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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 146)

Her best friend’s point of view-
I watched her come out of the bathroom and go out of the room.
I am sure she sensed my awkwarness in the kiss.
Should i tell her that i don’t remember anything.?
But will it break her heart.?
I seriously don’t remember what the hell i am doing here .
This is going to be a complete mess.

I speed dialled my go to person and started my rant
“Hello..Big B..?”
“Oh shit Jhonny..?”
“Why do you have Doll’s phone..?”
“Oh she is in a meeting and she forgot her phone with me..”

“Ohh..when will she be done..?”
“Oh it will take time… But you were saying…?” He asked
Shit. This guy like never takes a break.
He is always on the prowl.

“You promise not to hit me first..?”
“I think i might have had too much liquid courage last night and this morning we woke up in the same bed.
Don’t worry our clothes were on..But the thing is I can’t remember a thing i said last night..
And she is all kissy”
His point of view –
“Okay just stop you are just grossing me out..i don’t want to know your bedroom story..”
Yes, i know its normal but to me its just too weird.

She is my baby girl..
I just can’t imagine her dating someone.
“Where is my princess right now..?”
“She is in the kitchen making breakfast.. i feel like i am married man with kids..”
“Trust me bro .. you don’t want to take that road..when your wife think about the kids before you”
‘oh god you are such a cry baby..” he sighed.
“Hey do you want my help or not..?”i growled.

“Sure sir..hit me up with an idea.. Mr. romance..”
“Go down and tell her the truth..”
“Are you crazy…? I can’t see her hurt ”
“Then you idiot go tell her you love her ..” i said and hung up.
Junior was babbling and J.J was still out..
I play with him for a while and then call for those papers that i need to sign..
Few hours later –
Her point of view –

“I am thinking of getting Princess married..i am thinking of talking to Papa..” Dex said getting into the bed.
We were back from the office after a long tiring day.
The babies were fed and in their rooms asleep.
Dex and i were just getting into bed..

“So are you going to talk about Ted..?”
“What do you mean…?”i questioned and turned to look at Dex but he was already asleep.
What is he upto now…?

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