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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 19

Let’s begin with a recap because I know, it’s needed..

Recap : After roaming beautiful places in South Goa, all of them went to ‘The Farmhouse Bar and Bristo’ which was glowing beautifully in the dark..

Episode starts as..,

There was a bit of a crowd in the bar. 

Vansh : Riddhima, drink?

Riddhima : Yes, go and bring..

She gave him a sheepish smile and he went to bring a drink for her..The same happened with the other two girls..

While Vansh was ordering the drinks, a boy came near Riddhima’s table. 

“Is the seat empty?” he asked, pointing at the chair on which Riddhima nodded no. 

“Never mind” he said and forwarded his hand for a handshake, introducing himself as,”Nikhil, here”

Riddhima took a quick glance at Vansh, who was staring her in jealousy and smirked completing their handshake. 

Nikhil : You look beautiful..

Riddhima : I know that very well..

She said in a proud tone, on which Nikhil smiled. 

Nikhil : Dance?

Riddhima : Sure..

Nikhil pulled her to the dance floor and told the DJ to play the song..Both of them were dancing on ‘Dance Basanti’ 

(Sorry for the ugly choice) 

Here, Vansh was burning in jealousy seeing their closeness. 

“Sir, drink” said the waiter and passed the glasses of drink. Vansh took them and then broke them. He quickly went to Nikhil and Riddhima, parting them away. 

All this while, Angre, Aryan, Ishani and Sejal were enjoying the show. 

Vansh stared at Nikhil with red-shot eyes. 

Nikhil : What happened, bro?

Vansh : Stay away from her..

He said in his cold voice..Riddhima was chuckling from inside but showed a blank face..Vansh held Riddhima’s hand and pulled to the table. 

Riddhima : What happened, Vansh?

She asked him innocently. Vansh glared at her and made her sit on the chair.

Vansh : What happened? What happened? You were dancing with that boy..

Riddhima : So? Everyone does that..And why does it matter to you??

Vansh : What? How does it matter to me? Yes, right..It doesn’t affect me whether you do anything with that b*stard and j*rk..I’ll never interfere in your life..

He turned to go but Riddhima held his hand and made his face turn towards her. 

Riddhima : I’m sorry..Why have you made this poker face? I was just kiddin man..

Vansh : No, it’s fine, I’ll go away-

Riddhima kept her finger on his lips and said,”I don’t give you permission to go away from me..You can’t go away from me ever..and fix it in your mind..” 

Her tone was cold. Vansh got scared by her tone. Riddhima held his hand and dragged him to the car, informing the rest that they could come later on. She sat in the car and made him sat next to her.

Vansh : Where are you-

Riddhima : Shhh..

She started driving the car and soon they reached back to the resort. Riddhima quickly pulled Vansh inside, after locking the car. 

Vansh : Will you tell me, why the hell, did you take me out from there and brought here?

Riddhima : Shhh..Sleep…

Vansh : What? You’re commanding me?? Me??

Riddhima : Yes…Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania, I’m commanding you..

Vansh : FINE! I’ll sleep..

He went towards the washroom..

Riddhima : Bed is on another side..

Vansh : I know, I’m going to change clothes..

Riddhima : Okay..

He left from there and Riddhima thought,”If you’ll ever say of going, I’ll do this only with you..I don’t give you permission to go away from me..and moreover, tomorrow, many surprise awaits you, so yeah, I want to see you so happy tomorrow and that’s why I made you angry..” 

She smiled and took her clothes out. Vansh came and lay on the bed, while she left to change clothes..

As Riddhima came back, wearing her night suit, she saw Vansh sleeping..But was he? No..She also knew, he was just pretending as the fingers of his feet were moving..So, she thought something and smirked. 

Riddhima : Thank GOD, he slept..Now, I can call Nikhil here..He is soo hot…Ufff!!!

Here, Riddhima tried to make Vansh jealous and she succeeded too, Vansh tightened his fist and got up from the bed eyeing Riddhima, who chuckled.

Vansh : What??

Riddhima : Sorry..I wasn’t able to control my laugh..anyways, didn’t you sleep?

Vansh : No, I thought, I should also see Nikhil and you together..

He turned his face towards the other side, being angry. Riddhima went and held his face in her tiny hands and made him look towards her. 

Riddhima : Vansh, I’m sorry, I was teasing you..

But Vansh didn’t forgive her and turned his face to the left..Riddhima thought of a plan. She held her ears and stood in front of Vansh..

“I’m sorry..I’m sorry..jaane do…ho gayi galti jaane do…I’m sorry..I’m sorry..”

And sang the whole song for him..He was convinced but still pretended to be in anger..

Riddhima : Listen now, I know it very well, you forgave me but you’re pretending to do drama…Get convinced or  I’ll apply for a third degree..

This line scared Vansh..He quickly hugged Riddhima tightly and kissed on her forehead, on which Riddhima smirked. 

Next episode : Vansh’s birthday celebration 

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