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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 153)

Her point of view –
“You might want to cover that up .” I suggest Angel as she comes in Teddy following behind.
“Cover what up..?”
I fish out my phone and click a picture before showing it to her. Her eyes widen at the picture and she turns to glare at Teddy to which he just shrugs.
She was sporting a Hickey on her neck which i assume was fresh because it was red.
“I have a jacket in the car ..” i say handing my keys to Teddy who hurries outside.
“Somebody is getting territorial..” i tease
“How is J.J feeling now..?” She asks quickly changing the subject.

“He is fine and sleeping.. i could finally lay him down..”
“Where is bhai..?”
“You should really let him sleep more at night ..” she teases.
“Yea .. miss love bite ..sure..”
Teddy joins us at the dinning room where Angel and i were laying the table. He quickly hands her my jacket and she puts its on..

“Siiiii…” Calls my babies and i hurry out to them. I kneel on the doorway and they throw themselves at me.
“I missed you guys .”
“We missed you too ..” they chorus.

I spot Titlu behind John as she looks around searching for my hubby dearest. She pulls on her Daddy’s hands and asks for Dexy.
“You will have to ask her ..” he says pointing towards me and giving her a gentle push for motivation .
“Where is Lion..?” She asks shyly

“He is sleeping.. come lets go wake him up..”. I pick her up and we head upstairs.
“Lion..” she whispers poking her head into our bedroom.
Dex was sleeping on his side and both the boys were cuddled up on my side..
I place Titli on Dex and he instantly hugs her close.
“Lion..wake up..” she whispers

“I am not lion i am a monster..” he says in a deep voice scaring her. She looks at me weird and then turns her head back to Dex.
“Lion.. i have chocolate..”
“But i don’t want chocolate..” he replies eyes still closed.
” I want kissy..” and she leans to give him a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

He takes the oppertunity and peppers her face with kisses. Her giggles and wakes the boys up.
“I am going to change diapers and go down .. you come soon okay..?”
His point of view –

“Princess can you get me a shirt please..?” she immediately walks to our closet.
“Which colour you want..?” She calls
“Get your favourite colour baby..” i reply from the bathroom.
She picks out a Red tshirt and places it on the bed.

“So red is your favourite colour huh..?” I question fixing my hair.
“Yes thats why i got red ” she says pointing at the tshirt with a duh expression on her face.
“Right..” kids these days are so smart.

Her best friend’s point of view –
Everybody was here and seated around the dinning table enjoying the breakfast.
Jhonny sat at head on the table while John sat on the other end. Their wives sat beside them. The kids had already eaten and were now playing together. The twins were watching the babies.
“We want to tell you something..” i say looking at Jhonny and John and they both look at me expectantly but their gaze drifting to Angel who was seated beside me.
“Why are you wearing a jacket ..?” John asks and Dolly snickers from across the table.
Jhonny looks at his wife and then back at Angel waiting for an answer.
“Wo…wo..”.. she fumbles and i interwine our fingers under the table.

“Love fever..” sissy coughs before John begins to laugh and Dolly joins in too..
“What..?” Jhonny asks Dolly and she shakes her head.
“So you were saying…” She says and very calmly changes the subject.
“Right.. we figured things out in the last two days and we want to move in together..”
Her brothers look at her for an explanation and she just nods in reply.

“If thats what you want ” John says and all heads turn to Jhonny.
Dolly places a hand on his shoulder and he sighs before looking at Angel.

“What do you want..?” He questions and i can see an emotion in his eyes. Its a combination of concern and sadness.
“We want to get to know each other better and it can only be done when we move in together..” she explains
Jhonny looks at Dolly and she nods her head in agreement. “Okay..” he says and Angel gets up to give her brothers a hug.
“She is still my princess dude..take good care of her” John says patting my back.
“Daddy i thought i was your princess ” comes a voice of a certain 5 year old from behind us.
“No i am.” A 2 year old says .

“I am glad i have boys..” Jhonny mutters.
“Hey i thought you were my princess..” Jhonny asks Titlu shocked.
“Yea yea that is fine but Daddy’s first..” she replies and everybody awws at her reply.
We spend the day together all of us laughing , loving living life.

His point of view –
The three of us were sitting on the Patio enjoying some drinks and watching the kids play while the ladies prepared the dinner.
“Dude one tip man to man ”
“Sure” Big B says.
“Its alright to get territorial .. i get it..”

“Yea but make sure next time its below the shoulders.. you know what i mean ..” John says and both of us start to laugh..
“What’s so funny..?” Pie questions walking out with food followed by the ladies.
“Just giving up love advice..”
“Oh please.. He dosen’t need any .. they already doing good..” she teases.
“Yea wearing jackets in summer..” bhabhi teases.
The rest of the evening is spent teasing each other and having fun.

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