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Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades Of Relationships Part 3


Rishab and Karan goes to celebrate the victory of his success. 

“Bhai today I am very happy, you know in my success you have biggest hand” Karan gets drunk

Rishab : don’t batter me so much okay, what are elder brothers for, to take care of younger ones 

Karan : but you learn to relax for a while now, I can handle by myself now 

Rishab : I know how much you can, if you want to do something then work little hard and get selected in international 

Karan : anything for you bhai just wait and watch how I get selected like this 

Rishab laughs at his antics 

Karan : bhai now its your time to get married but remember don’t stop pampering me when your wife comes 

Rishab : you are my kiddo how will I forget that, but you say will you not get married 

Karan : no bhai, I don’t believe those things you know that, this marriage love suits you not me 

(gets unconscious slowly) 

Rishab : now I wonder why your excitement reduced, whole time you banter (covers him with duvet and puts alarm) 

Khanna house 

Purab returns to his home after long duty from headquarters. He sees cake set on table with candles and dark everywhere. 

Purab : hey princess where are you hiding, I know you love this game come out now 

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday” delightful voice echoes in whole house 

A girl wearing blue dress and curly hair comes there holding cake in hands. 

Ruhi : happy birthday to world’s best brother, now blow this candles quickly 

Purab : you are crazy, I am not kid 

Ruhi : come on bhai you don’t need age and for your information my brother is still young okay 

Purab cuts the cake and feeds her. 

“Happy now” Purab asks her

Ruhi ; surprise is not over yet come on (takes him to dining room) 

Purab : oh my god so much food, who made it 

“Its my brother’s birthday, of course I will make it, so I gave all servants day off to relax, even they needs some peace bhai, whole day they work” Ruhi shows her affection to all workers which makes Purab most proud of his sister 

Ruhi : how is it? tell me quickly is it spicy, less chilly or burned 

Purab pretends to feel burned in mouth. 

Ruhi : what happened bhai? drink this 

Purab coughs 

Ruhi : are you okay? I am so sorry, let me call Dulari she will make something quickly 

“Wait wait, where are you going” Purab stops her and appreciates the cooking 

Ruhi : bhai you are so mean (starts crying) I was getting worried and you are making fun of me 

Purab : my little sister got emotional (wipes her tears) who else is there beside you in my life 

Ruhi : bhai I swear dont ever do that (hugs him emotionally) 

Purab : now can we finish our food, I am starving please come 

Both feeds each other happily. Ruhi gives him guitar to play 

Purab : I am not in mood please 

Ruhi : please for me, today is your special day 

Purab starts with soft tune 

Tere bin (besides you)

Sanu sohnia (my love)

Koi hor nahio labhna (i shan’t find another)

Jo dave (who’ll give)

Ruh nu sakun (peace to my soul)

Chukke jo nakhra mera (and indulge me)

Tere bin (besides you)

Sanu sohnia (my love)

Koi hor nahio labhna (i shan’t find another)

Jo dave (who’ll give)

Ruh nu sakun (peace to my soul)

Chukke jo nakhra mera (and indulge me)

Ruhi ; bhai I didn’t give you this guitar so you recall those old emotions 

Purab : some feelings are too deep to bury (holds her face) 

Phone ringts 

“Yes, sir I am coming” Purab talks on phone 

Ruhi ; where are you going? see the time 

Purab : time can wait but our duties cannot, good night princess (leaves) 

Dulari ; whats wrong didi?

“I don’t know when that day will come when bhai will have peace in life” Ruhi gets worried 

Next day at Arora house 

The girls get ready for their work and college. Shrishti and Bulbul catches the same bus everyday for their college. Pragya rushes on road for getting late to her work when she collides with the car coming with speed. 

“Oouch, idiot can’t you see” Pragya falls on road 

Driver comes out shouting at her for being carelessly running on road

Pragya : its your fault, are you blind can’t you see this is small street still driving rashly, inform your boss this is not his high society street (bangs on the window) 

Abhi removes his headphones coming out of the car with attitude. Initially he is lost in Pragya’s simplicity and gracious look 

Apne Roothein, Paraaye Roothein

Yaar Roothein Naa..

Khwaab Tootein, Waade Tootein

Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Ho..Apne Roothein, Paraaye Roothein

Yaar Roothein Naa..

Khwaab Tootein, Waade Tootein

Dil Yeh Toote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

Roothe To Khuda Bhi Roothe

Saath Chhoote Naa..

O Allah Waariyan

O Main To Haariyan

Pragya : hello I am talking with you 

Driver : Sir see how this girl is arguing with me, she was running like crazy 

“Here is your money, get your treatment done” Abhi hands her money and goes inside

Pragya : I am not a beggar, keep this with you (hands his money back picking up her files) 

Both curses each other for being spoiled brats and not meet again. 

Phoenix company 

Sophia : hey Pragya yesterday you didn’t meet Abhi sir you left early 

Preeta : who?

“Abhi the rockstar you don’t know, they have signed contract with us for next album launch” Sophia informs her 

Pragya ; oh where is he? 

Sophia : he should be here anytime soon, so make sure everything is ready, his rehearsal room should be proper okay 

Pragya : yes ma’am 

Somebody informs them about Abhi’s arrival. The fans on gate takes his autographs. 

Sophia : hello Sir, Pragya is everything ready 

Pragya widens her eyes seeing the same person she messed up in the morning. 

Pragya : god he is the same one, I invited trouble on my head but it was his fault why should I be scared of him (hide under file) 

Sophia : Sir, she is Pragya (removes file from her face quickly) 

Abhi take his glasses off giving her attitude. 

Sophia ; Sir? what happened 

Abhi : nothing send my coffee inside the studio and make sure nobody disturbs me when I am rehearsing alright 

Sophia : okay Sir don’t worry I will send one

Abhi : Wait you won’t, Ms Arora, make coffee for me and bring inside 

Pragya : sir I am event manager here 

Sophia : Pragya (signals her) 

“Who is the boss here” Abhi ask approaching towards her 

Pragya : you Sir 

“Good then coffee in 10 minutes” leaves smirking 

Pragya vents her anger out on files 

Luthra house 

Dadi makes ruckus in the house for not going to doctor at any cost. 

Rishab : Dadi, please for my sake, if you don’t like doctor we will change it okay

Dadi : only for you I am doing this but I don’t even need a doctor 

“Mummyji, you are behaving like a kid, we are worried about your health” Rakhi brings juice 

Karan ; good morning girlfriend how are you doing (touches her feet) 

Dadi : you are going for practice? 

Karan : yes or else Rishab will be after me again, love you take care 

Dadi : bye 

Bulbul goes to buy watch in the store when a robber enters escaping from police. He creates a situation framing Bulbul by putting watch in her purse while she is leaving. He informs shopkeeper about the robbery and distracts cops 

“Hey girl wait” shopkeeper stops her

Bulbul : yes? do you need anything 

Shopkeeper : you took the watch and leaving without payment this is robbery 

Bulbul : excuse me I have not done anything, check my bag (shows her stuff) 

Shopkeeper finds the watch in the bag shocking her to the core

Bulbul : i swear I have done nothing, please believe me 

Shopkeeper calls the cops getting her arrested. The thief runs away taking the chance. Bulbul starts panicking about whole incidence. 

Police station 

“Leave me I said” Bulbul shouts 

Constable ; hey keep your voice down, here only our boss can shout like that 

“Who is your boss, tell me the name, without investigating I am brought here” Bulbul creates ruckus in police station 

Constable : take her and lock inside the cell, now Sir will decide what should be done, and madam you are not aware our Sir never spare criminals be it anybody 

Bulbul : leave me I said 

Constable lady throws her inside the cell. 

“Bappa, please help me, Pragya di” Bulbul prays recalling her sister 

Small firm 

Preeta goes through the reports of the patients and gives them proper treatment. 

Maya : hey Preeta how is everything? 

“Very good, I am fine” Preeta smiles 

Maya : great, okay listen you know in nearby orphanage the manager in charge has requested to get routine check up 

Preeta : okay so you want me to go there

Maya : of course, and don’t worry about here I will manage and rest of the staff also 

Preeta : okay here is the X ray report of patient no 5 (gives her file) 

Maya : thank you and best of luck 

“Thanks” Preeta leaves for the nearby orphanage 

She gets emotional seeing the children playing around together. 

Shobha : yes? oh wait you are Preeta right

Preeta : Maya ma’am sent me for routine check up for all children

Shobha : you sit here, I will send all children one by one for check up 

Preeta : sure 

The children have lot of fun with Preeta while doing check ups. Shobha informs her about person who build their orphanage. His grandson is making visit

Preeta : who is it?

Shobha : you might have Rishab Luthra, such a nice person down to earth, he comes every week 

Preeta : so good to hear there are still such people who think about others 


Navya informs Shrishti about Bulbul’s arrest she saw on the road. 

Shrishti : what? but how 

Navya tells her everything she got to know from the shopkeeper. 

Shrishti : now what should I do? 

“Call your sisters they will help” suggests her

Shrishti : no they have just started new job, it will affect their work, I will do something 

Navya ; see I know a lawyer who can help us but for that we need money 

Shrishti : how much?

“I don’t know it depends maybe 5000 or 10,000” reveals 

Shrishti ; how will I arrange so much money? 

“I can help you with 3000 but not more than that you know my dad, rest you have to manage” Navya consoles her

Shrishti looks at the camera which is much dear to her more than anything. 

Precap : Karan -Preeta-Rishab first meeting in different circumstances. Purab and Bulbul meet turns out disastrous.

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