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Pandya Store 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva threatens Prafulla

Pandya Store 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gautam saying I want to talk about arranging money. Shiva and Krish ask Gautam to decide anything. They go. Dev says you can decide about it, I will go. Gautam asks him to sit and talk. He asks shall we send the land, tell me. Dev says yes, you can sell it, dad’s dream is our responsibility. Gautam says okay, go. Dev goes. Rishita gets upset. Raavi looks for Dhara. Dhara comes. Raavi asks why do you look worried. Dhara says I have light headache. Suman checks the pics. She blesses her children. She gets the video and says who sent this. She checks Prafulla has sent it, I have to handle her.

Rishita says Dev should have told Gautam about the farmhouse. Dev comes and finds her angry. He says sorry baby. She throws cushions at her. He says Gautam made some plans, she wants to do something, he wants to open new branches of Pandya store, we will also get the profits. She says yes, we are his servants, we have to listen to him, even if our dreams break. Dev says it was dad’s dream, how can we think of our dream. Rishita thinks what’s mine is just mine.

Suman throws a stick at Prafulla and stops her from having food. Prafulla says you don’t value relations. Suman asks how dare you make this video. Prafulla says I didn’t make any idea. Suman shows the video. Prafulla thinks I had sent this to Anita, how did she get it. Prafulla says I wanted to prove that bahu can’t give you happiness, Dhara proved me right by dividing the house. Raavi and Dhara come there. Prafulla hides behind Raavi. Suman says ask Prafulla, we will decide it now, go and call Gautam. Dhara goes. Krish sees the girl again. He turns and says my book disappeared. Suman says Jagat took my bangles to show you the design, you took the bangles, he had stolen it just because of you, Shiva is trying to get these bangles, I stopped him, else I will have to tell everyone that my brother had stolen it. Raavi looks on.

Gautam and Dhara come. Suman taunts Prafulla. She asks Gautam to arrange Prafulla’s stay somewhere else. Gautam says let it be. Suman says Raavi is my bahu, but pagphere didn’t happen, get a good mahurat and send Raavi, better send away Prafulla. Raavi asks Prafulla does she like to get insulted, just go. Suman asks are you shouting on her or explaining me, ask Prafulla to change her bad deeds. Raavi goes. Suman asks Prafulla to leave. Prafulla sees Raavi crying. She says you wanted to marry in this house, don’t know how much shall I tolerate here. Shiva comes. Raavi says you always argue with Suman and Shiva, why did you come. Prafulla says I worry for you, Shiva’s status isn’t more than a servant in this house, he got 1 acre land, Dhara and Gautam are going to sell it and have the money. Shiva scolds Prafulla. Raavi asks him to stay in his limits. Shiva says ask Prafulla if she has stayed in her limits. He says Prafulla broke our family, she made Suman and Jagat away, even then everyone has forgiven her, she is a Naagin.

He holds Prafulla’s hand. Raavi asks him to leave her. Prafulla says don’t say please to this servant. Raavi says enough, you can’t talk to Shiva like this. Shiva asks Prafulla to say more. He shouts on Raavi and asks her to shut up. Raavi cries. Shiva asks Prafulla to say what does she have to say. Prafulla says you are a servant, he has less respect in the house, that’s why he does all the work, I m not scared of you now, you wanted these bangles, you won’t get it, I got the bangles by cheat, if Suman can’t get it from me, then who are you, get out, if you had a status, then your mum would have got these bangles, Raavi’s luck is bad that she got married to you. Shiva sees a sickle there. He asks Prafulla to say it again. Raavi says leave her. She shouts to Dhara. She runs to call them. Shiva says I will make Suman wear these bangles before going to Somnath. Gautam and Dhara ask Shiva to leave Prafulla. Gautam makes Shiva away. He says our thinking can be different, but we are one family, you can’t misbehave with Prafulla. Shiva looks on angrily. He leaves. Prafulla says Dhara, you should cage this animal, you got Raavi married to Shiva. Dhara asks her why does she always anger Shiva. Raavi stops Dhara.

Rishita sees Shiva at some place. She tells Dev that Shiva went to take a loan. Dev asks Shiva why do you need money.

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