened mom?

Anahita – shivaay …Laksh..ranveer…I know I have been an ignorant mother to all of you..but Kanchi has always been the apple of my eye. Am I right ?

Dadi – we know that .but how is that rel…

Anahita – you all believe that I will take the best decision for kanchi right….

Anika – yes mom , we all believe that but why are you saying all this….

Shivaay – exactly mom. Please come to the point.

Anahita – please don’t get me wrong. I am very tensed about Kanchi. Bohot naazon se pali hai hamari beti…aur mai….swara..

Swara – ji bari mom…

Anahita – you know I love you beta, meri sab se honhaar bahu ho tum and Twinkle you know I admire you too.

Twinkle – ji..par aap…

Anahita – but please don’t feel bad. Whatever happened to your brother is very unfortunate. I was very fond of vatsal . and I am very sorry for his condition but…

Ranveer – but what mom??

Shivaay – mom??

Sanskar – badi mom…..

Anahita sighs – yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti…

Dramatic tune plays. Grayscale effects are shown .

Swara – badi mom! What are you saying….

Dadi – anahita how dare you sa…

Twinkle – badi mami….

Anahita – I am sorry . I am very very sorry . but Vatsal ab APAHIJ hai….

Swara and twinkle are shown shocked…

Kunj and sanskar look at each other.

Anahita – and I cant marry my daughter to a guy who wont ever stand on his feet….aur ab kuch bhi ho jaye yeh shaadi nahi hogi…

Komolika smirks. Dadi looks at her. Komolika mouths the word “KARMA”. Dadi gulps.

Shivaay – you cant be so insensitive.

Tears stream down swara and twinkle’s faces.

Ragini – mom please don’t do this . if kanchi gets to know..

Anahita – yeh shadi mai nahi hone dungi. Agar yeh shadi hogi …toh mere laash ke upar hogi…jite ji yeh shadi mai nahi hone dungi..

Ragini – mo…..Kanchi….!!!

All turn around to see kanchi. She is shown flagegrbasted..

Ishani – kanchi!!!!

Kanchi runs away upstairs vigorously . all follow her . the room is shown locked.

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@outside kanchi’s room

All knock the door and shout at Kanchi for opening the room. But kanchi doesn’t listen .

Suhana – sanky..lucky…

Sanskar and laksh nod and break the door. All enter the room.

Shivaay screams – KAANCHIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The episode ends on all’s shocked face.


Precap :

Rohan – mujhe aisa lagta hai ke kanchi aur vatty ki Shaadi na hone ki dua jo maine ki thi na..uski wajay se aaj Vatsal ki….yeh haal hai…

Naira – mai Bhai ko aise nahi dekh sakti..

Kartik – i have a plan

Durga – bring it on

Prince – ab yeh shaadi hoke rahegi..

Rohan – kanchi aur vtty ki shaadi ab mai karaunga

Anahita – 7 days ..7 din me Kanchi ki shaadi karaungi. par Kisi aur se.

Kanchi is shown standing at the railing of the terrace.

  • jis mein tum nahi, vatsal, woh zindagi mujhe nahi chahiye !

she jumps off


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