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Shakti 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat gets upset with Soumya

Shakti 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman coming out and sees Soumya standing. He says I couldn’t understand how Daljeet and Angel got the bail easily. Soumya says if the case then bail gets easily. Harman asks are you doubting DSP? Soumya says when the matter is about Heer, I don’t trust anyone. She says he is Heer’s sasur too and no father would want his son to marry a kinnar, we both have gone through this situation. She says Angel is a bad person and knows how to play with people’s mind. She says she might have assured DSP Saheb that if he gets her bailed then she will never let come back in Virat’s life. Virat hears her and shouts Soumya ji. Soumya and Harman looks at him. Angel asks Mahi if she is dreaming like daily soap that someone will do her aarti, play band and music etc. She says nobody will come to do aarti and asks her to come inside. Preeto comes there and calls Mahi. Mahi steps back seeing Preeto holding the aarti plate. Preeto says you are bahu of the house, and asks if she will come without aarti. She starts doing the reverse aarti. Angel says full drama. Preeto asks Mahi to come inside and says I will show you how is your saas? She asks her to hold her puppets’ hand and get inside. Angel asks Mahi not to get scared and gets inside. Everyone looks at them. Angel says the kinnars who had come here, was either their bahu or beti, but this kinnar will stay here as a kinnar only, and I will change her opinion about kinnars, says I swear Preeto and laughs. Daljeet also smiles. Angel song plays…Preeto drops the aarti and the diya falls on Angel’s saree. Angel’s saree catches fire and she shouts, asking them to set off the fire. Preeto, Harak Singh and others go inside the house. Mahi brings water jug and pours on Angel’s pallu to set off the fire. Angel says today she would have killed me, and ruined my saree too. Mahi and Angel look angrily.

Virat asks Soumya what is she saying, tells that his parents might not accept Heer, and might wanted to separate us, but they brought Heer when I needed her the most. Harman says may be Angel provoked DSP Saheb. Virat refuses to believe and tells that they are Heer’s sasur and saas, but they know that my happiness is with Heer, and they can’t come in Angel talks. Harman says you are thinking wrong. Virat says I will not hear anything against my parents, going to search Heer and will find out the truth too. Soumya asks where is he going? Harman asks him to listen. Virat goes. Harman says we shall be together and everyone is separating. Soumya says Angel is poisoning and separating the family. She says only a kinnar can defeat other kinnar.

Virat comes home and asks Sant baksh, how did Angel get bail, as the case was strong. Preeto says this is right for Heer that you returned home. Virat asks her to pray that he finds Heer soon and asks Sant Baksh to tell about the clues, and asks him to give the file, says he wants to study it. Sant Baksh says it is very confidential, and I can’t give you. Virat says atleast you can show me, and tells that he will see in the PS, and wants to know what case he has made against Angel and Daljeet, that they got bail. He observes them, as they get tensed.

Mahi prays to God for Heer. Angel comes there with Daljeet and tells Mahi that she will teach a lesson to the family about how a real kinnar is? She claps and makes kinnar’s sound as Mahi does aarti of the Goddess. Everyone comes there. Mahi gives them aarti. Preeto takes aarti. Mahi goes to Harman. Even he takes aarti, followed by Veeran, Harak Singh and Simran. Mahi then gives aarti to Angel and Daljeet. Preeto tells that the kinnars who stayed here, never broke the house rules. Angel says but I will break and asks her to suffer for keeping kinnars at home. Preeto asks if this is your father’s house. Harman stops her. Harak Singh asks Preeto to calm down and asks Harman to take her inside. Angel tells that she will do partition of the house that all the family members will get shattered. She asks Mahi why is she upset and asks her to do wife’s responsibility. Mahi says Harman ji will not accept me so easily. Angel says but he will accept and asks shall I teach you how to snatch wife’s rights. She asks her to go to Harman’s room and give him sometime to accept you. Mahi asks her to make her talk to Heer once. Angel says Police’s sword is on my head, once the case gets over then I will search her. Mahi goes. Daljeet says you told something else to Maa and making some other story here. Angel says she has changed her style, first she will do and then will say. She says this time, she has made such a plan which even Mata Rani doesn’t know.

Harman comes to his room and sees the decorations. Mahi keeps Soumya’s stuff in the bag. Harman asks what is she doing? Mahi says she is removing Soumya’s stuff from the room. He warns her not to touch her stuff. Mahi says we are married and I have full right on you. Harman asks her not to think that she can have any relation with him, tells that she is here for her drama. Mahi throws Soumya’s dupatta on the floor and stops Harman from picking it. She says we are married and needs love now. She says Soumya is kicked out from here, I will see how you don’t become mine. She tries to get closer to him, when they hear something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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