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Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gitanjali Devi’s dangerous avatar!

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gitanjali Devi is furious recalling Kajal’s dad’s words. Bhairav asks if she needs anything. She says she needs to show her danger avatar to everyone again. She opens her cupboard and behind all the colorful saris, she takes out a rifle. She says and this time she won’t miss her target.

Aarav comes running home and goes straight to Gitanjali Devi’s room. Bhairav signs him not to go inside. Chitra blames Simar and her sister for all that happened.

Vivaan and Reema reach outside Vivaan’s home. Vivaan says he promised her to be with her always and his test is going to start from today. He asks she is not afraid, right? She says he stood with her when no one else did and one doesn’t scare from their family. Today they may be upset, but soon they will be fine. They hold hands and gather courage to go inside.

Aarav knocks the door, but Bhairav says she asked him not to let anyone inside. He tells her that she is that upset that she won’t see his face? He asks her to talk to him. Gitanjali Devi is setting up her rifle.

Diya is about to go off when Simar runs and saves it. Sandhya helps Simar. She says that she is very scared. She feels like something bad is going to happen. If Reema comes in this house, then Gitanjali Devi will lose her control. They must stop Reema. A car honks. Aarav rushes downstairs and informs Gajendra that Gitanjali Devi is not opening the door. While walking in, Reema thinks that she is here because of them. She will take revenge for all that she lost and for all that she and her family had to suffer. Vivaan tells her that they will proudly go in the home and face whoever come in their way. They have married with all rituals in end.

Simar tells Sandhya that Reema won’t listen. Sandhya says then convince her, request her, she is her sister. Simar says she knows Reema, she won’t listen. Sandhya says Gitanjali Devi will do anything in anger. Once she’s calm, they can do something. But for now, she must talk to Reema. Simar goes outside. Vivaan asks whether she came to welcome them. Reema says of course, she is your bhabhi. Simar says no. She requests them not to enter the house for some time. Everyone is very angry. Vivaan asks what happened. Simar tells him that he knows his Badi Maa. If they enter the house now, then it won’t be good.

Gajendra now tries to make Gitanjali Devi open the door. Bhairav moves him back. Gitanjali Devi opens the door. She’s wearing a black saree and holding a rifle in her hands. Gajendra and Aarav are shocked. Other family members also come there and are stunned. Gitanjali Devi walks and goes downstairs. Others follow her.

Vivaan tells Simar that he knows Badi Maa well, but one day they have to face her. So why not today? Reema agrees and asks her to move out of their way. They continue walking and come to the house entrance. Wind blows. Garland at the entrance breaks and flowers fall on them. Red color / gulaal flies. Vivaan says, maybe not his family, but this house has accepted her. They hold hands and step into the house. Reema’s foot marks get left on red color on floor. Gitanjali Devi and others come there. Gitanjali walks towards Vivaan and Reema. Bodyguards stop family members from going closer. Gitanjali stares at Vivaan and Reema. Simar rushes back inside house.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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