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A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 23


Hey guys!!! I am so sorry for not being able to update for so long. I was very busy with some important work. Thankyou so much for all the love. Here’s a brief recap to recollect what’s happening:-


The mysterious person calls Beena and says, “The work is done. But I don’t think this is sufficient. We will have to create a bigger misunderstanding between them.” Beena replies, “Don’t worry. I will think of a bigger plan. You just keep on updating me.” and cuts the call. “This was not a very smart plan. But it’s not the end yet.” thinks Beena.




In the morning, Beena swapped Naina’s speech with a blank paper when she went to take a bath and Preeti was still sleeping. She gave the speech to the mysterious person. Then the person kept the speech in the skirt’s pocket that Swati was about to wear from the sports room.

The new episode begins here:-


“Dinner is ready.” calls out Bela. Everyone gathers around the dining table. Naina and Preeti are still thinking about the speech incident. “Did something happen girls?” asks Anand. “It was something unusual. We just barely passed it Chachaji.” says Preeti. “What happened?” asks a worried Bela and Naina explains the whole incident and the family is shocked. “Are you sure Swati did not do this?” asks Beena. “Of course Taiji. I completely trust Swati. She won’t do this.” replies Naina. “I am so proud of you girls. You managed everything so well.” says Naresh. “Right. But how could anyone steep so low to affect your image in the school?” says Bela and Beena starts coughing. She drinks water and says, “I think food got stuck in my throat.” Arjun says, “I wish there was a machine through which we could see what is happening around us even when we are not at that place.” (now we have cctv cameras) “I think you should sleep because you are dreaming with your eyes open.” replies Pralay and everyone laughs.


Naina and Preeti are in their room. Naina asks, “Did you also find Taiji’s behavior strange today?” “She is strange. There’s nothing new about it.” replies Preeti. “No, I mean she directly blamed Swati for the incident and when Chachiji said how could anyone steep so low to affect my image in the school, she started coughing. Don’t you find it weird?” asks Naina. “I guess you are overthinking. She barely knows Swati and coughing could be a coincidence. I agree that she doesn’t like us a lot but she wouldn’t do this. I guess there’s a student behind this.” tells Preeti. “Ya, I think you are right. I am overthinking. We will find out tomorrow.” replies Naina.


“We should start searching for clues. But before that we need a nice name for our group.” says Munna. “Why do we need a name? And aren’t you being too frank?” replies Swati. “Relax Swati. It’s ok. They are helping us in the competition. Let’s decide a name for our group.” says Naina and they start thinking. “Your frock wala pandit will not even let you roam around her. Love will not be easy for you.” whispers Pandit. “If it’s easy to achieve, it is not love.” whispers Munna. “Oho!! Somebody is turning into a shayar now.” teases Pandit and Munna smiles. “How about SUPER SIX?” says Sameer. “That’s awesome. Done, we are SUPER SIX from now on.” says Naina and Sameer smiles seeing her. “Ok. Now let’s start our investigation.” says Preeti. “Swati, whom did you meet before the speech?” asks Pandit. “I was coming to the assembly and then Hema threw water on me by mistake. So I went to take another uniform from the sports room.” replies Swati. “Hema, she is the one.” says Naina. “Yes, she doesn’t like us and we don’t like her either. And you remember how she tried to join our group as she wanted to know about us.” says Preeti. “Also, she pushed me when we were going to the assembly.” says Naina. Everyone agrees. “But how will we prove this?” asks Munna. “I think we should just go to the principal and tell everything. I don’t think we have a proof.” says Sameer.

The principal listens to them and calls Hema to his office. Hema says, “Please trust me sir, I have not done this. I swear on my mother. I know I don’t like these girls but I have not done this. I pushed them unknowingly. I am sorry for that.” “She is lying. From the first day, she is trying to break our friendship.” says Swati. “Wait Swati. She might be our enemy but nobody would lie when they swear on their mother.” replies Naina. Swati nods and the principal sends Hema back. “For now, you all should focus on the competition and take care of yourselves. We will try our best to solve this issue.” says the principal and Super Six return to the class.

After school, Beena comes to the back of the school with her dupatta over her head in order to hide her face. Soon, the mysterious person comes there too with a scarf over her head. Beena removes the dupatta from her face and says, “I have brought something to help you. This is very expensive. So make sure this plan works well in the 200 meter race next week.” and hands over a strong transparent string to the person. The person nods her head in agreement. “Say something and remove this scarf. There is no one except us here.” says Beena and as the person removes her scarf, it is revealed to be Kamya.

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