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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Shoots Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira tensely walks in her room. Power goes off. Mandira shouts why power if off. Bulbul calls her. Mandiraa with shivering hands opens door, asks who is it, and walks down to living room. Angad and Agastya watch hiding.
Bullbul comes in front of her disguised as ghost and says not to be shocked, it is her, she will not let her celebrate Teej function and shouts to confess her crime. Angad and Agastya break things hiding. Bulbul asks Mandira why did she steal her husband. Angad and Agastya break things hiding again. Mandiraa turns. Bulbul runs away. Angad and Agastya play Bulbul’s voice. Mandira panics hearing Bulbul’s voice from all sides and shouts to stop, lifts gun and shoots all around house. Whole family gathers. Vijay catches her and takes her up. Vasu

sees blood on floor and realizes Bulbul got shot. Family rushes to Bulbul and see blood shot on her shoulder. They rush her to hospital.

Vijay scolds Mandira why she was shooting all around, if she has gone mad. Angad calls him aside and informs about Bulbul being shot. At hospital, doctor removes bullet ad informs Agastya she is fine, but lost a lot of blood. Sadhna asks Vasu why they are playing such a dangerous game, what Vijay and Bulbul are hiding and gives her oath. Vasu thinks how to tell truth.

Vijay asks Mandira to take medicine and sleep while he goes out with some important work. She says she wants hi to be with her. Gayatri mixes medicine in milk. Vijay feeds it to Mandira, and she falls asleep. Vijay asks Gayatri to inform if Mandira wakes up and rushes to hospital. In hospital, inspector comes questioning. Vijay runs on road reminiscing trying to stop Bulbul and telling he is afraid something wrong will happen. Inspector asks Agastya who is shot, he has to start formalities. Vijay reaches and asks where is Bulbul. Inspector asks who is shot. Agastya asks to wait till Vijay calms down. Doctor brings Bulbul out of OT and says she is fine is just weak due to blood loss. Vijay breaks down holding Bulbul’s hand. Sadhna consoles him. Bulbul opens eyes and signals she is fine.

Bulbul is shifted to ward. Inspector asks who shot her. Vijay requests to question later as Bulbul is still recovering. Inspector goes out. Vijay says he has to complain again Mandira as he cannot put family at risk, let Mandira know that Bulbul is alive. He goes out and tells inspector that his wife was shot by…but then reminisces Mandira warning she has Vasu’s clip and will viral it. Bulbul asks Vasu to stop Vijay, else Mandira will upload that video. Inspector insists again.

Precap: Bulbul asks Mandira to snatch all the rights which Mandira satched form her. Mandira gets ready as bride and thinks Vijay has to give her wife’s right tonight.

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