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Ridhimma was staring at her blood droplets over coal. A feeling of guilt came to her. She was feeling guilty of being a faction traitor for being the reason of taunt that will be directed towards her father . But somewhere she was also feeling happy to choose for herself . Now decision was made it was her turn to see where it leads to

Ridhimma’s pov

I look at my father who just nods at me with a smile. A sense of relief came that her father is not angry with her then she saw her former faction members gossiping and throwing hateful glances at her.

I slowly walk towards dauntless crowd and stand between them . Soon the choosing ceremony got over and dauntless started running towards exit door . I also moved but ore due to their forces soon we were outside and I saw the train coming . Dauntless were jumping into the train . I stopped at my tracks and was nervous when someone held my hand started taking me along . While running I turn my head to see tori . As we get near train she shouts just hold the handle and push yourself inside train other you will factionless here only.

I see tori doing it and gather courage I hold the train handle tightly and push myself inside the train. Due to the force I loose my balance but tori catches me.

Me: thank you tori

Tori: welcome Ridhimma.

Saying this she sat on the floor of the train. I sat beside her. There was silence between us when tori spoke

Tori: so you chose dauntless .

Me: yeah (remembering the moment when blood droplets fell on coal)

Tori: why ?? You could have also chose abnegation and led a simple life (looking at her curiously)

Me: I just couldn’t feel that I can belong to abnegation .

She just nodded and next few minutes passed in silence. After sometime she stood and said to me

Tori: its time to jump on the rooftop .

I stood up and saw people jumping as the rooftop passes by. The tracks were seven stories up.

Tori held out her hand and I took it. As the roof top drew near we jumped . After a moment of feeling weightless my feet touch the ground and a wave of pain arises . The jarring landing sends me sprawling on the roof top.

After I stable myself a little tori bids me bye and said that we will meet after sometime. I start moving towards the other transfer initiates . I notice I am the only abnegation transfer in the group . There are relatively more number of faction transfer from candor and erudite. I line up with others transfers when someone said from back

“stiff in dauntless I think we will soon get a factionless member ”

I tighten at the word stiff it is the slang used for abnegation member . I turn back to see a erudite speaking . I ignore him and looked at the front ,a man comes there and stands in front of initiates . He speaks

Congratulations to all the initiates who made it up to here . I am Max your dauntless leader. Dauntless means bravery so only those initiates can pass the initiation test who are brave at heart . Your next step is that you have to jump from this ledge into the hole so who is coming first ??

No one comes ahead I look at the erudite transfer who called me stiff , he is fiddling his fingers and looking here and there. I start walking towards the ledge and stand on the ledge . I look down but its completely dark inside taking a deep breath I jump inside it . My heart was pounding very hard every muscle of my body tensing then I hit something hard . I look around to find a net ,someone stretches out a hand and I grab it and pull myself down. I look at the owner of the hand and find a young man. Just then I hear a voice behind me

” stiff the first jumper unbelievable ”

I turn around to find a young girl . The man said

Man: there is a reason why she left them Lauren .

Lauren : announce her name as first jumper Vansh

So the man name is Vansh I thought. This name sounds familiar but I don’t remember where I heard it.

Vansh: your name ??

Me: Ridhimma

Vansh look over his shoulder and shouts ” first jumper Ridhimma”. Vansh sets his hand on my back and says

Vansh: welcome to dauntless

Everyone starts coming down and the room was filled with their screams and laughter . When all the initiates are done Vansh and Lauren led us through a narrow tunnel . The walls were made up stones and ceiling sloping. Looks like its underground. It is dark around and I almost fear of getting lost until I see light in front of me. The candor girl in front of me stops suddenly and I hit my nose on her shoulder .

Lauren: this is where we divide. I am Lauren the instructor if dauntless born initiate and he is Vansh instructor of transfer initiates . The dauntless initiates get separate and go to other side . I look at Vansh he is tall and his eyes is like a deep ocean and his calmness and stillness is something different . He leads us through another way . I follow him to him to see where my future leads me to

Precap: Vansh gives them tour around dauntless compound . Vansh Ridhimma conversation.

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