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I Have Finally Found Joy… 9

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Everyone seemed happy with Abhi’s decision except Aliyah, who couldn’t accept this, she hated that Pragya had a second chance to happiness, Pami Akash’s mother, saw that the new addition to the family will mean that more money will be wasted and Purab who seemed rather confused with Abhi’s decision and feared that if the media found out, Abhi’s reputation will be ruined. Deljeet, Bulbul, Rachna and Indu were very happy with this, they even begun making wedding plans which annoyed Aliyah more and Akash couldn’t be more proud of his cousin.




Abhi couldn’t wait to make give Sam and Sid his last name so that they could legally be called his sons.




‘Hello Mr Patel. ‘ Abhi called Mr Patel he was his lawyer. ‘I would like you to meet me at my house this afternoon. ‘


‘Is their any problem Abhi? ‘


‘No, not at all, I just want to ask you a few questions. ‘


‘Okay, I will be there at 2pm. ‘


‘Thank you bye. ‘


‘Bye. Have a good day. ‘and he cut the call.




Abhi sighed in content he was happy that things were okay and he hoped that Pragya will not fight his decision.


“And why did you invite the lawyer to your house? ” Purab asked his friend, he knew he was planning something, if not, why did he give his lawyer a call.


“I want to make it official. ” Abhi replied putting his phone in his pocket.


“What do you want to make official? ” Purab questioned his friend feeling confused.


“Samrat and Siddharth, I want them to officially become my children, I want to give them my name. ”


“Don’t you think you are moving to fast? ”


“The earlier the the better, if I take any longer it might take time to change their names, and I don’t want to waste any time. ”


“Are you sure about this? ”


“I am more than certain. ”


Purab sighed and said, “looks like I can’t make you change your mind, can I? ”


“No you can’t, my mind is all made up. ”


“Good luck then. ” he said giving Abhi a pat on the back.


“Thanks man, I will go and talk to Pragya about this right now.”


Abhi walked to Pragya’s room hoping that she will accept his decision. ‘Even if she is against your decision, you must make her accept by hook or crook. ‘


When Abhi entered Pragya’s room he couldn’t help but smile by what he saw, Pragya was trying to get Sid and Sam dressed when they kept moving on the bed making it difficult for her and to make it worse they would laugh at her if she failed to make them wear something which annoyed her even more.


“Oh God, please stay still Sid look at your brother at least he is wearing a diaper, now be a good boy and wear your diaper like your brother. ” Pragya said trying to make Sid wear his diaper.


As she was trying to make Sid wear his diaper, Sam got another diaper from the bag and begun to put it in his mouth. “Samrat no, this is not food you don’t eat this, don’t put it in your mouth again ever. ” she got the diaper and throw it at the other side of the room, as soon as she threw it across making Sid giggle which made Pragya upset, but that didn’t scare him he kept on laughing at her facial expression and  soon after Sam joined in.


“Fine, if you don’t want to get dressed then don’t stay naked and everyone will laugh at you, we will see if you will laugh then hahaha. ” a frustrated Pragya said, breathing in and out deeply.


“Is that they way you talk to babies? ” Abhi asked as he made his presence known with an amused smile.


“For how long have you been standing there? ” she asked as she shyly tucked back a strand of her hair.


“From the time you were trying to get Sid to wear his diaper. ”


“For that long, so you saw everything. ”


“Yes and you looked cute. ” he said smiling at her. “Need help and don’t say no because I know you need it. ”


“They won’t listen to me, what makes you think they will listen to you. ”


“Go and have something to eat, I will get them dressed. ” Abhi shooed her away.


“What makes you think they will listen to you? ” Pragya asked a second time.


“I am their father. ” was Abhi’s reply. “And after you are done eating please come to my room, I need to discuss something important with you. ”

“Okay. ” Pragya said and left the room, leaving Abhi to play dress up.


At the dining table.


Everyone was seated in their places except one man – Abhi, he was no where to be seen, and knowing Abhi very well, he was one who never missed a meal, come what may.


“Where is Abhi? ” Deljeet asked, seeing that her grandson did not come down yet.


“He is in my room, trying to get Sid and Sam dressed. ” Pragya answered.


“What? ” Akash asked, he didn’t expect this from his cousin, he surely was taking fatherhood seriously.


“They wouldn’t listen to me, so Abhi insisted on helping me. ”


“I can’t believe you have made my brother your puppet. ” Aliyah said looking at Pragya in nothing but disgust.


“Why do you always have to blame Pragya for everything? Abhi considers them as his own sons and this is what normal fathers do, so instead of raising your blood pressure just be happy that you have two beautiful nephews. ” Indu said as she ate her food.


“I will never accept them. ”


“Then get used to it. ” Purab was the one to reply, to be honest he was tired of Aliyah’s childish behavior.


“You were against Abhi a few days ago. What made you change your mind? ”


“Aliyah, Abhi is my best friend come brother and if being with Sam and Sid makes him happy then I am happy. ”


“So you would be happy if Abhi married this cheap woman. ” she pointed at Pragya.


“Yes I would rather Abhi marries Pragya than some cheap character less gold digging sl*t like Tanu. ” Purab replied.


“Did you just call my best friend a sl*t. ”


“No he did not call her a sl*t he called her a cheap, character less, gold digging sl*t which is equal to Tanu, and truth be told I agree with him. ” Rachna said with a smile.


“Mind your business Rachna, I can get you thrown out of this house with the snap of my finger. ” Aliyah said with a raised voice.


“Don’t you dare raise your voice against my wife. ” Akash said in a cold deadly voice, he could stand anyone but a person who insulted his wife.


“This is fun to watch, usually I am the cause of arguments in this house but I am glad today I am not. ” Bulbul whispered to no one in particular.


“Please don’t argue because of me. ” Pragya said, she didn’t want to be the reason a fight broke out, and she saw how angry Akash was.


“Shut up!! ” Aliyah screamed banging her fist on the table.


“Aliyah if you are frustrated just please go and pour out your frustrations over your minion. ” Rachna suggested, she was tired of Aliyah’s childish tantrums.


“This is not over Rachna. ”


“Just leave we are not in the mood for your childish tantrums, just seeing your face makes me want to throw up. ”


“I am leaving. ”


“Bye and have a good day. ” Rachna said with a genuine smile.


Once Aliyah left there was an awkward silence because no one expected Rachna to talk like that or stand up against Aliyah, she was always the one to ignore.


“Wow Rachna remind me not to annoy you. ” Bulbul said.


“She just got on my nerves. ”


“Wow that was some thing. ” Deljeet said.


“What is taking Abhi so long over 45 minutes have passed and he is not back yet? ” Pami asked changing the subject.


“Yes, I don’t think it would take this long just to get two boys dressed. ” her husband Ajay added.


“Yes you are right uncle, but these are no ordinary boys. ” Bulbul said winking at Pragya,  who just shook her head in amusement.


Abhi came down with Sam and Sid in his hands.”No Samrat, stop playing with my hair, it took me hours to style it please stop. ahhhh!!!! ” he yelped in pain as little Sam’s hands got a fist full of his hair. “Sam stop pulling my hair. ” as he tried to remove Sam’s little hands from his head, he saw Sid playing with his shirt button. “Sid how did you get this, this is my shirt button, no you just ruined my favorite shirt Siddharth Mehra and you Samrat Mehra, you ruined my hair style now I will have to do it again. ” he complained, which only made them smile. “What’s so funny please don’t give me your cute toothless smiles. ”


“Oh my Abhi, you look like a caveman. ” Bulbul said laughing at her brother.


“They are a handful, now I understand why Pragya cries sometimes. ”


“What? I don’t cry. ” Pragya quickly denied.


“Yes you do, remember a few days ago when they were both crying and couldn’t calm down you sat on the chair looking so depressed crying as well. ”


“Yes I agree that I was feeling sorry for myself, but I did not cry. ”


“Yes you did. ”


“No I did not. ”


“Did to. ”


“Did not. ”


They continued bickering back and forth until Akash asked them to stop.


“Okay, enough before we start crying because of your silly argument. ” Akask said holding his head.


“OK but for the record she cried. ”


“Abhi!!!! ” everyone except Pragya shouted his name.


“OK fine she did not cry, I was just exaggerating. And where is Aliyah by the way? ”


“She left to see Tanu. ” Purab answered his question.


“After a heated argument with Rachna. ” Bulbul added.


“What? Since when did Rachna start arguments? What exactly did she do to push you into an argument? ” Abhi asked Rachna, it was rare for her to argue, well maybe sometimes, but it was still rare.


“It doesn’t matter. ” Rachna answered.




“Why did you guys do that? You just pushed your plate now what will you eat? ” he asked his sons a little frustrated. “Why are you laughing? That includes you Pragya, what’s so funny you are encouraging them. ”


“You are the father, you handle them and please don’t cry. ” Pragya said teasing him, after all he insisted on feeding them. “Grandma, time for you to take your medicine I will go and get them. ”


“Looks like it won’t be difficult to convince Pragya, but good luck with your kids. ” Purab told his friend with a smile.




End of chapter nine.


I hope these three updates have made up for my sudden disappearance.

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