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The Twisted game of Destiny- Blackmail IMMJ2 Fanfic


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The Twisted game of Destiny- Reason Part II ep. 43 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Episode starts

Ishani: Now no more remembering the past! (wiping her tears)

Riansh: Yess!!

Angre: Not yet over

Vansh: Now what happened?

Angre: Vyom’s chapter isn’t over yet! He’s alive and he has his eyes on all of us.

Vansh: What!! (shock) Angre let’s go, I’m not going to spare that guy!

Riddhima: Vansh! What let’s go, have you thought about any plan before confronting him. You know he can be dangerous.

Angre: Absolutely right Bhabhi, bhai let’s not work in haste and anger.

Kabir: Vansh, keep control on your anger. Vyom isn’t someone you can easily play with!

Vansh: Angre any information about him?

Angre: bhai I’m still not done with the entire story, he actually contacts me. (guilty)

Vansh: Contacts you? And you don’t bother telling me that? (anger)

Angre: Because he was blackmailing me

Ishani: He was blackmailing you!

Vansh: Exactly and you’re telling this now! (thinking) I’m sure it must have been something big that you stayed quiet, now tell me. I’m with you

Angre: Bhai (fear) Vyom’s child is in Anisha’s class in school.

Anisha: Dad who?

Angre: Saksham Raigir

Anisha: Saksham!

Angre: Vyom blackmailed me using his son and my daughter. He almost planned to frame Anisha in a drug case involving his son just that I stopped him on time otherwise (tears)

Anisha: Dad when did all this happen?

Angre: When you went on a class trip to Dehradun, Saksham had brought some packets of drugs to put in your bag.

Anisha: When you came to pick me earlier than the rest

Angre: (nodded) He had contacted me then and told me about it. I rushed there and I stopped it but it wasn’t the end, he kept on doing so because Saksham had become Anisha’s friend and were in the same class. (tears) Bhai and you know how much a child is important to a father or a parent!

Vansh: (fisting) You didn’t bother to tell me once!

Angre: You were already stressed and….(cut by Riddhima)

Vansh: Do think that I don’t regard Anisha as my own daughter too? (dejected) She’s is as important to me as Riva and Rivan and Shayne! Get it!

Ishani walked to Angre and cupper his face. Tears rolled down her face and she hugged Angre tight. Angre pecked her forehead to assure everything was fine. Ishani backed off and went to Anisha and took her into her arms, comforting her.

Angre: Bhai it’s not like that, I just didn’t want to add more troubles.

Dadi: Angre what troubles! Anisha is the daughter of this house

Angre: (nodded) I know dadi

Anisha: I’m sorry dad…it’s all because of me (crying)

Riddhima: (pulling Anisha in to a hug) No it’s not your fault! You never even knew about it so stop blaming yourself (wiping her tears) You’re a brave girl aren’t you? Then don’t blame yourself.

Vansh: Exactly Anisha, it’s not your fault. Angre what happened next

Angre: He blackmailed me and asked me to get VR empire’s secrets and work tactics. I agreed but every time I delayed it with excuses and all. Till today when he messaged me again saying that he would inform you about all this.

Vansh: I seriously am not going to leave him! Enough is enough! He’s played enough with my family, he’s awaken the devil me now!

Aryan: Vansh think before you do anything. Any of your acts can have wrong consequences that everyone else would have to bear.

Vansh: (anger) I want everyone to leave away right now! Angre, Kabir and Aryan come to the study right away!! (storming off)

Vansh left his room in anger and headed for the study, while Angre, Aryan and Kabir went behind him assuring Riddhima that they would calm him down. Dadi, Ishani, Anisha, Siya and Shayne left Riddhima and the twins alone in the room. Riddhima cleared the messy room and instructed Riva and Rivan to rest for a while and they headed for their room.

Study Room

Vansh was sitting on his chair and boiled in anger while Aryan, Angre and Kabir surrounded his table. Vansh sat and thought about his plan and soon after discussed

Vansh: There’s not much in the plan. Just a straightforward confrontation

Aryan: a straightforward confrontation! You know how dangerous it could be.

Angre: Exactly bhai, it’s not safe and Vyom is always ready with something.

Vansh: (attitude) If he’s Vyom Raigir then I’m Vansh Rai Singhania!

Kabir: And I’m Kabir Raichand! (proudly)

Vansh: (glaring) really?

Kabir: What…. I am Kabir Raichand! And I said that because I have a plan

Aryan: What plan? (curious)

Kabir: …………………………


Tackling Vyom (this time pakka it’s going to happen😂) 

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