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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi turns Dadi speechless

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Savitri says if Ahaan hates me, how will he love me. Ishqi says person hates someone he loved a lot, we have to awaken his love. Suraj says Ahaan is lucky to get you. Savitri says yes, the entire family is lucky to get a lovely bahu, if Dadi knows this, then don’t know what will she do, just promise me, you won’t let Dadi come between you and Ahaan. Ishqi promises.

Dadi creates a scene. Ahaan feels bad. Kartik says you always overreact, work in tv serials, what are you doing at home. Dadi scolds him. Ahaan calls Ishqi. He says Ishqi would have gone for some imp work, ask her when she comes. Ishqi comes home. Dadi starts scolding Ishqi. She asks where did you go, tell me, what happened. She taunts. Kartik says Ishqi isn’t such. Dadi says ask her, she should have told her husband, she didn’t tell me, she doesn’t respect elders. Ahaan says Ishqi had told me, I forgot to tell you Dadi. Dadi says lie, you are lying for her, you control your wife. Ishqi says I had gone after you, I came to have water, I saw Dadi going out, I got worried for her, I didn’t stop Dadi, I went after her to help her. Dadi thinks did she see me going to ashram. Ishqi says I was scared, mind doesn’t work well in this age, I know Ahaan loves Dadi, I went after her, what wrong did I do, Dadi is the life of this house, shall I see her going anywhere, I m not a bad bahu, but my fate is bad, I didn’t see Dadi, I looked for her, I thought to call Ahaan, but he would have got worried, thank God Dadi is fine.

Chachi says you did right. Ishqi says it happens in old age. Dadi thinks better to end this topic here. She says I didn’t intend to blame you, sorry. Ishqi says don’t apologize, you have a right to ask me anything. Dadi asks Chachi to take her to room. Sonu comes home. She hears Sarla insulting Savitri. Raj argues with Sarla. Sonu cries. Sarla does a big drama. Raj asks her to stop interfering in Ahaan’s family. He says if you don’t stop this, then I will take Sonu and leave this house. Sarla cries and goes. Sonu stops Raj and apologizes.

She says I didn’t know you fight with your mom for my sake, you are a good husband, sorry, now I know how it feels when someone tells about your mum, I can’t hate my mum, Ahaan hates her. Raj hugs her and says I wish your mom wasn’t such. Ahaan sleeps. Ishqi checks if he slept. She goes to sleep. He wakes up. She talks to him. She asks him to cry a bit if he wants, he will still be macho. She hugs him. She says we are partners in joy and sorrow, don’t hide sorrow from me, do I have a problem that you don’t share your feelings. He says no, I can’t share it, its my problem, but now I will try. Its morning, Ishqi serves the food to everyone. She says an envelope came for Ahaan. Dadi says open it and check. Ishqi says I shall ask Ahaan. Ahaan comes. Ishqi asks him to check the envelope. He asks her to open it. He checks some papers.

Chacha asks what happened. Ahaan says I m in lock-in period for 6 months, I have to work with Savitri’s company. Ishqi thinks I will unite Ahaan and Savitri, I will expose Dadi. Ahaan gets angry and says no papers can force me to work, I don’t care about contract, she left us for someone else. Ishqi asks the one who was with her. Ahaan says yes. Ishqi says if she left you for money, then why does she want to come back, if she had greed, then why is she trying to save your company, maybe her money is over, they looked rich. Dadi thinks I don’t know how Savitri played this game, how.

Ahaan says I will tell her who I m. Dadi says I will come along. Dadi thinks Savitri will regret to come back. Ahaan and Dadi meet Savitri. Ishqi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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