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RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 29

Link to Episode 28: https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riansh-becoming-mrs-raisinghania-episode-28/

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The advocate pushed the file of papers toward them and forwarded his hand, his fingers wrapped around the pen. Vansh slowly pulled the pen out of his grasp and turned around, craning his neck over his shoulder to look at her.

A few months before, he could hardly believe and have faith in her, but as she sat next to him wearing his mother’s gifted crimson saree, he could not stop loving her. He loved her with all his sanity and every time, he talked about her, he knew he had a different sparkle in his eyes.

He stared at her as she looked down at her lap, her fingers tightly laced. As his eyes fell upon the burgundy of her mehendi, he fell into the loop of memories, recalling the evening. He had stared at her palms for the longest time, trying to look for his name within the designs, but as minutes kept whirling by, he had felt his impatience growing.

Riddhima: Can I tell you something?

She had asked him several minutes later and he had looked up at her, quirking his eyebrows. Even though he had gotten impatient, he had tried to hide his emotions and continue with their subtlety. However, it almost felt foreign.

Riddhima: If only you had listened to me earlier, Vansh. I have not written your name.

Vansh (scrunching his face): Is it not supposed to be a ritual?

Riddhima: You know I don’t believe in all these rituals, Vansh. Plus, (she looked down at her palms) I got the mehendi because it’s something I like. Not because it is a ritual, and I don’t think I need to write your name on my hand just for everybody to know whom I’m getting married to. (stifling a laugh) They’ve already gotten the invites.

Vansh: But it would’ve shown everybody that you belong to me, Riddhima.

Riddhima had stared at him pointedly at his choice of words and pursed her lips, trying to swallow her anger. She hated his choices of words at times, but she knew he was willing to improve on his flaws and she had seen the several instances in which he had controlled himself.

Riddhima: I belong to no one besides myself, Vansh. But that being said, I don’t think our relation needs the validation of this henna. It would go away within five days; you really think it holds a significance?

Vansh (stepping closer): Then, you could’ve done something that’d have been more permanent, na? Like, a tattoo?

Riddhima (squinting her eyes): Acha? And I should be the one doing everything. Will you get anything of that sort done for me?

Vansh had exhaled a sharp breath at that and looked at her, before wrapping his fingers around her upper arm and pulling her with himself. Riddhima had tried to protest, but he had deftly managed the scene and pulled her behind one of the pillars for a small second.

Riddhima: Vansh, what are…

However, when he had pulled at the collar of his kurta, Riddhima could not stop staring at him. He had gotten the letter R tattooed on his collar bone and she could not believe him. She ran her fingers over the tattoo, but as he hissed in pain, she quickly removed her fingers and looked back at him, almost feeling guilty.

Riddhima (in a croaked voice): I was joking, you did not have to get that done.

Vansh held her hands within his and looked at her lovingly, but as she looked at him in admiration, he could not help but chuckle.

Vansh: You don’t have to get so emotional. This is a sticker that I’d throw in the bin once I’m home. I just wanted to see your reaction!

As his laughs had echoed behind the pillar, Riddhima had smacked his shoulder and shaken her head at him. She hadn’t been able to believe how bad a joke he’d cracked.

Riddhima: That was not funny! (slowly turning serious and smiling) But I’d never want you to do anything of that sort, Vansh. Just like how I belong to no one besides myself, you don’t too. Our relation should never seem like shackles to one another.


Vansh looked around himself and furrowed his brows at his cousin, quickly forgetting about the memories that clouded his mind.

Sia (pointing at the advocate): We should hurry up now. He has another wedding to go to.

Vansh: Oh right, of course! (looking back at Riddhima) Ready, Ms. Goenka?

Riddhima (smiling softly): If you are.

When Vansh bent down to sign the paper moments later, he saw her mother holding a pen within the tight grasp of her fingers and he looked up at her, quickly pausing himself.

Payal: You’ve not accepted anything for this wedding. You two didn’t even let me arrange for grand wedding, but this pen. . . (she inhaled a deep breath and looked back at them quickly) I got this one specially made to bless you both and I’d really like it if this pen ties the two of you together.

Riddhima: Ma, but this pen is too expensive and…

Payal (interrupting): You and Ragini both are like two chiselled diamonds to me, Riddhima – always priceless. And so is this pen; don’t just see what’s on the outside of this pen. I want this pen to constitute for a mother’s love and ble…

Riddhima (shushing her mother and holding her hands): Shh, nothing can ever constitute for your love and blessings, Ma. But if this makes you happy, we would be more than willing to accept it. Won’t we?

Vansh (nodding his head): Of course, Ma.

As the two of them signed on the registry paper, both the families waited in anticipation to rejoice the moment. After the papers were signed, Vansh pulled his fingers along Riddhima’s hairline, letting the vermillion adorn her.

When he looked at her moments later, he knew how eagerly the two of them had waited for this to happen over the past one month.


Payal looked at Vansh, her eyes moist with tears. She had never let her daughter, but as she saw her daughter next to him, slowly beginning to cry, she knew she would have to put on a stronger face. However, she could not. As her eyes fell upon Vansh, she gulped the throatiness in her voice and looked at him lovingly.

Payal: I know I don’t have to tell you, but please take care of her. In all these years, I’ve enveloped her in a cocoon safely and my instinct says that no one can do this better than you after me. Please, never leave her alone to fight.

Vansh: I promise I will never let your faith shatter, Ma. (looking at Riddhima) I’ll always be with her, through thick and thin.

“Acha, now you’ve to stop crying.”

Riddhima looked up at the voice, the sadness overshadowing her face. She looked at her sister as she walked out of the house hurriedly and wrapped her fingers around her wrist. Riddhima looked at her sister in question as she tried to pull her back inside the house.

Riddhima: Di! What’re you doing?

Ragini (turning around): What? You can’t go with this man.

Vansh: What did I do now?

Ragini: Really, Vansh? I know you’ve been really impatient these past couple of days and I’ve been really considerate, okay? I didn’t even steal your shoes even though it was my own sister’s marriage. But you? You want to escape without giving me even one penny.

Payal: Ragini, what is this…

Ragini: Rasam hai, Ma.

Her mother quietened at that and Ragini smiled victoriously. She knew how her mother believed in the omen of these customs and as she looked back at Vansh, she pulled her lips into a tight smile and looked at him.

Vansh: Arey, but…

Ragini (interrupting): Look, Vansh. We all know you’ve enough money, so giving me some to complete a ritual really won’t harm. I promise.

Vansh: Riddhima, why don’t you…

Ragini (interrupting again): What will she say? Aap paise do, dulhan lo. It’s very easy.

Vansh (clicking his tongue): You’re making a deal out of your own sister? How cruel of you!

Ragini: I know you can be a good salesman, Vansh, but this deal is clearly not very appealing.

As the families giggled and chuckled at their arguments, Vansh withdrew an envelope from his pocket and forwarded it to her. Ragini opened the envelope and pulled out the notes from the envelope, quickly counting through the cash.

Moments later, when the two of them got inside the car, Riddhima felt the tears roll down her cheeks. Despite wanting the marriage to happen soon, she could not stop the sadness that enveloped her. It almost felt like it hollowed the insides of her as she left the house she had grown up in for all these years.

When the car drove past the gate of the apartment premises, Vansh slowly laced his fingers through hers and let her lean down on his shoulder. He rubbed small circles on the back of her palm trying to comfort her and as the car began picking pace, he heard the lightest whispers beside himself.

It almost sounded like thank you, Patidev.


I’m so sorry for writing an episode that probably didn’t meet the expectations, but I could barely manage any better. Marriages are not really my forte. I promise the next update would be a better one. Thank you for reading though and stay safe everyone!

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