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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 152)

Her best friend point of view –
Last night was beautiful.
After we ate dinner we talked for hours to end before finally coming down to her house.
As soon as we got into bed she passed out but i was still awake watching telebrands on Tv.
Tv is my saviour it help me drown my thoughts..
“Hmm..what are you doing .?”she asked kissing me

“Watching tv..”
“On mute..?”
“Hmm..yea.. i figured you needed sleep and honestly you seem so comfortable.. ”
“I am..” she says sighing and sliding up to sit up.
“What do you want to watch .?”
“Really .?”
“Yea..switch the channels..”

“As you wish mam.”
I switched channels and she was already asleep in 10 minutes of watching.
I tried to put her down but she just cuddled more and more..
She sure is comfortable.

Few hours later –
“Good morning love.” I wished kissing her cheek and handing her coffee

“Get ready we are going to Doll’s for Sunday breakfast..”
“We are..?”
“Yes sunday ritual.. we are starting it..”
“Oh okay..”

Her point of view –
Ring Ring Ring
“Hmm… ”
“Sunday breakfast ritual is back..” he yelled.
“It is..?” I said a bit loudly and J.J begin to cry..

“Hey hey baby its okay.. mumma is here..” i hushed him.
” We will be there by 12 ..okay see you soon..”
“Yea see you ..”
I take J.J downstairs and feed him some food before giving him medicine..
“Dexy i am laying J.J down here .. i am going to cook.. everyone is coming for breakfast..”
“Hmm..okay..” he says before cuddling J.J to himself..
I walk down the hall to Junior’s room and J.J starts to cry.. Dexy will take care of it..
“Good morning baby..wakey wakey..” i pick Junior and he snuggles into me..
“Did you sleep well baby .? Hmm.. Do you have a smelly diaper .?”.
“Mammaaa” he coos

I change his diapers before taking him back to our room where J.J is still crying and Dexy is struggling.
I pick J.J up and he stops crying..
“So you wanted mumma haan baby..?” I ask picking him up..
“Mummaa” he says and settles himself comfortably in my arms..
“Meri toh koi value hi nai hain..” Dexy complains..
I put J.J in a sling and head down to the kitchen i guess we have to do what we have to do.

His best friend’s point of view –
” Come on babies time to get up..” she yells in the twins bedroom.
“Titlu.. baby .. come on get up..we have to go to Lion’s house..” and i smile my princess is Jhonny’s fan..
I know next is going to be me so i close my eyes and pretend to be asleep..
“Get up i know you are awake..” she says and pulls my blanket..
“Noooo…this is not a way to wake your darling husband up on sunday..”
“Oh is it .? Then how should i do it..?”
“Pehle ek kiss cheek par ” i pull her on the bed hovering over her .
“Fir lips par..”
Fir …

“Mumma … I can’t find my dress..”
“Mumma socks..”
“Coming baby..” she says and then goes back to the kids giving me a peck.
Wo bhi cheek par..

“Meri koi value hi nai hai..”
“You said something..” she yells from the twins room.
Kuch nai kuch nai..uth raha hun..”.

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