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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E19 (ROMANCE ON FIRE)

Overwhelmed with previous feedback! Lots of love. Sorry for short updates these days as you all know I’m busy with my school dramas 😒😫.

Episode starts with:

VR Mansion: Author’s POV;

Everyone laughed hard, Vansh adored her baby Sweetheart, that how well she mixed with his unusual family, but everyone turns serious when Vansh said..

Vansh: Time to study Sweetheart!

Riddhima: (frowning) Let it be Na. Please!

Vansh: Then what about your test?

Riddhima: You please cancel it.

Vansh: No, test will take place now its your choice whether to fail by not studying or pass with good marks by studying.

Riddhima: Ofcourse I need to pass but u want to have fun with your family. (Baby face)

All(unison): PLEASE 🥺

Vansh: Sorry, but no. Riddhima don’t play with your career. They all are here only na, study for 1hour then you can spend time with everyone. I won’t stop .

Riddhima: Promise.

Vansh: Your swear Riddhima.

Riddhima: (frowning) Fine. Let’s study.

(She moves towards Vansh, hangs around his neck as always and says..)

Riddhima: Fam! I’ll meet you in One hour. (To Vansh) chalo now. Take me.

(RIANSH reach Vansh’s room and Riddhima gets shocked to see the room, she asks..)

Riddhima: What jas happened to this super adventurous room? Nice Bed is here! It’s neatly arranged, like humans hnn?

Vansh: (putting jer down) I’ve fallen in love witu a human, so now I should try things she like. Right?

Riddhima: Absolutely. (They HiFi)

Vansh: Now no more talkin’. Let’s study. Come on now sit here (on the chair place with a study table)

Riddhima: Okay Sir!

(Vansh glares at her on listening sir, she keeps quiet and sits on the chair, Vansh was about to sit on the other chair but instantly Riddhima pulled his hand, made him sit on her chair and herself sat on his lap saying..)

Riddhima: I’ll sit here and study. My favorite spot.

Vansh: Indeed! But not now, this isn’t the time to Romance Sweetheart.

Riddhima: I’m not ROMANCING! I’ll just sit here on your lap and then study.

( With no choice left Vansh nods positively, Riddhima smiles brightly. Vansh starts teaching her, she studies and tries understanding sincerely. After teaching Vansh asks..)

Vansh: Did you understand?

Riddhima: Ye..No.. Woh.. Hnm!

Vansh: What was this Sweetheart? Yes or no?

Riddhima: Yes!

Vansh: Fine, then I’ll give you 10numericals to solve. Okay?

Riddhima: 10? They are too many. No!

Vansh: I think 20 would be better. Because School mein bhi toh 20 marks ka test hoga. So..

Riddhima: (snatching the notebook) No, no 10 are much better. I’ll complete these. But only before if you give me a tight and warm hug. As a good luck.

(Vansh laughing speards his arms, Riddhima hugs him tightly having covered herself in his cold body still giving her immense pleasure and warmth.

Riddhima (breaking the hug) now I’ll try doing it. Vansh the first question itself is so difficult how will I do it? You can Princess (self motivation) !

(Riddhima starts with her solving tue numericals making weird faces, Vansh laughs secretly at her cute antics, her hair starts Coming in her eyes, she felt itchy, Vansh carefully put her hair strands behind her earlobe, he starts moving closer to her while she was busy solving the numericals, Vansh remembers that he’s again loosing control and suddenly took the notebook from her hand saying..)

Vansh: Time is up! Let me check now, and on every wrong question..

Riddhima: You would kiss me😍

Vansh: No, I’ll punish you. (After checking) Good all are correct. 10/10 Riddhima.

Riddhima: Yippee (she kissed Vansh’s cheeks) o knew. Afterall I’m Riddhima Raichand, the princess, I can’t fail. Hurray.

(In excitement she was getting up, when Vansh pulled her back in his lap and said..)

Vansh: What’s so hurry Sweetheart?

Riddhima: Vansh leave. I’m going to spend time with your family.

Vansh: Even I deserve some time alone with my Riddhima.

(Saying so Vansh starts nuzzling his nose on Riddhima’s entire face, she gets cold, and moans his Name..)

Riddhima: Va..aan.shh!

(Vansh gets encouraged, he burries his head in the crook of her neck and inhales her fragrance deep, he grows restless and starts giving wet kisses on her neck, she moans and holds his hair tightly, he starts roaming his fingers on her waist, he slowly removed tje straps of her dress slightly from the her shoulders and kisses passionately, Riddhima became a moaning mess and said..)

Riddhima: I can’t resist more. Go ahead Va..aan..shh!

(Hearing Riddhima, Vansh came to his senses and jerked Riddhima away slowly, he got up and shouted..)

Episode Ends!


Tell me your theories that “What happened to Vansh suddenly?” And ” Whom does Vansh wants to save desparately”? “What is the War?”

Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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