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Riansh ( A ghost story) # epi 2 #limited edition # by aishaD

Hello everyone i am back

Sorry for keeping my both Ffs at halt but i will post one of them tomorrow

I will end this story soon

Many of u were saying that they kissed on 1st day so i wanna say it’s short story so sb kuch jldi jldi hoga😂

Zada horror me de ni paungi mera genre ni h wo bs ghost h  ya shyd na bhi ho itna smjh lo😂

So epi starts here…

Scene 1

Vansh’s Room

He is pacing in room in to and fro motion Stroking his hair

His pov

How can i do this.

Why did i kiss her..why is she affecting me..her presence make me feel elated..

Damn i will become mad…

He marched towards the secret room (which riddhu unlocked)

He enters the room

Whole room is dark

He looks at pictures which is covered with white cloth with pain and tears

He says

I don’t know what is happening with me

Why can’t i get rid of riddhima’s thoughts

I met her today but it feels like we are connected since ages..

It doesn’t mean i forgot u..

I miss u so much ginni…

Where are u…

Plz waps ajao..


Aagyi me!!

He turns abruptly hearing the female voice

Riddhima is standing behind him

Riddhima – What are u doing here at this time vansh..

Vansh comes out of the room locking it again

Vansh – Go and sleep it’s late…

Riddhima – But..van..

Vansh (firmly) – Go riddhima!!

Scene 2

A 10 year boy is playing with a 3 year old girl

Boy – Ginni!! Say my name..plz
Say vansh…van..sh..vansh..

Ginni (clapping her hands) – Ansh!!

Vansh – Ansh nhi baba..vansh..van..sh vansh

Ginni (pulling his cheeks) – Ansh…!!

She started running
and disappear

Vansh (shouts)- Ginnniiiiiiiiii!!!

He wakes up with sudden jerk sweating

His pov

Why did i see this dream… is my ginni trying to give me some hints.

No no!! I have to stay away from riddhima my ginni won’t like this..

He sleep thinking abt his ginni.

Scene 3

In morning

Vansh is doing something suddenly riddhima comes with bright smile.. Chuckling

Riddhima – Ansh…..

Vansh stares her abruptly

Vansh (firmly) – Don’t call me that i am vansh..not ansh

Riddhima (pulling his cheeks) – But ansh sounds more cute hena!


She laughs saying this

Vansh jerks her

Vansh (coldly) – Stay in your limits ok and never ever call me ansh again

He leaves being pissed


Its been 3 days vansh is ignoring riddhima

She tried hard to have a word with him but he didn’t budge to look at her even..

Riddhima ‘s POV

Enough is enough now

What this akdu raisinghania thinks of himself huffff!!

I won’t talk to him now..

Pov ends

Now she started ignoring him badly

Vansh was used to of her presence
Her blabbering her talks her smell

He is missing her now

His pov

Enough!! I can’t take this more why is she ignoring me

Ok fine i did wrong but i can’t tolerate now

I m missing her fragrance now…

Pov ends

He marched towards her room angrily and barged in!!

Riddhima (angry)- What the hell is this Mr.Raisinghania..

How can u barged in someone’s room like this

Vansh (angrily) – this is my house i can go anywhere ok

Riddhima tries to leave but he holds her arms

Vansh (pissed)- Why are u ignoring me..

Riddhima (averting gaze) – As if u were dying to meet me..

Vansh – I was!! And when i talk i would like people to look into my eyes

Riddhima – I am not a toy that whenever u like u will Come close and then throw me out..

She frees herself from his grip and turns to leave

But vansh pull her back and pull her upwards

Riddhima wraps her legs around his waist and both started kissing each other sharing lip lock

Riddhima poured all her anger in that kiss and vansh poured his longing for her

Riddhima (between the kiss) – Why were u ignoring me..hufff!!Sadu akdu mad man

Vansh (between the kiss)- I am sry sweetheart i was facing an emotional turmoil but i realised i can’t stay away from u..

He started kissing her more passionately he takes her to bed and drop her..

Mature content ahead …if uncomfortable kindly skip the part

I didn’t write in much detail it was my 1st time writing something like this (mereko shrm arhi thi😂)

Riddhima pulls him by his collar and started unbuttoning his shirt..

Vansh hovered upon her  and started giving her wet kisses on neck and arms

Riddhima kisses him on his bare chest

He groans and burry his face in croak of her neck..

Vansh (huskly) – Sweetheart do u want me..

Riddhima (seductively) – i want you vansh..i want u in me..

I want to feel u..

Vansh licks her cleavages and started rubbing his hands on her thighs

Riddhima (huskily) – Stop teasing me vansh..

Vansh opens the hook of her top and removes it

He removes her clothes and started licking every inch of her body

Vansh press her boss*ms and she moans his name like prayer..

He sucks her nip*le leaving his mark on her body

Riddhima pulls him more close by his hairs and scratches his bare back with her nails making him more wild..

He moves to her belly and started placing feather kisses there..

He moves down…and started licking her female part..

Vansh  (licking )- Your juice is so delicious sweetheart

Riddhima (moaning) – Vansh it’s my first time plz be gentle..

Vansh moves upward and cups her face

Vansh – don’t worry i won’t hurt u but it will hurt a bit in starting

Sweetheart if u r not ready we can stop here

Riddhima (pulling him close) – I want u ..go for it..

Vansh removes his boxers and both are in their birth suits

Riddhima get shyes seeing his length and avert her gaze

Vansh (huskily) – U can’t even able to see this how will u react when i will enter in u..

Riddhima hugs him blushing

Vansh – Let me first prepare u.. for welcoming my member

He put his one finger in her and she moans

She started shouting first in pain then pleasure

Riddhima (moaning) – Aaahh..vansh go for it.

He started thrusting in and out then put another and then another finger..in her

After making sure that she is ready now

He swiftly enters his member  in her..and started thrusting in and out slowly

Riddhima moans loudly and Clutches bedsheet tightly

Vansh stops seeing her condition

Tears are flowing from her eyes

Vansh (softly)- I am not going further sweetheart i can’t hurt u more

Riddhima – I am fine vansh don’t stop..plz

I love u so much…

Vansh -, I love u too sweetheart

He kisses her forehead and started thrusting again

Reaching to climax both lay down in each other’s embrace (shit mene kese likha h only i know 😂😂)

Scene 4

In morning

Riansh are sleeping in each other’s arm

Riddhima opens her eyes and see vansh is sleeping like a baby hugging her as if she will disappear

She kisses his forehead

Vansh (opening his eyes) – No fair … Taking advantage of sleeping man..😉
Riddhima – I will take becoz this sleeping man is mine😉

Vansh kisses her cheeks

Vansh – I didn’t know that i will fall for u badly

I feel we are united by our soul..

Never ever leave me i will die without u

Riddhima (keeping finger on his lips)- don’t talk abt death..

I can’t loose u..

U are mine only mine..

Scene 5

At dinning table

Riansh are eating breakfast

Vansh (winking)- sweetheart how was the night😉

Riddhima – You shameless man!!

Vansh – Your’s man

Sweetheart have this walnut pie it’s amazing

Riddhima – I can’t vansh

Vansh – why u love walnuts na..

Riddhima (casually) – Who told u..!!

I am allergic to walnuts vansh (who remember she loved walnuts in yesterday’s epi😅,)

Vansh (flabbergasted) – Whatttt!!!

Done for today hope u like it

Do support..

Luv uh all

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