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Love never dies EPI 9 By Akansha # RIANSH

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Suddenly a voice comes

Voice : hello jaan did u missed me

Everybody turns to and he was a tall handsome man wearing a white shirt a wrist watch in his hand a black coat & pant  !!!!

All raisinghania s were thinking who was he ?? But ragini was he’ll shocked

Ridhima runs to him

Ridhima goes &hugs him tightly

The hug was broken by Dadi

Dadi to ridhima  : ridhima yeh kon hai?

Ridhima to everyone : sorry meh toh inseh milana he bhuglayi

Ridhima to everyone : So he is vyom Vyom malhotra

Aryan to ridhima : oh he is the bussiness men of the year in France & the owner of VM industries right .

Ridhima to Aryan: yes u are  correct

Chanchal : See in these I didn’t asked to vyom to come in

Chanchal to vyom : come in vyom !

VYOM: thank you

They all sit

Chanchal to vyom : toh vyom apne baare meh kuch batao

VYOM: ya sure aunty . Actually am the son rajveer malhotra & Trisha malhotra and brother of Malini  malhotra , anjali malhotra and   ankit malhotra and sala of Ravi Roy  ( means hunsband of anjali) and mama of drishti ray ( daughter of anjali ) and grand son of geetanjali malhotra .

Chanchal: acha so u are the son of Trisha.  I have met her in many bussiness party & kitty party . She used tell about u a lot

VYOM: Hahaha. I know that as every mom does that . So for higher studies I went to France and their i started my bussiness.


Siya : so how u met ridhu di

VYOM: oh you can tell am his childhood buddy . Actually am his school classmate . So from their everything started and due to higher studies we didn’t met but last year bussiness party I met with MY ridhu again .

Ishani teasing: so that’s why in months ridhu di used to go to France to met u right

Ridhima blushes

Vyom: yes

Ridhima: and due to covid in France vyom came in here or else I have to only go

Angre : so when u came India vyom

VYOM: yesterday  midnight . And today I came to meet my jaan or else she would take my jaan only

Everybody laughs

Siya teasingly: so how many years of relation ships haa

Ridhima & vyom looks at each other thinking how many year

VYOM: umm I guess 14 years

Ridhima: no

VYOM: how

Ridhima: stupid 12years of school 3 years college and 1 year of our met so 16 years

Aryan: not baad ridhu di 16years

Ridhima blushes

In these vansh was fuming in jealous by seeing the closeness of vyom & his sweetheart

VYOM eyes suddenly went to vansh

VYOM to Dadi: umm who is he (pointing towards vansh )

Dadi with fake smile : he is my grandson


VYOM doubtfully:  sorry to say mr vansh but  in news social media everywhere it was told that u were  dead right

VANSH: in front of media but not in real life

VYOM: maybe nice to meet and nice to know that the bussiness tycoon is alive

VANSH: thanks ( attiude)

VYOM: but I guess it’s very hard lose the bussiness women tycoon ridhima right jaan

Ridhima: it’s not like that vyom

Chanchal : ok now u have come so let’s come have breakfast

VYOM: sure I would loved too. As I would like to taste ridhima s hand food again

Ridhima: sure .

While vyom was going vyom & ragini eyes shared a Eye lock for a second vyom smirks and goes and ragini get scared

Ridhima sat on the king sized chair & other side of the king sized vansh sat

Now ishika comes running

Ragini approached ishika

Ragini : hi ishika

Ishika to ridhima : who  is she ( pointing towards ragini )

Ridhima: she is your new mami & he is your new mama(pointing towards vansh & ragini)

Ishika : nice to meet u new mami

Ragini : so while be sitting with me and your new mama

Ishika : thanks new mami but I will be sitting with my mimi

Ragini gives a tight smile

Ishika goes & sits in ridhima s lap

Ridhima tooks one plate & in one plate ishika & ridhim eats

Ridhima was eating ishika first then she eats

VYOM: lakta hai miss ishani your daughter loves ridhima a lot

Ishani : first of all not miss ishani only ishani & about ishika if she gets her mimi then she can stay without us forever . Everything is with her mimi her food will be also eaten by her mimi, sleeping telling story with her mimi, studying dancing singing everything is her mimi only . When she used to go to u that time my god ufff. When ridhu used to not stay and when I make food she says the food is not made like her mimi the hair is not tied like her mimi and what not .

VYOM: looks like ishika is the biggest fan of ridhima .

Angre : sometimes it looks that ishani not ridhima is her mother . Everything to ishika is her mimi . Means for ishika ridhima is her best friend partner of crime mother everything .

Ishika : yess correct dad my mimi is my everything right

Ishika kisses ridhima

Ridhima: awww my drama queen .

VYOM: by the way your food was awesome

Ridhima: tell me something that I don’t know ( attiudely and laughing )

All laughs

VYOM: ridhima are u going anywhere?

Ridhima: yess am going to drop ishika to her friends house that she can enjoy .

VYOM: PERFECT ! Let’s go together and drop ishika then let’s go for a long drive

Ridhima: fantastic

VYOM: so bike or car

Ridhima: bike ka late night ko hai so for now car

VYOM: ok .

Ridhima : drama queen let’s go

Ishika : yess

VYOM: ok Dadi so am going nice to meet u all

Siya : yess nice to meet u too . !

Dadi : vyom do one thing take your parents to our house for lunch and dinner after a lot of days we can have a get together and enjoy

VYOM: great idea sure .

Ridhima to vyom : so vyom when will be coming back after pickuping ishika that time will be pickuping them .

VYOM: ya sure

Ishika from the car window

Ishika : let’s go ridhu

Ridhima: yess coming

While ridhima going ridhima whisper to ragini s ear

Ridhima whisper to ragini ear : PAST CAN BE A BIG BLAST 

Ragini gets SHOCKED

Ridhima goes smirking

Dadi  to everyone : now lest prepare everything before they comes

Everyone : yes

done Dana done!!!!!

hope u liked the episode if u liked the episode then drop a comment and tell your views theories reaction . 

so guys what do u think why ridhima told that sentence to ragini? why ragini got shocked seeing vyom . Do ragini and vyom have some connections ? If u want know so stay connected with your akansha & love never dies . 

if their are any kind of mistake so plz forgive me AM VERY SORRY !!!

hope I get lots of comment comparatively yesterday’s post 

don’t forget to pray for my exams and instant approval 

Lots of love , care and wishes 

take care wear mask 

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