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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 12 # closeness

Helloo peepies aagyi me..

Koi bakwas nhi shuru krte hai.

scene 1

Vansh’s POv

God!! Utha le mujhe!! This girl will surely turn me insane!!

Now she wants to ride the bike herself.. ( few of u were right)

Khud ko sambhal le wahi bohot hai..

I can’t risk her life..what if she met with an accident..

A mere thought hitched my breath for a second

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

Now what weird I asked…

Ok ok i know..i don’t know how to ride bike..but i can try..

I snapped my fingers in front him to bring him back on earth..

But after getting back on earth he refused me to give his bike very calmly

I pouted and plead with my puppy eyes..

Pov ends

Vansh (frowning) – Your puppy eyes not gonna work this time..

Riddhima ‘s POv

Lgta hai ye ese nhi maanega..

Think riddhu think!! What should i do to melt this rock raisinghania..

Mentally patting by back i moved close to him and looked into his eyes..

Pulling his jacket very close to me i leaned to his earlobe huskily..

POV ends

Vansh’s POv

What is she doing..she is turning me on now..

I swear baby girl i will pinned you on my bike and claim your lips..

She came close to me huskily and pulled my cheeks giving her world famous innocent look

Pov ends

Riddhima (pulling his cheeks) – Vansh!! Please na..i promise i will take care of myself..

Vansh’s POv

Now this is limit! I can’t control myself more..

I smirked mentally.. wow vansh..such a intelligent creature you are..

How can i leave this golden chance to be close to my sweetheart..

Pov ends

Vansh (smiling) – Ok i will give you bike but on a condition..

Riddhima (frowning) – Now what!!

Vansh – i will sit behind you to protect you..so that you won’t break your little little bones ..

Riddhima’s POV

Wait what!! Little little bones..what he meant by that..

Is he indirectly calling me short..

I am not short he is extra lambu..huff!!!

Well the deal is not bad..

He will sit behind me …wow! He will hug me..i will be so close to him.

Shit yr!! Riddhu you are becoming so pervert..

What’s the issue..jawani me nhi krungi to kya budhape me krungi..

Pov ends

Riddhima (grabbing keys from him) – Let’s go..Mr.. raisinghania..

Vansh’s POv

She sat on bike with much difficulty as bike was much more heavy than her..

My baby girl!! I sat behind her not leaving a inch between us..

I encircled my arms around her to feel her smell ..

Don’t know will i be able to handle this proximity or not..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

As soon as i sat on bike he caged me in his arms..

What problem i would have..i am enjoying..

I started bike and he helped me to ride the bike properly..

I am shouting like manaic sometimes in fear and sometimes in pleasure..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

She is shouting like a maniac..but she is looking damn cute..

I wish i could peck her little nose which is becoming red due to cold..

I want to taste her rossy lips badly..

Focus vansh focus!! You are on a bike..

We are 2 km away from house now..but she crancked her head little and i raised by brows to ask what do you want now..

POV ends

Riddhima (pleading) – I am hell tired vansh.. I can’t ride more..tum chlao ab..

Riddhima’s POV..

He asked me to sit behind him but my body is not moving a inch more..

I am feeling so sleepy now..

He stopped the bike and i just turned to him facing him and hugged him tightly to feel his warmth..

Pov ends

Riddhima (sleepy) – I am sleeping vansh..i can’t get up and sit behind you..let me stay like this..

Vansh’s POv

Did i ask her to move and sit behind me..no na!!

I am liking the way she is sleeping like a cute little panda hugging me..

I started bike again..kissing her crown..

As soon as we reached the home..i didn’t feel to wake her up ..

I picked her up in my arms and made her lied on bed..

Can you believe i removed heels of a girl.!!

Covering her with duvet.. i stroked her hairs for few minutes and god knows what happened to me i kissed her forehead with all the affection i had for her..

She holded my hand in sleep and i smiled at her antics..

Making sure she is fine i left to my room before i lost my control and hovered upon her..

Scene 2

At morning

Riddhima’s POV

I woke up lazily.. rubbing my eyes

Realising the scenario my heart flutter by a mere thought of vanshu carrying me in his strong arms like a bride..

Obviously i slept hugging him..so he must be the one carried me here ..

I walked to the hall and the sight made me gawk at the men sitting in front of me..

He is preparing breakfast for us..with so much of affection..

Sometimes i wonder if he can take care of an unknown girl this much then how much he will take care of his wife..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

I was preparing breakfast for me and my baby girl..

She came to me lazily like kid..who complaint to his mom in morning not to send him school…

She encircled her hand around my neck from back and wished me good morning..

Indeed it’s a good morning now..

But why she hugged me..dimg to thik h na iska..thnd to ni bhra gyi..

I chuckled at my own thought ..and wished her good morning

Pov ends

Riddhima (yawning) – you didn’t wake me up.. it’s so late.we have to go to office..

Vansh (smiling) – Today is sunday my baby panda..

Riddhima’s POV

He again called me baby panda..i will kill this rock raisinghania..now..

I frowned at him and he chuckled silently passing a toast to me..

I said him that yesterday night was best for me..and  he mumbled because of you …

I heard that and felt butterfly fluttering in my stomach..

Pov ends

Vansh – Be ready in evening we have to go somewhere..

Riddhima (casually) – Where!!

Vansh – *************

Riddhima (excited) – what ! Really!! I am so excited vansh…

Vansh (glaring) – I am not taking you with me now..stay home stay safe..

Done done dana done ✅..

Don’t know but i m losing interest in this ff

Drop ur views should i continue or not..

Do votes n comments

Word count : 1120

Lob u all

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