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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Khanderao and Ahilya investigate Hiralal’s matter

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gunu ji saying I have taught a lesson to Khanderao today. Dwarka, Gunu ji and Yamuna get happy that Khanderao’s ego got hurt, he failed in front of Malhar. Dhana ji comes and says people make mistakes to get overconfident, he is sure that Hiralal’s family isn’t lying, I tried to tell him to not come in Ahilya’s words, but no use, they think they are saying the truth. Dwarka asks what’s there to worry, they should be worried, one who is a part of a wrong doing. She looks at them.

Dhana ji says yes, Gunu ji didn’t do anything wrong, but Khanderao has decided to oppose Gunu ji, Malhar will doubt Gunu ji one day, Gunu ji is losing rights, you know everything. Yamuna thinks I got a chance to win Dwarka’s trust again, I have to fill fear in her mind that she will lose the throne, how will she become Rajmata if Gunu ji doesn’t get the throne, she will need me now. She says I told you, they are trying to snatch Sita and Gunu ji’s rights, one day, Gunu ji will lose everything, also your daughter’s happiness and future.

Ahilya and Khanderao come to the village to meet Hiralal’s family. The boy asks them to come in. He says we have kept this mourning ceremony for him because of the courage you gave us. Khanderao and Ahilya greet the villagers. They get seated. Ahilya asks is everything fine. Kaki says yes, we have enough grains, we are scared that damaged roof can fall down and grains can get spoiled. Some more villagers come with prasad and ask the boy about Hiralal’s death. The boy asks them to sit. Khanderao asks who are they. The man says they are Vitthal’s devotees. He says Hiralal didn’t come with us this year. The boy asks them to conduct some rituals for his dad’s peace. Ahilya asks did your dad used to wear Tulsi beads. The boy says yes. The man says I didn’t see a sincere man like him, he was so honest and kept his promises. Ahilya says my dad told me once that Valkari devotees have to follow many rules. The man says yes, he has to stay away from evil, anger, non-veg food and also alcohol. Ahilya says yes, I also heard so. Khanderao asks did your dad follow these rules. The boy says yes, surely. The man says everyone knows that Hiralal was a nice man, like a saint.

Dwarka comes to meet Malhar. She says I didn’t know my rights in all these years. She gets seated. He asks what are you saying, you don’t know your rights, what happened, tell me, you know it well, I can’t see tears, until you tell me, what shall I understand. She cries and says I couldn’t give you a son, I regret that. He says Sita is our first child, I don’t regret that I have an elder daughter, both Sita and Khanderao are equal for me, its wrong that wife’s rights can differ because of a son and daughter’s difference. She says I understand you and respect your thinking, but the truth is, I m getting punished along with my daughter and Gunu ji. He says I am also related with these relations, Sita is my daughter, Gunu ji is my son-in-law, what injustice happened with them, tell me.

She says I didn’t wish to complain and ruin the peace so I have kept quiet, even when Gunu ji lost his rights, if he loses rights on the Chaudi, then…. He says no one is doing this, Khanderao just raised a topic. She asks what’s the need, if you don’t differentiate between Sita and Khanderao, then you would have told him not to interfere in Gunu ji’s work. He says no, Gunu ji has to take Khanderao’s consent one day, when Khanderao becomes the king. She says we will see then, but now Khanderao is younger than him in age, he has less experience, ask him to let Gunu ji do his work, he shouldn’t come in Gunu ji’s way. He says you are not understanding. She says I don’t want to argue with you, I just came to say, don’t let anything such happen that Sita and Gunu ji leave this house. He says trust me, this won’t happen. She leaves.

Khanderao says we want to ask you something. The boy says I m not ashamed to answer anything, you could have asked me outside, my dad was really like a saint, he had no greed, I didn’t believe that he could sell the land. Khanderao says Gunu ji showed the papers, it proves that your dad sold the land to the broker. The boy says the broker was after dad since a long time, dad wasn’t agreeing to him. Khanderao says we will meet the broker and get the truth out of him. Ahilya says no villager complained about the broker. The boy says everyone is scared of him, every family is troubled by him.

Ahilya says then the villagers will say the truth. Khanderao asks how. She tells the idea. He smiles. Malhar is worried. Gautama looks on. She says you know Dwarka gets emotional and tells anything in anger, why are you worried about her words. He says I felt really bad, Sita is my daughter, how can Dwarka think that I don’t care for my daughter, I can’t do injustice with my daughter and son-in-law. She says we can invite Sita for a feast, we will invite Gunu ji as well, I will make a necklace for Sita, she will be happy and then Dwarka will be happy too. He says no, matter isn’t such simple. Gunu ji says I have handled the matter now, but its your responsibility to handle Hiralal’s family, tell them that they can’t get enmity with us, if they speak up, then you will get ruined and also ruin me, I don’t want that. Kishan says I had told you, Khanderao has put guards there. Gunu ji asks are you scared of a guard. Kishan says don’t worry, I understood what to do.
Ahilya says give us 3 days, everything will get fine. Malhar smiles. Khanderao asks Ahilya how will we manage this in 3 days, did you ask me before, how will we gather proof.

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