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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 17

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Episode starts…..

After college Ridhima tried to contact Vansh but meeting with vansh is not everyone’s cup of tea especially for ordinary people. She goes to viyom and..

Ridhima: I wanna say something.

Viyom: where were you?

Ridhima: viyom please first listen to me.

Viyom: go ahead!

Ridhima: viyom I don’t want to marry you.

Viyom: stop kidding Mon cherry.

Ridhima: viyom I am very much serious.

Viyom got worried ” I love you Ridhima…and you also love me….i…i…I didn’t force you Ridhima but accepted me with your will.”

Ridhima: I care about you, I respect you but I don’t love you….And I completely respect your feeling and because of your conditional love, I miss interpreted my feelings for you. The feeling of care and respect I thought love but not now I understood the real meaning of love.

Viyom: Ridhima all this is easy for you but not for me. I loved you wholeheartedly. If you misinterpreted your feelings then tell me what is my mistake.

Ridhima: I am sorry viyom…I don’t deserve you and your love.

Viyom: Ridhima I never forced you for anything, then why this suffering for me. What not I did for you and look at you…you are saying that you don’t love me.

Now Ridhima didn’t regret confronting her feelings as she thinking vansh and she had faced a more difficult situation than this but vansh never blamed her and always respected her decision. Vansh suffered more than him but he never complained to her even he sacrificed his love for her happiness.

Here both truly love Ridhima but each one has a different meaning of love.

Ridhima: I am sorry viyom. I was mad viyom. I know I broke your hurt and you can’t forgive me. But try to Please forgive me viyom.

Viyom: what happened that changed your mind Ridhima.

Ridhima: viyom it’s not mind it’s my heart that recognised my true feelings.

Viyom: this means you love someone else? And don’t tell me you still love that Kabeer….

Ridhima: I don’t love him…I love Vansh..

Viyom with shock ” Apna vansh…you mean Vansh Raisinghania”

Ridhima: yes viyom…

Viyom: do you even know what are you saying..but ..he…he don’t love you…

Ridhima: he loves me…He loves me limitlessly.

Viyom: hold on…this means you are only his Ridhima.
but why he refused you to recognise?

Ridhima: because I misunderstood him and he was angry about that….moreover he thought we love each other so didn’t want to snatch our happiness.

Viyom: Ridhima think one more time you both are not meant for each other. You know about his disorder.

Ridhima: yeah! I know about that and it can’t change my feeling for him.

viyom: life is not a joke and don’t try to play with it otherwise you have to regret your whole life. You know what I mean…He even can’t touch you.

Ridhima: I know viyom but I still love him. I love her soul, not his body.

Viyom: now you are not understanding but later on you will going to cry for love for a man like vansh.

Ridhima: viyom I respect you but it doesn’t mean that you will make fun of my love. I never gave this right to you.

Viyom: what about my feelings Ridhima. You also made fun of my love and by giving them the name of care and respect you disrespected them.

Ridhima: I never defamed your love for me. I said that I don’t love you and my feeling were wrong. And life can’t be spent by one-sided love.

Viyom: okay as you wish but never forget I am always with you and for you only.

Ridhima: thank you viyom.
By saying this she hugged him and moved.

Viyom: where are you going at this late night?

Ridhima: I have some work.

Viyom: ok!! Come soon..

Ridhima goes out of the mansion. ” you don’t know Ridhima how much I love you but don’t worry soon you will be with me.”

“Ridhima I love and I want you because is love is selfish. I can’t afford to lose you at any cost. I said nothing to you because I know you are an emotional fool if I said anything to you then it will reduce the chances of getting back you into my life.”

” We live with a person whom we can’t touch or feel. I know every time we don’t need physical support but in various instants, we need our partner’s touch and a warm hold which give energy to us. These things are also important for life.”

“When reality will hit you then you will regret your action. Ridhima when you will not able to find physical pleasure in vansh then you will come to me. You took this decision because you didn’t see the harsh reality of the world.”

” vansh I know you love Ridhima but Ridhima is the only mine.”
Ridhima goes to the VR mansion. She tried to go inside but guards didn’t allow her. “Call your boss,” said she.

Guard 1 : why?

Ridhima: have ever fallen in love CHACHA(guard 1)…..

Chacha blushed and said “no”

Ridhima: Chacha jhooth bolna paap hai…nadi kinare shaap hai….and he will bit you because your face is saying something else…..

Chacha: aaj kal ke bachhe to saram kahi bech khaye hai….yes I love me “Garwali”(blushed). But why are you asking….

Ridhima: because I love your Boss.

Guard 2: really!!

guard 3: this is not new…each girl has a crush on him. But no one truly loves him but they love his money and property.

Guard 2: yes he is right…our boss is strict from the outside but soft from inside. You know he knows about our family personally.

Chacha: he usually shouts at us but we never mind because we never intend to hurt us….

Ridhima: I know him please allow me to go in.

Chacha: I can’t and it will be dangerous because you are drunk…

Ridhima: sometimes to suppress our pain we need this….otherwise pain will overpower your happiness….I am very much in my senses…chadti nhi mujhe Chacha….

Guard: wo to dekh hi rha hai….I know you are very sweet girl but sorry we can’t allow you.

Ridhima thinks for a second and said ” wanna see “JAADU”

Guard 3 : what jaadu??

Ridhima: first close your eyes…

Chacha : don’t try to fool us…

Ridhima: I am very much serious Chacha…. You all close your eyes and start counting till 30 and when you all will open your then I will vanish from here… I will be gone.

Guard 2: what rubbish is this…

Ridhima: Aarree…please na…chacha…close your eyes and see the magic of Ridhima…

Guard 3: if we close our eyes then how will we see your magic…

Ridhima: God question…..(she keeping on hand her waist and one her head started thing)…you will she my jaadu after finishing your counting Nah…

All guards said “okay”. They started doing the same…Ridhima quickly stood up and without making noise she went in.

She rang the doorbell but no response so she gets frustrated and went to vansh room side and saw lights were open in his room. She picked up some pebbles and started throwing them toward his room. When vansh found pebbles on his window, his temperature rose…then heard a noise so he went near the window

Ridhima was shouting” you vansh Raisinghania…after destroying me sleep how can you sleep so peacefully….”

Vansh Raisinghania come outttttt…..otherwise I will break your head with these pebbles….

She tried to throw pebbles but she fell after rolling her hand. Guards came in and were shocked to see her, inside. Ridhima smiled to them and asked ” how was my jaadu”

Guards were horrified as vansh also came there. They were going to near ridhima so that throw her out but vansh signed them not to move a bit.

Vansh with a stern look ” what are you doing here?”

Ridhima: I’m not deaf so don’t shout Mr Raisinghania…

Vansh goes near her smelled her mouth ” are you drunk”
Ridhima nodded her head in yes but said “no”
Vansh frowned at her. She said ” you can’t scare me with these looks. I very brave girl” and lift her and throws a punch in the air and Vansh backed off.

Ridhima: you should scare of me as I am very dangerous
She started showing some moves…” Vansh Let’s go in”
They moved from there.

In the hall Ridhima sat on the sofa and vansh was looking at her with lots of emotion as she came back after so many days…and now his mansion got life. Ridhima also looked here and there her eyes became watery. all moments started coming in from of them.

Ridhima: vansh nothing is changed in the mansion.
Vansh asked ” what??” ” you vansh Raisinghania…you are changed from toe to head.” said with anger.

Vansh: what have done to you…

Ridhima: what?? (Sarcasm) say what not…..you don’t know how much I cried for you….. You hurt me to the core of my hurt. Your behaviour made me insane…

Vansh: Ridhima I didn’t mean to hurt you
He moved to hold her but she showed her palm to stop him…

Ridhima: stay away Mr Raisinghania otherwise you will again blame that my proximity hurts you….. Vansh seriously I fade up of this and I can’t take this more…

Tears rolled down from her eyes…
” your behaviour hurt me here ( pointing towards her heart). You know this is unbearable and I am dying with this. Vansh please make free from this pain”
She collapsed on the floor. She continued” I know did wrong with you but tell me my mistake is that big so you can’t give me one chance to prove myself. I didn’t give you a chance to prove yourself and now you are doing the same mistake….what I did.”

” vansh you always says I am a kid but you are mature then why you did a mistake….I am not saying that you are wrong. Anyone can do a mistake because we are human main thing is this what we learn from our mistake….”

Ridhima looked at vansh who eyes were teary. ” Give me a dark chocolate”

Vansh was confused from where this chocolate came in between the discussion ” what”

Ridhima: what…what??? I am exhausted…I need some energy to fight with you…Give me quickly so that I can continue with my words…

Vansh: I don’t have….

Ridhima: check in the refrigerator nah….

Vansh: here no one eat chocolate….

Ridhima: but you use…okay leave…go and buy for me…

Vansh: I am not going anywhere….

Ridhima: you can’t buy chocolate for me….it’s a matter of 25 Rs….my all Rs goes in my drink otherwise I didn’t asked you…leave I you became poor than me…

Vansh glared her..”Don’t stare like this otherwise I will touch then you will in the hospital” vansh ordered guards to bring her chocolate….

Ridhima: vansh don’t worry…jab mai baadi ho jaungi nah….I will work hard and earn lots of money….and I will not trouble you..

She stood up on the sofa ” itani badi…..nhi…nhi..itani…”
She stood on her toes and she disbalanced before she kisses the floor vansh ran to her and hold her.

Ridhima: thank you…
Then abruptly goes away from him…she ran to the phone and said: ” don’t panic vansh I am calling the doctor” she dialled no. But when he didn’t found any answer from vansh so she looked at him who was still standing there like a statue..Ridhima dropped the phone and came to vansh…” I am sorry vansh again hurt you ( tears came to her eyes)…..but don’t worry everything would be fine we go to the hospital…..you were my proximity to is hurtful to you….

Vansh cupped her face but she tried to remove his. ” vansh what are you doing it will hurt you….”

Vansh: Ridhima I can touch you…nothing will going to happen…

Ridhima was confused and rubbed her head and said ” what are you saying tell me in detail”

Vansh: Ridhima I can touch you..,

Ridhima: really vansh…I can touch you….

Vansh: Hmm… (smiled)

Ridhima hugged him tightly and vansh also reciprocated…
“vansh I can’t tell you how much I am happy after knowing this…..”

Ridhima: Vansh I want to go to my room…I missing…

Vansh: why are you asking me…just go…

Ridhima: you will not come…

Vansh: why not?

They moved to the room. Ridhima adored each little thing of her room…she goes on the bed and started jumping there….vansh was smiling at her antics…

” Ridhima gir jaogi…..” ” nhi….vansh…let me enjoy this moment…..vansh where is my chocolate…”

Vansh: you stay here only I will be back in a minute.

Ridhima: okay!!!

Ridhima was sitting on the bed and eating dark chocolate.” Vansh you will not eat”

Vansh: no!!!

Ridhima: why?? Pahele to lete the…

Vansh: ridhima I don’t like it…

Ridhima: for me…

Vansh: no Ridhima…

Ridhima moved to him but he stood up from the bed. Ridhima immediately grabbed him from the collar before he could move further…she was on bed and vansh was standing on the floor.
” now I will see how well you resist this chocolate.”

She took a piece and held it with her lips. Vansh” no! I will not eat…Ridhima what are you doing…”
Ridhima placed the chocolate on his lips but in this process, her lips touched his…now this was high time for breaking his Sabar….he loosened his control and before she removes her lips he captured them in his…

Ridhima’s eyes widened in shock…she tried to push him but he tightened his grip on her waist instead of losing…
Ridhima initially fought with vansh to free herself but in vain…at last she gave up and closed her eyes to feel the moment and reciprocated the kiss. Her one hand moved to his head and started caring his hair and the other was caressing his cheeks…after some time she encircled her hands on his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Vansh was not ready for this action vansh with ridhima fell on the bed and their kiss was broken….both were panting heavily and facing the ceiling. Vansh looked at ridhima and moved one hand to her cheeks started caressing. when Ridhima felt vansh she blushed and hides her face with her hands…..when vansh removed her hand she first was not able to look at him….so vansh said” sweetheart look at me…”After hearing sweetheart from his mouth she collected all her courage and started looking at him which make her cheeks even more red and burn in shyness…..

Ridhima moved to vansh and rest her head on his chest drift to sleep. Vansh after giving a kiss to her forehead and cuddling her slept.
The next day Ridhima woke up around 11 O’Clock. Her head was spinning. She her head and looked all around….she tried to remember what happened yesterday night….but nothing she gained…..instead her head started hurting….

Vansh came into her room with two cups of coffee…..” Vansh how come I came here….and what had happened yesterday….please tell me…”

Vansh thought for a while and said “what are you expecting from me….first finish this coffee”

Ridhima: I am taking this…you tell me…

Vansh: Ridhima you have thrown pebble on my room and me…

Ridhima eyes widened and her mouth opened…

Vansh enjoyed her expression and continued ” you shouted on me and bad mouthed me….you sad I am the reason of your tears…I made your life hell….”

Ridhima feeling guilty for action and asked ” what more happened between us”

Vansh : what could more happened between us….you forget that I have a disorder and I even can’t touch a woman…

Ridhima: sorry!!!! I don’t mean to hurt you….I am sorry vansh…..sorry for all the things that I wrong with you…I know sorry is not enough for that..
Precap: Ridhima was tears….. In frustration, she hit her hand on the headboard……
she closed her eyes…..she got a flashback in which she was in the room which is filled with her photos and she was kissing a person passionately….
__________________________________________________please tell me that love should be selfish or not…now I am confused….as vansh said his love is selfless but in this process both were in pain….Who’s love is more powerful vansh’s or viyom’s?…

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