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Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-27

After the discussion completed, ram went to see, how rithu was.

When he entered into the room. He saw, Rithikha was holding a pillow and crying.

Ram :- Rithikha what happened Yaar? Please don’t cry.

Rithikha :- leave me alone

Ram :- stop being like a kid! (Slightly anger)

Rithikha :- I am not a kid. I don’t need anyone to care about me. I can manage.

Ram :- yeah!!!! we all know very well, how you can manage yourself. (Sarcastically)

Rithikha gave a stern look.

Ram :- (by holding her hands) look Rithikha! Let me tell you something. You can’t change your past. so, please move on from it. If you stuck at their then you can’t enjoy the present nor you can see your future.

Rithikha :- saying is the very easy thing in this world. But……. Forget it!

Ram :- (leaving her hands in anger) please move on damn it! I am requesting you not for your sake, for aunty. Do you ever think, because of your stupidity, how is she feeling…….. No! Don’t be so selfish Rithikha. Do you have any idea about Vikram?

Rithikha :- vikram?

Ram yes! He is loving you so immensely. After seeing you motionless at that park. He was almost died. Yes! I agree, he did a mistake in past, but know………. He is dieing for you. Can’t you see the love? (Anger) if we lost some loving thing in our life, that doesn’t mean, we don’t deserve it. It means, we deserve something much better than that. (Calm) I hope you have understood what I have said. If you don’t, then try to understand. If you do, then move on.

After saying all these he was leaving from there then he was stopped.

Rithikha :- wait!

Ram was stopped but he was not saying anything.

Rithikha :- thank you for everything. You are the best buddy forever in my life and you will be.

He was just listening to her words, without uttering a single word.

Rithikha :- if you don’t burst out like these, then I never accept my feelings towards him and I can’t be move on. Please call everyone, I just wanna say something.

He left from their. He came out and told to everyone that Rithikha was calling them all.

In room…….

Mom :- rithu! How are you feeling now? (Caring for face)

Rithikha :- (holding her hand) mom! I am really sorry for every thing. I always hurt you these years. Please forgive me! It is not my intention to hurt but…….. (Started crying)

Mom :- hoooo!!!!! Look at yourself, now you became the drama queen.

(Rithikha laughs)

Rithikha :- mom! I promise. From today onwards, I never see back in my past. I will move on. No! No no no! I had moved on. And I want to confess something.

Rithikha :- Vicky! I am sorry for troubling you these days and thank you for everything.

Tanu :- come on Rithikha! Don’t be formal.

Harry :- yes! That to, it’s his responsibility to take care of his loving one.

Vikram gave a serious stern look.

Vikram sat on bed.

Vikram :- you don’t need to thank me. If you want, then get well soon. other wise, who will tease Tanu and harry on there engagement.

She hugged him. (Everyone was so happy)

Rithikha :- I love you (whispered in his year)

Vikram :- love you too!!!!

Precap :- this engagement is off!!!!!

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