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Rhea gets petrified seeing Ranbhir and hearing Abhi’s voice. She starts sweating.

“ Rhea” roars Abhi again.

Rhea steps back. Shahana comes there and she holds her hand tightly and takes her to the living room and pushes her into the centre surrounded by everyone. Ranbhir and Prachi also come there. Rhea sees Abhi who is fuming with anger, Pragya looks disappointed. She looks at Alia who is tensed that she will also get caught, Purab, Disha  and Sunny are confused, Aryan in angry, Ranbhir is also in rage, Prachi is hurt and everyone is shocked.

Rhea looks at everyone’s faces but she doesn’t have the dare to look at one person. She doesn’t look at Ishaan as she doesn’t have strength to face his disgust as he is someone whom she loved sincerely and always wanted love from him. Ishaan was the most shocked and perplexed person from Srinivasan family. He doesn’t understand what to say. He always knew a girl who is stubborn, little spoiled but sweet and nice girl. He never knew Rhea’s past which has nothing but evil, hatred. Cheat and wrongdoings.

Rhea holds Prachi responsible for whatever happening and claims that whatever they are saying is lie. Shahana plays the video of Rhea’s confession

“ surprised ?”asks Shahana.

“of course. She is. And her brain is already getting fried, why don’t we just reveal our plan instead of allowing her to guess. ”says Ranbhir.

Shahana and Ranbhir reveal their plan. Ranbhir knew Rhea will never confess her wrongdoings and no one will believe until she confess. So he decided to provoke Rhea. When he asked promise from Prachi to not leave, he made sure Rhea heard them and then he deliberately didn’t bring Rhea on to the stage while dancing so that her anger gets increased. He knew that Rhea will definitely confront Prachi. He followed her when she took Prachi away from the party. He followed her and started recording everything which was played by Shahana in front of everyone at the same time. Everyone gets shocked thinking that so much was going on and they never knew anything about it.

Rhea sees someone’s feet moving towards her. She raises her head and sees Pallavi who is feeling repulsive towards Rhea. She slaps her hard. Ishaan feels hurt. Abhi closes his eyes in pain and Pragya cries. Rhea sees Abhi for some response but Abhi does nothing to save Rhea.

“ whom are u looking at? Ur father or mother? I know u are looking for help but let me tell u, no one is gonna help u, not your saviour father, as he also clearly knows that what u did was wrong… no evil.” Says Pallavi.

“ how could u, Rhea? I considered u my daughter. But u broke my trust Rhea.”tells Vikram.

“ If she was human, she would have thought about other’s feelings but she is not. She destroyed everyone’s life just for her ego satisfaction. And whenever she traps Prachi, chief always blames Prachi and when he learns the truth he then apologizes Prachi from his side and Rhea’s side saying that Rhea is a little girl and are these the things a little girl would do?”  asks Ranbhir.

Abhi bends his head in shame. Pragya doesn’t get what to say. Ranbhir continues.

“ you always justified her actions saying that she was a girl who was away from her father but Prachi was also someone who grew up with a single parent and there are so many kids who are orphans and they are better than Rhea.  You are so reluctant to accept that your daughter is wrong.” yells Ranbhir.

Rhea raises her head and sees everyone who is looking at either disgust or shocked.

“ I am….” Rhea gets interfered by Pallavi.

“ you said u loved Ranbhir , didn’t you? Then how could u trap him. I always thought u were supporting him but u were destroying his life and Prachi was saving him. I was so stupid to think that Prachi spoiled my son’s life but it was u in real. U don’t deserve to be Ranbhir’s wife.” Shouts Pallavi.

“ No, I loved Ranbhir and I couldn’t see him with Prachi, so I did it. Trust me, I didn’t want to harm Ranbhir.” Cries Rhea but before she could finish she gets slapped again.

“ love? Do u really think whatever u are saying is called love? U didn’t even know what love is. I thought u really loved Ranbhir but…. How could u Rhea? How could u do this? U have done many wrong things to me but I forgived u for everything, but whatever u did with Ranbhir is something unforgivable. u harmed a person whom I love….” Prachi stops herself.

Everyone smile at Prachi’s relevation. Ranbhir feels emotional.

“And u used your parents relation to drive her away from her home, from me. Last time, everything happend in a way u wanted but this time I will not let that happen agian. Prachi will not go anywhere. she will be here, with her family, in her rightful home. ” declares Ranbhir.

Rhea runs away from there. Prachi also leaves to her room crying. Srinivasans also leave. Shahana takes Aryan to his room and helps him to lie on his bed and was about to leave but Aryan pulls her back.

“ you never said me about Ranbhir’s plan.” Tells Aryan.

“ even u never said that Ranbhir was planning to expose Ranbhir. He turned to me for help after u were injured or else the question u asked me, I would have asked u. ” tells Shahana smiling.

“ are u ok?”asks Shahana.

“hmm. I am fine. I just have to reckon it as Prachi got justice. Both Prachi and Rhea are my sisters. I cant see any of them getting hurt. But….”Aryan gets interrupted by Shahana.

“ I hope Rhea will realize her mistake this time. Maasi said that Rhea has changed after I left. So I hope that…” Shahana stops herself realizing that Aryan was looking her in a way that he wanted to share something with her.

“ Do u wanna say something?”asks Shahana.

“ yes. U were asking me was something bothering me, right? Yes, there is something. And I think it is time to tell u the truth.” Says Aryan.

In Pragya and Abhi’s room.

Both of them are standing near the window. They remind whatever has happened earlier. Abhi remembers his moments with Prachi and remembers Ranbhir’s words. Tears start flowing from his eyes. Pragya sees him and hugs him to comfort him.

“ I did really mistreat Prachi. Didn’t I?”asks Abhi.

“ u didn’t mistreat her. U  couldn’t treat her in the way she deserves to be treated. She deserves to be trusted, supported and loved. And whatever happened was just not your fault. There is my fault too. If I hadn’t left home twenty seven years back then, Rhea would have never been like this. I know she is good at heart but that is not enough, I am not telling she has to be just like Prachi but she should not have that ego and selfishness.”tells Pragya.

“ what should we do now?”asks Abhi.

“ not we, u. don’t u think u should apologize to someone.” tells Pragya to which Abhi nods and leaves from there.

In Alia’s room

Alia is scurrying in her room thinking about whatever happened. She drinks water and realizes that there is no water in the glass. She gets angry and breaks the glass. Just then Purab enters.

“ so angry?”saying this Purab picks one part of the broken glass.

“ purab I am already angry, don’t….”Alia gets interrupted by Purab.

“ what will u do, Alia? Anyways I have no interest in talking to u, but I just came here to warn u. u have seen how Rhea was exposed. One day u will also be exposed like that.” Says Purab.

“ what do u mean? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Stutters Alia.

“ only a fool will believe that u haven’t done anything wrong. Rhea was raised by u and u thought all your ideas to her and I am pretty sure whatever happened with Prachi conspired by Rhea ur hand was definitely there. It is just that Rhea is naïve, well compared to u, so she didn’t reveal your name……. yet. But your deeds will be revealed soon. I am eagerly waiting for that day.” Saying this Purab winks at her and leaves from there.

Aliya stamps glass pieces in anger and cries in pain.

Pallavi is crying in her room. Vikram and dida are comforting her. Ranbhir comes there. Seeing him dida and Vikram move aside form Pallavi so that Ranbhir can talk to her. Ranbhir sits next to her. She caresses his face and remembers everything she has done to separate Prachi and Ranbhir.

“ I am sorry, beta. I …. Was wrong. I am so sorry.” Cries Pallavi.

“ maa, u were manipulated. There is no fault of yours.” Comforts Ranbhir.

“ no, I was wrong. I couldn’t understand your love for Prachi. I failed to understand Prachi’s character though she saved your life risking hers. ” says Pallavi and wipes her tears.

“ but now, I want to make it right. I will not hear anyone’s words now. Prachi is my bahu. That’s final. ” declares Pallavi.

Everyone smiles. Ranbhir hugs her.

“ come, let’s go  to Pragya.” Saying this Pallavi was about to go but Ranbhir stops her.

“ mom, I want to know Prachi’s decision.”says Ranbhir.

“ but why? I mean everyone knows that she loves u. I mean she herself said in the morning.” Says Pallavi.

“ I know mom. But I want to ask her personally. Till then don’t talk about this with anyone, please.” Requests Ranbhir.

“ ok, but do it fast.” Says Pallavi.

Ranbhir kisses his mother and leaves from there happily.

Prachi is continuously crying in her room thinking about everything Rhea has done to destroy her and Ranbhir. Abhi comes there. On seeing Abhi, Prachi remembers Rhea’s deeds and gets angrier.

“ I don’t want to speak anything now. Please leave. ”saying this she closes the door on Abhi’s face.

Abhi feels hurt but understands she is right and leaves from there. Ranbhir sees this. He knocks the door.

“ didn’t I tell you…” Prachi stops speaking on seeing Ranbhir.

She cries and hugs him.

Author’s note:  i know I have posted an episode after such a long time and u guys might want me to post everyday. But I have exams from 19 july to aug 21. I will be having breaks in between. I will post the episodes in breaks. So, the next episode will be posted on 27 july as I have continuous exams next week. Hope u can understand.

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