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My husband is a millionaire- Riansh story (Character Sketch)

Character sketch

Vansh vihaan raisinghania-
Riddhima’s husband,a millionaire,Asia’s richest person,cold, intimidating, control freak,contains an aura of his own
Parents- Ajay and Uma raisinghania
Spouse- Riddhima vihaan raisinghania
Sister- ishani Rai singhania

(Imagine Rrahul sudhir)

Riddhima vihaan Raisinghania- sweet, pretty,kinda normal, mature, understanding, does not believe in love
Parents- Manish and shikha mehra
Spouse- Vansh vihaan raisinghania-

Ajay raisinghania- vansh’s and ishani’s father, riddhima’s father in law, humble man,loves his wife dearly and can do anything for her

Uma raisinghania- vansh and ishani’s mother ,ajay’s wife, understanding and calm,want’s her family’s happiness

(Imagine Sakshi tanwar)

Manish mehra- riddhima’s father,cruel and cunning,hate riddhima,loves her other daughter Priya, can do anything for money

(Imagine Sachin tyagi)

sakshi mehra- riddhima and priya’s mother,loves riddhima more,hate her husband, want riddhima’s happiness

(Imagine parineeta thakur)

Priya mehra- riddhima’s sister, wicked, cunning, Kabir’s fiancee,do everything Kabir and her dad asks,hates riddhima, greedy

Ishani Isha raisinghania- vansh’s sister, pampered, spoilt brat, thinks everyone is low from her,wants her Bhai to marry a rich and standard oriented girl

Sejal Khanna – riddhima’s best friend,loves riddhima a lot,wants her to live in present, little bit crazy

(Imagine tejaswi prakash)

Aryan mathur- works in vansh’s company,will be sejal’s bf , positive character

(Imagine manasvi vashisth)

Kabir Sharma- obsessed with riddhima,priya’s fiancee, wicked, negative character, thinks highly of himself

(Imagine Vishal vashisth)

Aangre- vansh’s PA , trustworthy and loyal

(Imagine Zayn ibad Khan)

Hina – vansh’ s manager, likes vansh, thinks riddhima is not perfect for him

Well I was having problems in uploading the pictures so here you go, without character sketch this might be confusing for you guys so

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