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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Prerna accuses Anurag

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anurag and Prerna arguing. She says you want to rusticate Kuki to take revenge on me. He asks what, I would take revenge on you if I want. She says you are a cheater, you attacked me since I have ruined your business. He says I have some respect in this college, I don’t understand what you are saying. She says I m shocked that you can fall to this level. She says don’t drag Kuki into this, how will it affect her, like you didn’t do anything, you can rusticate her, you don’t care for her, when you didn’t care for your daughter and me. Kuki comes and says Prerna, they are calling you. She greets him. They go.

Anurag thinks I knew you love me a lot, I did this to make you hate me, I knew you will survive and take Sneha away, I couldn’t see her since 8 years, I wish I could see her once, what did I do with Kuki, what’s the matter. Kuki gets sad. Prerna says sorry, this is happening because of me. Kuki says its not your fault, I don’t know how my number got used. Prerna says the trustee wanted to take revenge on me, I ruined his business, he rusticated you. Kuki says calm down. Prerna says I m okay. She says if the trustee did this, then he is a pathetic person. Anurag goes to meet principal. Prerna says I know you are innocent, you will go to college again.

Veena gets sarees for Shivani. Suman says I m here to take care of Shivani, its tough to understand people, we trusted Anurag a lot, he did so bad with Prerna, we thought Ronit is bad, he has always helped Shivani. Shivani nods. She says I wish Ronit doesn’t change like Anurag. Anurag says I know that girl, Kuki can never do wrong, she didn’t do it, its my mistake, I didn’t see her name and signed the paper, else I would have never signed, call her mom and end the matter. Principal says but we can’t do anything, Kuki can’t come to college until enquiry is done. Anurag says do something, I m here to help, I know her, she can’t do wrong, I want this scam to get investigated, call her, end the matter soon, that girl should be here in this college, sorry. He goes. Principal asks the man to find out.

Komolika checks for something. She gets the orphanage folder and thinks its called golden luck, Prerna, you can’t think of it, when you get this news, you will be shocked. Prerna and Kuki are leaving. The car doesn’t start. Kaushik sees Anurag’s car in parking. He sees Prerna and offers help. She says car isn’t starting. He helps them. Prerna asks are you Kuki’s friend. He says I m Anurag’s nephew, we met in Ronit’s engagement party, world is small, Anurag is our college trustee, maybe he came for some imp work. Kuki says yes, he signed my rustication form. He asks what, sorry, I had no idea, start the car now.

Komolika says its Sangeet now, everything will sing and dance, but Prerna will just hear sad songs, its my turn now, you will be jealous, I will show you how much Anurag loves me, he is happy with me, you will see it, I hate you a lot. She says you will see we are so happy together. Prerna comes to Kuki and says I will find out who did this. Kuki says I m fine, don’t let this matter affect Shivani’s sangeet, Shivani and Ronit love each other a lot, I don’t want them to get upset because of me, it should be great. Prerna thinks I won’t forgive Anurag for this. Anurag drinks and thinks why did this happen, Kuki is like my daughter. Moloy comes and sees him crying. He asks what happened. Anurag says Kuki… I did wrong with her.

Moloy asks our Kuki. Anurag says yes, our Kuki, she was so young, I had attachment with her, I had much stress in life, when I saw her once, her smile, I used to forget everything, I can’t let wrong happen with her, I always wanted good to happen with her, she makes her future bright, but I have ruined it so easily. Moloy asks what happened. Anurag tells everything. He says Prerna said I did this to take revenge on her, because she ruined Basu city project, why am I so unlucky. Moloy says shut up, you are not unlucky. Anurag says the people I loved and respected, wrong happened with them, I m the reason for it. Moloy hugs him. He says you can cry, the tears washes off the sorrow. Anurag smiles and says anyway, its Sangeet tomorrow, finally something good will happen, I will meet my daughter Sneha.

Kuki says you spoilt my career, I think Prerna is saying right. Prerna scolds Anurag. Anurag says I like everyone, except you. Veena says Anurag tried to kill Prerna, he had pushed her down the bridge. Moloy gets shocked. He slaps Anurag and asks what did you do 8 years back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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