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Bepannah Aashqui FF Sixth Episode

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Recap-In hospital Zoya n adi feel helpless seeing each other in pain.Zoya insist on going back to railway station.Adi cares for her hence accompanies her ,there they come to know that families have taken bodies to Mumbai both leave for Mumbai Zoya reaches Aurora house where she is humiliated by mahi Adi takes Zoya to cremation ground where he gets extremely upset seeing that pooja’s body too is brought at same ground

Adi is about to leave Zoya explains him not to be impulsive as this is last time he can spend with Pooja


Adi is about to Leave

Zoya tries to stop him

Adi notices a car coming

Its siddquis

Noor n zoya’s mother rush to her while wasim watches from a distance

Zoya hugs her mom n sis

N breaks down

Adi looks on

Adi starts walking out

His pov-Ur family is with u zoya am sorry I cannot take all this

As adi is leaving

Wasim notices him

Wasim is confused


Zoya(In tears)-abuuu his wife Pooja too …………. Blast train

Siddquis are shocked wasim hugs zoya

Wasim-Zoya beta lets go in

Zoya is scared to go in

She remembers mahi’s anger

But her father takes her

Just as they are going to enter

Mahi comes near the gate

Mahi(yells)-zoya I said once that stay out don’t u understand pls spare my bhaiyaa at least now I beg of u

Wasim-Mahi is this the way u talk to ur bhabhi

Zoya tries to stop her father

Mahi-ohh pls she may be my bro’s wife but she is not my bhabhi she is no one to aroras pls go away at least let my bro’s last rites take place without any omen pls

Wasim is angry

Roshna stops him

Roshnaa-mahi pls let us stans here pls we will not come inside

Mahi nods n leaves

Wasim is still angry

Roshna-wasim pls understand she has lost her bro pls

Zoya-yes abuu Mahi needs time

Zoya is weeping seeing last rites

Her family tries to pacify her

She remembers her n yash’s moments

Bepannah aashqui sad version plays

Tears keep dropping from her eyes

On other side

Harshwardan is getting restless

Harshwardan-Adi will not come I will light the pyre no use waiting for him

Zoya looks on other side

She sees Mr hoods lighting pyre

She feels bad for Pooja too

Zoya’s pov-Pooja loved u adi I have seen in her eyes u did wrong where r u adi??


Adi is shown walking on streets

He is upset very upset

Blood shot red eyes

He cannot balance his body

Alcohol bottle in hand

He keeps sipping

As he remembers Pooja holding yash’s hand

Adi manages to sit on rock

A street dog comes near him

Adi looks at dog,he moves his hand lovingly over dog

Dog is looking at adi

Adi(lump in throat)-u know from 7years she was with me,since 5years we were married n now she left me

Actually am bad maybe some fault in me

Or no she is a cheater

Adi hugs the dog n weeps

Adi-i don’t know I don’t know

He keeps crying hugging dog

Zoya is crying hugging noor

Last rites are done

Hoodas and aroras are leaving

Roshna looks at madhu

She approaches madhu

She is about to hug madhu

Mahi comes in between

Mahi(sternly)-Stay away stay away from my mum

Wasim-Enough mahi don’t come between elders

We are being considerate n sensitive towards u this doesn’t mean u can do whatever u want have some respect we are elders .N ……

Mahi-excuse me pls don’t teach me anything

U should have taught ur daughter to keep her husband happy she never kept my bhaiyaa happy

Wasim-now this is too much yash n zoya were happily married since past 3years

Madhu tries to stop mahi

Mahi-Reality is bitter if bhaiyaa was happy with zoya  y was he with Pooja Why did he have affair with Pooja

Wasim n siddquis are shocked

Mahi n madhu leave

Zoya is crying

Wasim-zoya what was she saying How can Pooja have affair with yash Pooja was madly in love with adi What nonsense is this

Zoya (lump in throat)-maybe some misunderstanding


Wasim is taking zoya in a cab

Zoya noor n roshna are sitting on backseat

Zoya is weeping continuously looking outside window

Adi is walking on roads

Actually in middle of roads

A cab is coming towards him

Adi is unable to move

He is about to meet with an accident

But cab stops

Adi has fallen before cab

Adi in half senses notices zoya giving him hand

She helps adi get up

Ziddquis look on from cab

Adi had come before zoya’s cab

Bepannah aashqui plays as zoya helps adi get up


He leaves

Zoya goes behind him

Wasim stops zoya

Zoya-abuuu adi needs me pls pls go to hotel I will come pls

Wasim-par beta

Zoya-pls abuu I will be fine pls let me go pls

Wasim nods

Zoya runs behind adi

Adi keeps walking he doesn’t notice zoya

Zoya too silently walks behind him like his shadow

Adi sits on beach he keeps drinking

Zoya feels bad for him

Kabhie alvidaa naa kehnaa plays in BG

Adi walks in water

He has completely lost his senses

He is about to….

When zoya pulls him out

Pain tear filled eyes of both CE in intense contact

Adi-Zoya what yaar y save me again n again let me……

Zoya for whom should I live she cheated me

Zoya-Adi when I wanted to go u stopped me as u said u need me

Adi I I I I …………….


Tears fall from her eyes

Zoya-Adi I need u pls for me

Adi looks in her eyes

Zoya snatches his alcohol bottle n throws it in water

Adi hugs her

A tight hug

Zoya hugs him back

Both cry in eachother’s arms

Adi-y did this happen to us

They are hugging n crying

Dard dilooo ke kaam ho jatte mein aur tum agar hum ho jata

Plays in BG

Precap-Zoya supports a drank adi she brings him to a room she makes him lie on bed

She takes his shoes  n socks off

She looks at a unconscious adi

Zoya’s pov-pooja I thought u would keep adi happy always Is love something so fake Yash too claimed to love me a lot y yyyy ????


Adi is lost senses holds Zoya’s hands

Zoya sits besides him

N sleeps sitting





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