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Riansh: Discover the love life# Epi 5. Will you be my stranger?!(by Devanshi8)

First of all thanks to those who showering their love through comments for my ff nd request to silent readers to do comment. So Aishu ur comment of ur guesses inspired me a lot to take a twist again😁 in ff so here I m with some twist

Episode starts …..

After a dance all are at their previous places but something changed in Roy
Yes, Roy came there nd it looks like he is drunk, his tone his language nd his walking style like he felt dizziness nd he started flirting with random girls there exactly in front of dadu nd dadu’s face is now full ‘O’ shaped. He is unable to understand anything so dadu nd Roy’s mom tried their best to handle him but suddenly Roy jerked both of them nd started insulting his own mom nd spilled out the truth that both mom son duo is there for her property nd stared at ridhu with his lustful eyes which made VR angrey that his eyes is full of red with angerness but didn’t do anything except calm himself.
All this happened in front of dadu nd he became guilty nd breaks that proposal nd about to go but Roy hold his hand nd badmouthing dadu nd it is enough for slapping him.
After listening that words used for dadu she is out of her control that she punched Roy nd started slapping him that makes red mark on his face turned into tomato nd here she doesn’t stop even she kicked him after so much efforts dadu made her calm nd this chapter of marriage proposal is over there while both mother son duo went out from there with such a huge embarrassment nd insult. Nd dadu too left from there.

After dadu left, ridhu came to khanna nd patted his shoulder giving him shabashi 😅
R : wow khanna not bad. Mere sath kehte kehte thora bhot improvement ho rha he tum me (chuckling)
K : (confused) I didn’t do anything. I thought u have done it
R : No.i also didn’t do anything.

After a while, she said with sudden jerk after remembering something

R : wait khanna. May be I know who did it. If I m not wrong then it must be him who did it(with surprise nd shock)
K : who??

Ridhu narrates all the story of their dancing how she said his problem to a stranger while she lost in his eyes nd before khanna can react she saw VR nd reached there nd standing on her toes to reached his hight nd patted his back shoulder to get his attention nd he turns back(with mask)

V : Yes??
R : (stern look with seriousness) I r the same with whom I danced??
V : right there are so many nd I m too 1 of them. So ?!
R : u spiked his drink right?!(narrowing eyes)
V : what r u rubbish? I don’t know what r u talking about?
R: just shut up I know u did it admit it damn it(with irritating shouting)
V : yes I did it. so what ? U should be thankful to me that I helped instead of shouting me. Isn’t it I expect it??(with Anger bcoz she is shouting on him)

Suddenly she started laughing nd gave a hifi to khanna giving him shocked

V : weren’t u angry before a second only?!
R : No. Mr. Actually yes I was angry bcoz u didn’t admit it so ya
Well I loved it what have u done. It’s amazing actually a fun to see that Roy’s pale face. I must say u r too good. Thanks a lot to help me
V : no need to thanks
R : if u don’t mind can I say something?!
V : ofcourse say
R : Don’t take it as in wrong way but I just can’t stop myself from praising ur eyes. Your eyes are so .. I mean they are too… sorry but I have no words to describe it but I can say it eyes have some special magic or power that attract me I mean .. don’t take it at wrong but..(Cut her in between)
V : ohh thanks for ur appreciation nd no need to explain. So friends?! (Forwarding his hand towards her)
R : Don’t mind but I have a different perception about it. I m not rejecting ur friendship offer but I want to tell about my perception nd after listening it u yourself decide it whether u want to be my stranger rather than a friend ?!

V(with full confusion) : Stranger?! I mean .. well I would like to know about ur perception

R : all have their own opinions towards different relations. But my opinion is that that relation that have a named has a limit nd boundaries. Just like there is a whole sky for birds to fly without any restrictions nd they have their wings too to fly where they want but though they can’t fly more than a limited time nd hight there is a limit. Just like today’s incident what I can’t say my dadu I said it to u,a stranger.
In named relation, there is a limit or boundaries bcoz there is a fear of losing relation, fear of what they will think,of hurting them unknowingly, fear of what will happen if I do this or that to my this relations nd many more of this kinds. But a strangership is the relationship where there is nothing like this kind of fears, limits or boundaries nd can say anything to that unknown or a stranger just like today I shared u my issues without any hesitations.
So now I asked would u like to be my stranger or my friend?! I promised what will u decide I accept it nd go through with that for a long lifetime with loyalty?! (Raised her eyebrows nd shake her heads asking him for reply)

No reply for a while then she waved her fingers get him back to earth from his silence world

R: so?!(with that look only)

V: Your perception is out of the box I mean I m surprised to listen u I mean how can a person thinking that much deeply with that much intensity.
I must say I would like..nah… love to be ur stranger rather than a friend (with handshaking, pure gentle warm smile on both of their faces)

R : hello My Mr. Stranger. I will like.. nah.. love to live my strangership with u for lifetime.

V : me too excited for a new relation i.e strangership. Don’t u wanna see my face or any info of me?!

R : No. I attached with u by it eyes which has purity nd I think I don’t need to get any info about u.

Before they can talk more dadu called them as ship reached at location nd suffer is over there. But they have exchanged their numbers. Nd part away from there. Nd yes stranger is not yet revealed in front of Ridhu

Scenes changed
At late night ..
Vansh’s pov….
I don’t why what how when but she controlled me my mind my heart. Only I know how I controlled myself while dancing,if I was there for much time with her I would have ended up with ….(u all enough mature to know😅🤭) . Her beautiful face with pair of big brown orb eyes,a small nose, soft cheeks, soft pink rosey juicy lips, her little chin, her moles on collarbone made me feel that they r inviting me to bite them up, her little cute yet perfect figure. I badly want to hug her or cuddling with her,. She is too pretty. This is enough for make me fall for her but in addition her thoughts are more attractive than his physical beauty.
I must say her heart is more beautiful than her this external beauty. I love her heart wait what I love her
Oh shit. Is it love or just an attraction ??! Whatever it is but I m happy to be with her.
But 1 thing made me worried nd is that that why doesn’t she want to marry? Does she have any bf or that’s why she deny for marrying?! No no this can’t be true.
…POV ends

(Vangre can’t find about Khanna’s relations or info except his name nd edu qualification bcoz he is not Ridhu’s bodyguard but her real hidden id’s bodyguard nd her real id can’t be found without her permission so ya )

Angre came there..

Angre : boss u called me here!?

V : yes Angre. What u think about that khanna who always roaming around her?! Nd why she doesn’t want to marry??

A : (with shock nd surprised) am..ma.. boss vo…I mean.. how may I know!?. (Understand very well about his boss cum bhai’s feelings)

V : Angre. I don’t know what will I do if khanna will be her bf, she is mine Angre,give me info about that khanna. I just can’t bear anyone with her don’t know if someone will try to go to close her then I will surely kill that bastard. Give me all information about him nd yes don’t late.

Angre left from there nd after sometime he came
V : yes Angre u brought it
A : yes boss.
V : Get him in my special guest room(with smirk nd anger)
A : ohk boss. But I think u should think once again (with bowed his head)
V : VR ko kisi ka dr nhi Angre. No need to think again. Now go nd get him (with stern)
A : Ohk boss
Angre left nd came with that man in secret room nd tied him
Well episode ends here only. I know he thora zyada lamba ho gya but I Hope u all liked it.Be ready for riansh moments bcoz soon Ridhu will come to VR mansion that is not expected by VR. So be ready for some new twist nd riansh scene.
Precap :-
V : Angre, get him hospital so that she can get it that how much I loved her nd obsessed with her
Ridhu : what happened khanna?? Who did it to u?kisne mara tume ? Tell me that bastard’s name ??
Khanna : he is too obsessed with u. Just go from here now before it gets too late
Comments down guys about today’s episode
Nd ya I m eagerly waiting nd wanted to know about ur all theories, guessing nd opinions about whom VR punched brutally Roy ,khanna or someone else?!

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