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‘Tere Ishq Mein Marjawa’ #Riansh OS by Aayu

Hello everyone!

I am just thinking of quitting…I know now you all be will be ready with your knives and guns..but trust me I am losing it..and I have completed 100 posts also so….But I will be there as a reader..And if in future my mind diverts..I will come with my imagination, and I am really sorry! For keeping my stories as loopholes..

But I promise I will try to complete them if possible!

So let’s start..

Aryan:- So ladies and gentlemen I would like to invite my one and only gorgeous Bhabhi!

On stage..

Riddhima all dressed in a beautifully embroidered saree..with light make-up and descent jewelry…

The whole media and crowd were adoring her..The media was clicking her pictures..Dadi has a huge smile on her face..and then tears start rolling down her cheeks..

Aryan holds Riddhima’s hand and helps her to come on stage…

Aryan:- Bhabhi you are looking so beautiful..

Siya:- Aryan don’t start your buttering again..

Ishani: Why not he wants to become bhabhi’s all-time favorite..

All giggles..

Rudra comes from behind and she took his blessings

Rudra:- Riddhima beta God bless you!!

May you achieve more and more in your life..

When a voice came..

Voice:- Enjoy you all enjoy without me..I will not talk with you all..

Aryan:- Awww.. mom missing us..

Chanchal:- yes!

Aryan:- Then Why you go to Delhi..

Siya:- Yes Chachi we all are missing you..

Chachi:- but this work was important okay I am getting late..Riddhima congratulations…many more come to your life…



Riddhima goes towards dadi and takes her blessings..

Dadi was emotional…she hugged her cried..

Riddhima:- Dadi you said this is the best day of your life then why are you crying?

Aryan:- yes dadi don’t spoil the environment..

Ishani hits her on his shoulder..

Ishani:- Duffer..

Come on Dadi! Don’t be sad..

The media was adoring their family time.

When Angre came from the main gate holding a 5 year cute and handsome boy…

He has a big smile on his face, he was so charming that everyone’s attention was just seeked by him

He signaled Angre to put him down and as soon as Angre put him down he ran towards Riddhima and hugged her..

Riddhima:- Rivan…

Rivan:- Mummy u ar lokinng so petty..

Just likee Papa’s sweathert

Riddhima’s smiled vanished reality shook her…she came out from her dreamland..

As to hide her tears she hugged him tightly…

Aryan:- Rivan you are spoiling my bhabhi’s make-up..she was looking so pretty and you..

Ishani:- Again started.. what do you mean ‘was looking’ *raising her eyebrows*

See bhabhi I told you na he only do buttering…

Dadi:- Stop you all!

Angre let’s start the press conference..

Riddhima was feeling uncomfortable..she went towards the kitchen after excusing herself..

Riddhima as soon as she feels like she is away from everyone she starts crying..

Riddhima:- Vansh your Riddhima miss you badly..where are you? Resting and relaxing..I will not talk with you..

She was crying badly..

See everyone is so happy..they are as you wanted to be..

See Ishani is so responsible now..Siya is as usual bubbly girl..and Aryan is so responsible for business and Rivan…Dadi miss you badly..

She feels someone’s presence…

Riddhima whispered ‘Vansh’

What about you sweetheart!

Tere sang yaara

Khush rang bahara

Tu raat deewani

Main zard sitara

O karam khudaya hai

Tujhe mujhse milaya hai

Tujhpe marke hi toh

Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara

Khushrang bahara

Tu raat deewani

Main zard sitara

O tere sang yaara

Khushrang bahara

Main tera ho jaun

Jo tu karde ishara

Kahi kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main

Teri khushbu se takraun main

Har raat jo aata hai mujhe

Woh khwab tu.

Tera mera milna dastoor hai

Tere hone se mujhme noor hai

Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan

Mehtaab tu.

O karam khudaya hai

Tujhe maine jo paaya hai

Tujhpe marke hi toh

Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara

Khush rang bahara

Tu raat deewani

Main zard sitara

O tere sang yara

Khush rang bahara

Tere bin ab toh

Na jeena ganvara

Maine chhode hai baki saare rastein

Bas aaya hun tere paas re

Meri ankhon me tera naam hai

Pehchaan le.

Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai

Sau baaton ki ik baat hai

Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke

Yeh jaane le.

O karam khudaya hai

Tera pyaar jo paaya hai

Tujhpe marke hi toh

Mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara

Khush rang bahara

Tu raat deewani

Main zard sitara

O tere sang yaara

Khush rang bahara

Main behta musafir

Tu tehra kinara

( https://youtu.be/FZ1CowieHks This song is a masterpiece )

All loneliness, all tension just flew away..but she very well knows she is dreaming..

Vansh is not there in reality…


Vansh is not there just stop daydreaming riddhima…

Vansh is not there,  He is dead!!

Aryan who was passing through the corridor understand the situation and rushed towards her…

He very well knows about her panic attacks….she herself witnessed his husband’s death…she herself saw his Vansh falling from the cliff…

His last words are still echoed in her mind…

“tere ishq mein marjawa”

But she was strong..more than anyone thought..

She took care of the whole family after broken…she raised business..she raised us..she raised Rivan..she is both mom and dad for Rivan…now she is our lifeline…

She is the heartbeat of the VR mansion.

She tried her best not to cry..not to become weak..but how much she is broken she herself only know…

Aryan placed his hand on her shoulder to support her…

As usual, she quickly wipes her tears…

Aryan side hugged her…

She finched, she finched inside she was feeling so lonely how to tell anyone..

Aryan was her best friend..he helped her a lot to take her out of her trauma but memories never leave us..

She kept hallucinating about Vansh and keep living her life….

But no one knows she is dead!! She is dead inside no one knows..

Only one person knows and he is feeling guilty now…


She whispered

And took the award she was honored from..

Best businesswoman of the year!!

VR… Vansh and Ridhima!!

Rivan was smiling brightly he knew his mother..

He knew she is somewhat incomplete but what can he do..he is only 5…but he is great VR’s son…

He signaled Siya and lights were dimmed and the spotlight was on Riddhima and projector….

Dil ye tere bina maanta hii nhi

Kuch v tere se siwa maangta hii nahii

Tu zaroori sa hai abb to har haal me

Iss ke aage hii koi raasta hii nhi

Aa tujhme fanaa kar duu merii zindagiiii…..

Iss ishq me mar jaawaann kuch v kasaam se kar jaawaan..

Hadd se v gujar jaawaann kuch v kasam se kar jaawannn..



Ye pyar hai yaa fir mujhko junoon hai teraa

Tere ishq pe sabse jyada haq hai meraaa..

Ye zidd hai to zidd sahi kya pata..

Bas tu rahe hardum meraaaa…

Iss ishq me mar jaawaann kuch v kasam se kar jaawannn…


Anjaam de dil ko mere mere paaas aaa..

Mar mar k jee raha hu merii, sunn le sadaa..

Mehsoos kar.. tu v mujhko zaraaaa…

Ho naa na mujh see judaaaa…

Iss ishq me marjaawaann.. kuch v kasam se kar jawaann

Hadd se v gujar jaawaann, kuch v kasam se kar jaawannn…



All the photos from Vansh and Riddhima’s Marriage till Vansh was there was shown…

Riddhima had tears now..

But these were tears of happiness, joy, and love…

Riddhima:- I love you Vansh!!

The End!!

So emotional?

For a long time, I didn’t write anything like that so…………

do comments…and tell me how it is.

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