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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Harsh and Shubhra to save Kuldeep

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shubhra says we are still friends and I would help him if it’s needed. Shubhra says to meet him and ask him what’s the trouble. I am here, I have to do something. Chandrani says I need to save him from Samaira. Shubhra stops him. Samaira and Kuldeep come there. Chandrani asks are you okay Kuldeep? He says yes, Samaira wants to go back so I came to meet the kids. Samaira says that’s all you want to say? Won’t you give the good news to your biji and ex-wife? We are getting married. We have to go and do the preparations. Chandrani says she’s a witch and liar. You will marry her? She even lied about her pregnancy. Shubhra says Biji Kuldeep is wise. Why should we stop him? Let him go. She says to Samaira you are doing something good finally. Don’t build it on a lie. I signed the divorce papers. He’s yours now. Stop playing this game now. It can kill anyone. A marriage is built on truth. Samaira says you couldn’t save your marriage and giving me lectures? We didn’t come here to meet you. Where are the kids? Shubhra says they are in my room. Kuldeep goes to her room. Samaira says Chandrani sees the date, only 10 days are left. Do come and bring your grandkids and their mom. she says only 10 days are left. Shubhra says you won’t forget this wedding for life.

Scene 2
Roli says I miss papa. I want to meet him. Bell rings. Rishi opens. Roli hugs him. Kuldeep hugs Rishi too. He says my prince, princess, I am going. But I will never be away from you. Rishi asks are you sad? Rishi says papa this is ganu baba. He is my best friend. He solves all my problems. Talk to him. Kuldeep says thank you. Samaira calls him. He cuts.

Samaira says to Harsh couldn’t invite you because I don’t have your number. But inviting Shubhra means inviting you as well. Will you all come? They say yes. Harsh hugs Kuldeep and says have faith in Shubhra. Everything would be okay. Samaira says congratulate me too. Harsh says best of luck? She says it’s not an exam. Say congrats. He says you would need the best of luck more. Shubhra makes a sign at Kuldeep. Harsh hugs Kuldeep. They leave.

Shubhra says baba we have to leave today. Shubhra says he is in Samaira’s trap. Madhura says because of his mistake. He is being punished for his sins. Shubhra says I know. He got his punishment. We have to save him. He’s my kids’ father. We have to save him. Madhura says Harsh why are you helping her? Harsh says because she’s right. Shubhra says I am not his wife anymore but I am the mother to his kids. I will save him. This is my answer to Samaira. The Kuldeep she thinks is her win, I will bring him. Not because I want Kuldeep but because enough of Samaira’s game now. She was fighting his wife first now she’ll have to fight Rishi and Roli’s mom.

Scene 3
Shubhra sends the kids to Narain’s place. Roli says why are you sending us? Shubhra says aaji aaju ba miss you. They got used to you at the holiday. When they are done with you both they will send you back. The kids go. Chandrani asks what’s the plan? Something big happened right? Please answer me about what’s going on. Shubhra says sit. She says stay calm. All is okay. Samaira has trapped Kuldeep so much that he tried it kill himself. Chandrani says I am going there. I will kill her. Shubhra says stop, please. We all need you. We can’t be emotional. No one will go anywhere. I need your help. Have faith in me. Shubhra says her game is over now. I will end it.

Harsh comes with his friend lawyer Veer. He says Harsh told me about the fraud case and she’s planning a rape and domestic violence case. He says but don’t worry. We will protect him. If she files, he will have to go to jail. Shubhra says Biji don’t worry. Samaira can’t win. Veer asks what do you expect from me? Shubhra tells him everything. Harsh plans a way out with him. Veer says you’re so brave. Shubhra says for a family a woman has to do all this.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shubhra says we have to wait for tomorrow. We have to meet the groom and bride-to-be. Kuldeep is drunk. He says I wish this wedding happened in Pune so I could show them what I have achieved. They never understood me. Shubhra says to Samaira not only you’re getting married. Harsh and I are also getting married the same day in Pune.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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