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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- Miracle

Hello guys here is next chapter. Hope you guys like it

Chapter 27 Miracle

Vansh makes Ridhimaa rest and walks out

Vansh: Angre..make for the arrangements of the marriage ceremony of Ms.Ridhimaa Sharma and Vansh Rai Singhania 

Everyone is surprised 

Aman: Marriage? All of a sudden

Vansh: Ridhimaa’s wish and how can I say no. First Ill inform Gaurav ji then we can start everything 

Vansh calls Gaurav

Gaurav: Vansh is Ridhimaa fine?

Vansh: Yes sir..(he tells him what Ridhimaa told and expresses their wish to get married)

Gaurav in mind: This marriage will definitely bring goodness

Vansh: Sir..can we get married now?

Gaurav: Sure Vansh…

Vansh: But sir both of our families…

Gaurav: Dont worry Ridhimaa will have her parents with her when she becomes Mrs. Vansh 

Vansh: Thank you so much sir

Gaurav: You both have all our blessings and wishes

The call disconnects. Vansh and others excitedly plan everything . The scene freezes 


Kartik , Naira , Pankhuri ,Shivaayreach the village where the house of Sharmas lies along with Harish and Avantika 

Pankhuri: Now with the connection broken we can take them in

Kartik: Shivaay you go in with them. We will follow you with our wands at the ready if in case someone comes by or something else happens

Shivaay takes Harish and Avantika in..as they walk inside they hear howling noises. Many demons rush outside

Kartik: Naira Pankhuri wands at the ready

Kartik,Naira and Pankhuri pick their wands and in unison : Pitradev Sanrakshanam (Expecto Patronum)

Kartik’s stag, Naira’s doe and Pankhuris’s otter erupt and attack the demons while Shivaay leads Avantika and Harish inside. Once they get inside the demons attack them too. Pankhuri senses this and runs inside 

Shivaay takes his wand and : Pitradev Sanrakshanam ( Expecto Patronum)

Pankhuri too produces her patronus

Shivaay’s Jack Russell Terrier erupts along with the otter and attacks the demons. Thats when Shivaay remembers that Bani’s patronus was also an otter and he always thought that his patronus was a terrier as he and Bani were soul mates. Before he could think more his thoughts are broken by a sudden cry. He turns to see Avantika crying and Harish too cries

Shivaay: Maa..papa..what happened?

Avantika: Adi…my adi……Ridhimaaaaa

Flashes of past get through her head. Hearing the names of him and Ridhu Shivaay is very happy

Shivaay: She is remembering the past…

Harish: That Nagesh..he,..that day…my daughter and son were separated……..where are they?

Shivaay could not define his happiness. His heart beats fast in happiness

Avantika goes to him

Avantika: Do you know where my son and daughter are? How did we come here? We ..were…

Shivaay: Maaa…

Avantika: Maa? But..

Shivaay: Im your Adi maa..your son

He narrates the happenings to them which shocks them

Kartik is very happy to see this reunion. He calls Gaurav

Kartik: Mission accomplished sir..Sharmas have regained their memory 

Naira: It is actually a miracle

Gaurav: Great. Vansh and Ridhimaa are getting married. So you guys should come there

Kartik disconnects the call and runs inside 

Kartik: Right time for you to remember everything. Ridhimaa and Vansh are getting married 

Harish: Vansh Rai Singhania? My friend’s son?

Naira: Haan uncle. The struggle has started right time for marriage and your memory to come back

Avantika: My daughter is getting married..it has been so many years…the last time I saw her she was ..was…a…baby

Kartik: We will meet them in person , lets go

Shivaay: Kartik you guys go..I….

Naira: Now having everyone with us and struggle starting no more use in you hiding from Vansh and others Shivaay

Shivaay: Shivaay will have to die for Adi to return if not Haden will

Kartik: Hows that possible?

Shivaay: It will be possible during the struggle. We need to protect Ridhimaa at any cost. Haden has joined with Ragini

Naira: Nagesh’s daughter? How did …

Shivaay: Ahana is spying Ragini in Vansh’s office…she said that

Shivaay’s POV

Ragini is happy after reading a letter one night. After that she starts to get parcels every day with something. Few days later Haden meets her

Haden: Ragini ji you have grown up to be a pretty girl. As you know from the gifts you have a greater power to win over Vansh.

Ragini: Ill do anything for him

Haden: Thats awesome. We are a team from now

Pov Ends

Shivaay: Ahana overheard this. Haden is using her

Kartik: Now they have collected Ridhimaa’s blood

Shivaay: How..

Kartik: Chandrika ji told us

Naira: Now that Dark Lord’s power will get back

Harish: What are you saying? Ridhimaa’s blood was taken? He is getting back to power?

Avantika: This time we will vanquish everyone 

Kartik: Definitely aunty

Avantika: Beta you look familiar who are your parents?

Kartik: Manish and Swarna Goenka

Harish: They were captured by Nagesh along with us. He wanted them to find a medical potion to bring back the dark power but…they said no..he used imperio and said that Ridhimaa’s blood will bring it back…then..then he used the death curse and killed them infront of our eyes..thats the last thing we remember 

Kartik: But that time Gaurav ji knew this potion secret and Nagesh already cursed her and Vansh in Parseltongue soon after capturing you both, thats when Gaurav ji and others knew that Nagesh was on Dark side. So he shifted Ridhimaa is safe custody with the  Khundras 

Shivaay: But now that Haden..he also has Nagesh’s blood..that is his grand daughter. They will bring back the dark force

Kartik: We will fight together Shivaay

Shivaay: No..I will be on disguise..let others think that Im still evil. Gaurav ji has told only you about my secret..let it be with you. And Ranveer Khundra knows it too. Ill have to find who shot Ridhimaa to collect her blood. Ill have to be on the Prowl 

Naira: But …

Shivaay: Maa papa I have to protect Ridhimaa , so Ill take your leave

Harish: Proud of you Adi. Growing up away from everyone and now …

Shivaay: Soon a day will come when we can be a happy family dad

They hug

Shivaay: Kartik Naira leave soon with my parents . Be in the wedding 

Kartik takes Harish Naira and Avantika with him. He gets his thestral and gestures Pankhuri to join them

Pankhuri: No you go Ill apparate and come

They leave leaving Pankhuri and Shivaay alone there

Shivaay: Thanks for everything yaar

Pankhuri: Its my duty Ad..Shivaay 

Shivaay: Did you just call me Adi?

Pankhuri: Woh..Im..sorry

Shivaay: Dont be sorry..after my parents  you are the first one to call me that. I like it Pankhuri 

Pankhuri: Is it necessary for you to go back to Haden?

Shivaay: Yes it is.

Pankhuri: Please be safe

Shivaay: Ill definitely be. 

Their hearts start to get closer. And they dont feel like leaving from there

Shivaay in mind: Why am I feeling so strange with her? 

Pankhuri in mind: Why is my heart afraid for his well being?

With confusions arising Shivaay remembers the danger looming around

Shivaay: Pankhuri..apparate to Gaurav ji’s place. 

She walks out turning back to see him after every step. Suddenly something stops her. She runs to him and hugs him. He is shocked.

Shivaay: Dont worry about me. And I promise that our first meeting won’t be our last meeting. Ill meet you very soon. We have a lot of time

She breaks the hug. With awkwardness filling the air Pankhuri leaves. The scene freezes 


Vansh: Ridhimaa our wedding functions will start once you are ready. 

Ridhimaa hugs him

Ridhimaa: Ill be getting a family at last

Vansh: Sorry sweetheart I promised to free your parents but…

Ridhimaa: Its not your fault…I am unlucky to not have them with me 

Gaurav: Who said you are unlucky?

Vansh and Ridhimaa turn back. They get emotional and shocked . The episode freezes 

Next Chapter: An Emotional Reunion 

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