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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update :Sunny Exposed

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pallavi asks Kirti is she looking for this bag and sees Jaya’s jewellery in it and says so you are running away what all will you do to hide one mistake, I wish you weren’t driving that day, Kirti says give me my bag I don’t want your lecture and it was a mistake and I don’t want to live with it all life, Pallavi says okay I will give you that opportunity, I have called police and it will be not just hit and run but also theft now so here are keys I have parked car at back gate run away, I won’t tell anyone anything, its last chance dont miss it, Raghav and Jaya walk to kirti and Pallavi, Raghav asks what is this, Pallavi says Kirti should run away, this is the only way, Jaya stops Raghav from interrupting, Kirti hears Police siren, Pallavi says here are keys quickly I can’t save you later, Kirti says enough I can’t drive, Raghav says why are you lying, Pallavi says she isn’t, she really can’t drive, someone else was driving that night and she is saving him and its Sunny.

Jaya walks to Kirti and asks her is Pallavi telling the truth, Pallavi says offcourse Amma, Kirti can’t drive, Raghav had seen Kirti in car, and I just proved Kirti can’t with fake siren, and if Kirti is saving someone its someone special and we know its Sunny, Jaya says take her away and her useless boyfriend, Pallavi says no Amma I am taking case back, I found the truth not anymore, Jaya says Sunny isn’t family, Pallavi says here Kirti your bag, you were fighting for your love no one will stop you, you can go, no harsh feelings for you.

Pallavi leaves, Raghav follows her. Kirti takes a sigh of relief. Raghav says Pallavi what is this we found real criminal why back off, Pallavi says nothing is changed.

Amruta giving Sulochana manicure, Sulochana says this is compensation for joining my enemies party, Milind gets home, Vijay says to Milind so you saved Raghav now go live with him and not in this house, Sulochana tries to interrupt, Milind says I know you would do this, so I keep this diary which has record that this house and land is yours but all other items inside house like bed, machine wadrobe even your spectacle I bought them so pay me money back with interest, I will leave this house.

Kirti tells Sunny, Pallavi found the truth, Sunny asks does she have proof, Kirti says no she doesn’t, Sunny says let’s leave then, Kirti says but she is taking case back, Sunny says she is fooling you, lets go, Kirti says this isnt right, and it was your fault why should I run, Sunny says I told you never talk about that night, Kirti says I told you lets check on that man but you never heard.
(Sunny drunk in the car with Kirti, Kirti says you are drunk and this is Akshay’s car, so careful, Sunny hits Mandar, Kirti says Sunny you hit someone come lets check, Sunny unconscious, Kirti peaks out and sees a man and wakes Sunny, Sunny fleas away)
Sunny says selfish Kirti, it was your fault all everything you want to get rid of me and send me jail, go tell your bhabhi and your brother, no one will believe it was me because there are no proofs so you want then come or I am leaving for sure.

Sunny sees Pallavi,Raghav and police at his door and looks at Kirti in anger. Pallavi says Sunny we do have proofs, your confession and we hace recording, Sunny asks what do you mean, Pallavi walks to bag brought by Kirti and picks micro phone from it and says even Kirti doesn’t know about it, and it ahs recorded everything, and hands it to inspector, Raghav asks Inspector to arrest Sunny, Sunny tries to attack Pallavi, Raghav steps in and hits him and says dare I see you near my sister or my family, Kirti tries to run behind Sunny, Raghav stops her but Kirti doesn’t listen and runs behind Sunny.
Raghav asks will Kirti ever listen, Pallavi says give her some time she will.
Ved hiding in other room hears everything and says god my whole game flipped , I have to go underground for sometime before Raghav starts looking for me.

Amruta changes channel, Vijay hands list to a man and says take away all this stuff and give money to this Milind, Vijay says I will return your money and herez spectacle money too, Milind says you are hopeless and leaves.

Raghav sees Pallavi lost in her thoughts and goes sits beside her and says everything is fine why in tears now, Pallavi says just venting out, I had this burden of Mandar’s death and today I feel relieved and it was all because of you, Pallavi holds Raghavs hand and thanks him says it was difficult for you too but my past wont bother us anymore.
Raghav looks at Pallavi and smiles, Pallavi asks what is it, Raghav says we have one more responsibility.

Pre cap: Pallavi walks to Raghav in black gown.
Raghav falls over Pallavi, Pallavi finds Raghav is struck by nail on his head.
Pallavi in hospital, Mandar cleaning Ambulance, Milind calls Pallavi by her name, Mandar turns around to see who it is.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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