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The Reason Of My Ecstasy – Every End Is A New Beginning Chapter — 51

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Chapter : 51…” Challenge “…


The episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima having eye lock and on the other side Siya singing. Their eye lock break when they remember about their bitter past. Riddhima stands up straight and turns her face away from Vansh and same is for Vansh. Riddhima was about to leave but Vansh held her hand tightly and takes her with him.

Riddhima:Leave my hand. (angry).

Vansh didn’t pay any attention to her words and take her to a lonely place.

Riddhima:Can’t you hear I said leave my hand. (shouting).

She jerked her hand but his grip was very tight. Vansh pulls her by her waist and pins her to a wall. There faces were inches away from each other. They were inhaling each others breath. After a long time they felt this familiar touch, though it is full of hate. They crave for this touch but their ego made them away.

Riddhima:What do you want now? (stern).


Riddhima smirks listening to him.

Vansh:I thought to end this game long ago but you and your brother again interfered in my life.

Riddhima:No, not we but actually it’s you who came!! Why you came here?

Vansh:To seek my old revenge.

Riddhima:Stop behaving like a child!! I am hearing this from many years. But you didn’t have the guts to do it.

Vansh:Are you challenging me?

Riddhima:Kinda challenge in your language. (carefree).


Riddhima:Yeah I know my name. Stop shouting, my ear hurts. (Kya swag😎).

Vansh:I don’t care about that!! But it is VR’s challenge. And this time you will be in worst condition.

By saying this he turns to leave.

Riddhima:Don’t do something for which you have to repent for all your life!! Remember you just heard a one sided story. You don’t know the whole truth!!

Both of them gave each other cold look. And turns to leave.

Vansh was driving back to Delhi Airport. He was reminiscing all the moments just happened with Riddhima.

Vansh:Why Riddhima why!! Why you had done that with me? Is your love was just a show off? Your love was actually a time pass? You never understood how much I love you. Why?

He stopped the car aside the road and comes out of his car. He was standing folding his hands. He was seeing the clouds with painful eyes.

On the other side we see Riddhima came back home. Dadi is engaged with the pujas. Riddhima excused herself to her room. She locked the door and sat down on the floor. Her hands were on her head. She was crying bitterly.

Riddhima:Why Vansh why? Your ego is everything for you. You never understood how much I love you. You pointed finger on my pure love. How can you do this with me? I can never thought in my life to betray you or give you pain but you thought such a thing about me!!

Both of them were watching the clouds. They were thinking about their first meet on this very day, in the same mandir. Before 6 years ago, they met on that mandir. But if they knew that their life will take such a turn, then they might had not met there!!

Scene shifts to Siya. She came down from the stage. Ishani was waiting for her in the back stage. She hugs Siya instantly.

Ishani:Well done Siya!! You just rocked. And that song, oh my god.

Siya:Thanks a lot dii.

Voice:Really you sung very nice.

Both of them turned to say a boy was standing with a guitar in his hand. He has a very killing smile with dimples on both of his cheeks. Anyone can fall for him seeing this dimples.

Siya:Thank you very much.

Person:Your name is Siya right?

Siya:Yes and yours?

Person:You will get to know that soon. (winks).

The person leaves.

Ishani:Uhem uhem!! (teasing).

Siya:What happened di? You are thinking too much.

Ishani:Let’s go and sit.

The stage was very big. It has a big LED TV on the back side. The stage was full of laser light and solo lights. The musicians were sitting aside. The guitarist were getting ready for next song. Drummer was practicing the beats and the keyboardist were checking their sounds. The host arrives.

Host:Our next participate is Aryan Singh.

All the audiences clapped.

Aryan came on the stage with his guitar.

Siya:Dii see, he is the same boy.

Ishani:Ok, so his name is Aryan.

Siya:Concentrate in the song. (hiding her excitement ).

The musicians starts with their music. Aryan was also accompanying with them, with his guitar.

Aryan:Tere mere sapne sabhi
Tere mere sapne sabhi
Band aankhon ke taale mein hain

Chaabi kahaan dhoondhe bata
Woh chaand ke pyaale mein hain
Phir bhi sapne kar dikhaun
Sach toh kehna bas yehi

Main tere kaabil hoon ya
Tere kaabil nahi
Main tere kaabil hoon ya
Tere kaabil nahi.

Siya to herself:Mind blowing!! How beautifully he sings. He is really very talented singer.

She blushes seeing him.

While singing Aryan’s eyes were searching for Siya and atlast he founds her. He tries to control but ends up blushing hard.

Yeh shararatein yeh mastiyaan
Apna yahi andaaz hai
Samjhaaye kya kaise kahein
Jeene ka isme raaz hai

Dhadkan kahan ye dhadakti hai
Dil mein teri awaaz hai
Apni sab khushiyon ka ab toh
Ye aagaaz hai

Tere mere sapne sabhi
Tere mere sapne sabhi
Band aankhon ke taale mein hain
Chaabi kahan dhoondhe bata
Woh chand ke pyaale mein hain
Phir bhi sapne kar dikhaun
Sach toh kehna bas yehi

Main tere kaabil hoon yaa
Tere kaabil nahi
Main tere kaabil hoon yaa
Tere kaabil nahi.

There was a blast on the stage. After that the stage was full of confettis.

Everybody was blowing their hands on the beat of the songs. Seeing the expression of Aryan was overjoyed!! He bows down for a welcome.

He lefts after his performance.

Host:So 40 participants have grab their position in this competition. First is Aryan Singh. 2nd is Siya Raisinghania and….

Vansh was still standing there. He remembers about the unluckiest day of his life. He closes his eyes and saw so many people are saying ” Vansh Raisinghania haye!! Haye!! Vansh Raisinghania haye haye!! “. He opens his eyes in pain and shouts.


Precap: Riddhima comes back Mumbai. 

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