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It’s Not About Me It’s About Us (Chapter 12) (TO BE DOCTOR RIDDHIMA!!)

Hlllooo guys so from tomorrow my school will reopen so I thought to give you all a episode!!


Riddhima was scrolling her phone while having her coffee. She was about to split the coffee when she saw a news. Her results were out
She was shocked and tensed.

Taking a deep breath she checked the website and filled the necessary details. Closing her eyes and crossing fingers she murmured, “BHAGWAN JI PLEASE BAS ACHI RANK AA JAYE.YEH MERA SAPNA HAI PLEASE!!”(Me everytime during results)

She was shocked to see her result. She rubbed her eyes and confirmed that she secured 150th rank All Over India.She jumped in joy. She was on the top of the world.

But the next moment she realised that she has no one in this lonely house to share her happiness with!!

She went to her room and took her mom’s photo from drawer”” MUMMA NOW I AM ONE STEP CLOSER TO BECOME DR RIDDHIMA I HOPE I COULD SHARE MY HAPPINESS WITH SOMEONE”” A lone tear escaped from her eyes.

She received a video call from Uma.She wiped her tears quickly.

Riddhima- Maa!!

Uma- Riddhu how are you bccha!! Wait you were crying!

Ajay – Riddhima!!

Riddhima- N noo Maa Actually my results are out and I got 150th rank in NEET Exam.

Ajay- Wowww!! Now just get enrolled in the best medical college Dr Riddhima Singhania

Uma- Contol Ajay!! Riddhu I am so happy for you. God Bless you!!

They did chit chat for a while.Riddhima was feeling blessed now.

Kabir and Ishani also congratulated her.Jay, her dad called her but she didn’t pick. She received a message from him


She got emotional but replied a THANKS..


Riddhima was in her room.She heard doorbell and checked.

Man- Hello mam I am Vansh sir’s assistant. I need all your documents for your admission.

Riddhima- Sorry!! I can do that myself.

Before she could shut the door he gave her his phone.

Riddhima(sweet voice)- Hello Who is it?

Man(strong voice)- Woww Riddhima you forgot your husband in a single day.

Riddhima(hesitantly)- Vvansh..

Vansh(stern voice)- I know my name.Give your documents to him.

Riddhima(trembling voice)- But I can do that on my own.

Vansh(irritatingly)- Riddhima stop being a stubborn kid and give them .Even I am not dying for it but Mom told me. I have many more things to do.

Before she could reply he cut the call.Ultimately she gave him all her documents. She apologised to him for her rude behaviour and he left smiling on her sweet gesture.

Within two days she got enrolled in RAMA MEDICAL COLLEGE,ONE OF THE TOP MEDICAL COLLEGES IN INDIA.She didn’t talk to Vansh neither he called her in these days. Although she talked to all family members frequently.

Mrs Annie was not feeling well so Riddhima asked her to take leave for a few days till Vansh comes back so that she can rest. First she refused but later Riddhima made her agree with her puppy eyes.


Riddhima was alone in house.So she wore shorts upto her knees with a loose t shirt. She tied her hair in a loose bun. She was looking elegant.

She made her favourite Fruit Custard for herself while music was playing in the kitchen area.

She was chopping vegetables for HAKKA NOODLES then she realised a shadow coming towards her.

Her leg slipped in fear.She closed her eyes.She realised a strong hand on her waist. Her hand was on his shoulder clinching his shirt.

She opened her eyes only to meet his black shining eyes.

That’s it for this one.Hope you like it.

Who is that person???

Do tell me your views on this story!!!

Byeee 💜💜💜

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