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Qurbaan Hua 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vyas je starts reciting the Mantar to bless opening of Chahat’s clinic

Qurbaan Hua 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neel refuses to give him anything saying he should stand with the glue hand however she is not able to leave, they both ask each other to leave, Neel exclaims this means they are glued together, they both are not able to separate their hands, Bopho demands the order for table number three when Neel questions how should he make with one hand, Chahat explains since they have both hands they can cook, she advises him to work with her and so he agrees, they still have some problems but are able to sort it out, Dua and Shlok both are delighted to see their parents together explaining they have completed two of the steps, Shlok exclaims they now deserve to have some cake after which they leave.

Ghazala explains to the principal they both have been away for quite some time so would be fighting, they both are shocked to see that Chahat and Neel are working holding each other’s hands, the principal exclaims she feels they are trying to end the differences, Ghazala responds she also feels the same and if it is really happening then it is commendable, Chahat calls her into the kitchen exclaiming that she made a promise to hold his hand after the restaurant opens, the principal leaves after smiling, Neel also asks Ghazala to leave, she questions Sahil what did he do to separate them, Sahil reveals he was the one to mix the glue, Ghazala replies it is because of the glue they have come even close so he should stop dreaming about marrying Chahat, she leaves when Sahil wonders what he should do.

Chahat is applying lemon on the glued hands, he asks what is she doing when she says that it would separate their hands, he seeing the stove orders her to put water but the stove catches flame and it covers the entire kitchen, Neel rushes to send the customers out when Chahat tries her best to stop the flame, Shlok asks where is his mother, Neel signals she is with him but is shocked so rushes inside to bring her out, Bopho also follows him and is able to send them both out while he himself brings the fire extinguisher.

Neel and Chahat come out safely, both the children hug their parents seeing which the principal says that she doesnot feel there is anything wrong with the family as the four are really happy, she feels Ghazala is the one trying to break the family so must never get the custody of the children, Dua reveals they both have completed the three steps and so would really love each other. Bopho comes saying the fire has ended, everyone goes back inside.

Aalekh also comes with the tin pot explaining he has brought it for the family as Vyas jee should use it to perform the purification of the restaurant, he kneels towards Agam who questions where he really went when Aalekh responds he went to find the truth about Vyas je, but he was not able to find anything worthwhile, Agam starts purifying the restaurant when Shlok sees the burns on Neel’s hands, Chahat asks him to apply the ointment when Shlok exclaims that Vyas je should also purify the clinic first but when he is turning to leave Aalekh signals him to stop, Agam replies he would not purify the clinic of a Muslim, Chahat is tensed hearing this news but Neel answers there is nothing to worry about, he thinks that when the patient arrives she would be filled with joy and he would be her first patient.

The nurse reaches the clinic, she after seeing the board calls Neel explaining she can see the board, he advises her to wait and only come inside when he asks her, Vyas jee recognizes the name of Neelkand, getting out he questions if they have reached Devpriagh as this is the place where his family lives, he walks inside trying to get in to the building but is not able to, he sees them all from behind the windows, he is shocked to see they all are smiling and is not able to bear it.

Aalekh exclaims that no one from them would stay for the opening of the clinic so turns to leave, Neel exclaims he doesnot need anyone except Vyas je, he requests him to recite the Mantar for the blessed opening of the clinic, Aalekh tries to reason saying he has Alzheimer’s so might forget it, Neel explains there is nothing to worry for, he would make him remember, Agam starts reciting it but then acts as if he is unhealthy and would not be able to recite, it, Vyas je while leaning against the outside wall starts reciting it which worries everyone who wonder what is happening as Vyas je is not even saying a word so who would be reciting it, Chahat starts weeping when she sees Vyas je standing on the other side of the window glass, he is trying to hide, she rushes to help him and Aalekh wonders if he is really alive, Vyas jee is not able to control his anger while standing outside and seeing the fake Mant Vyas, who is actually Agam, he sits down with anger.

Chahat comes out calling the nurse to prepare the van, she would bring Vyas je to her, Chahat sits beside Vyas je calling him however he does not respond, she then shouts exclaiming that his Chahat has come back, Vyas je turns his head to loo at her while she is weeping.

Precap: Godambari advises they should leave outside and see who is performing the ritual, they entire family reaches outside while Chahat tries to hide the real Mat Vyas, they all are suspicious on who is he with Chahat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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