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Molkki 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Gaurav aka Rakesh gets arrested!

Molkki 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Manas and Juhi are on their way to some place. Manas wonders what if anyone finds out that they aren’t at home. Juhi says haathi told us that nothing is difficult when the thought is right and positive. We are close. Don’t be afraid.

Sakshi tells Purvi she is happy to see her at this stage. Think of me as your elder sister. I will be with you on every step of life. Purvi says your love is enough for me. That’s all that I want! Sakshi decides to check on the preps when Purvi requests her to let her meet Mukhi ji once. Sakshi agrees. I know your bond with Mukhi ji is very special. Go and meet him. Purvi thanks Sakshi.

Purvi offers tea to Virender. He thinks it is Sakshi and says I don’t want to have tea and I don’t feel like talking to you right now. Purvi asks him if he is interested in talking to her. Virender says I always want to talk to you. Purvi says it is just a matter of few days. You will be saved from my Bakbak once I leave. Virender says that is true but how will I get rid of your memories. You will start a new family. I cannot do much for you. I can only hope that you get much more happiness than what you have done for us here. May your husband give you the love that I couldn’t! Purvi says no one will be able to give me the love and happiness that you have given to me. He becomes emotional. Wish I could stop all this. I am breaking up from inside. I can pretend to be happy for Sakshi’s sake but I cannot bear it that you will marry someone else. I am crying inside. I feel so helpless. Purvi pats at his shoulder. Please be strong. How will I be strong if you will fall weak? We cannot change or stop what’s happening in my life. We can accept it as Kanha ji’s will. Now you too should accept that I will marry someone else and leave the house in a few days. Virender says you will always remain in my heart. How will I pacify my heart? I cannot do anything even if I want to. I feel so helpless today. I keep praying for a miracle every second so that Bawri can stay with me forever in my house. She tells him not to keep hope or pray anymore. I must leave. The sooner, the better or I will fall apart too. I must leave this house for Sakshi ji and your family. We have to be strong for them. Bid me adieu happily now. She walks away. Virender is in tears. Why are you testing me God? Break this wedding somehow. Don’t let Bawri leave the house.

Manas and Juhi show Gaurav’s photo to a lady sitting on the road. Do you know him? She nods. What happened? They tell her something in mute. She tells them not to worry. Everything will be fine. They request her to help them and she agrees. Kids leave. The lady shakes her head.

Kids want to invite Champa Didi (gardener’s daughter) in the function. Sakshi is hesitant but they insist. She gives in. Kids smile.

Virender is walking absentmindedly. Everyone else is busy with the preps. Gaurav comes with his fake parents. Sakshi brings Purvi. Virender thinks of Purvi’s words. He is not at all happy to see Purvi sitting next to Gaurav. Pundit ji starts the ritual. Manas asks Juhi if she told the right time to Champa Didi. She hasn’t come till now. Juhi nods. She will be here soon. Manas says I will tell the truth to haathi. Sakshi stops Manas from going to Purvi. She is busy in engagement right now. You can talk to her later. Manas tells Juhi that Ma stopped him from going on stage.

Pundit ji asks them to hold hands. Purvi and Virender look at each other. Both are very uncomfortable. Anjali and Prakashi smile at Gaurav. Virender is trying his best to hide his emotions. Kids wonder how they will expose Gaurav in front of everyone without Champa. Virender is not able to take it anymore and gets up to go. Prakashi and Anjali high five. Champa asks everyone to stop just then. Kids high five. Anjali asks Champa how she can stop the function like this. Champa calls Gaurav a cheap guy. Virender asks her what she is saying. Champa says believe me, he does not deserve to be here. You want him to marry Choti Mukhiyayin? He is an animal. He molested me and then tried to kill me when I got pregnant. These aren’t his real parents. They came here for money. I have even filed a report against this guy. His real name is Rakesh. He is a middleman. He sells girls in Lalbari. Anjali asks her if she has gone mad. She is mistaken. It must be someone else. Please leave. Champa says I knew you wont believe me so I brought a copy of my police complaint. Virender reads it. Champa asks him to do justice to her after reading it.

Anjali tells Virender Champa must be lying. She might be in love with Gaurav secretly. She is a liar. Virender tells her to be quiet. I will talk to you later. He gives the copy to Champa and walks towards Gaurav. He glares at the fake parents who leave immediately. Virender calls Inspector. I have to hand over a culprit to you. He beats Gaurav aka Rakesh next. How dare you try to spoil my Bawri’s life? Kids encourage him to beat Rakesh. Anjali and Prakashi look on helplessly. Virender continues beating Rakesh. Rakesh lands near Champa’s feet. Inspector comes in just then and tells Virender to let law punish Rakesh. Thank you. We had been looking for him since days. You have done a huge favor on us. Virender tells him to thank Champa who points out that these kids deserve the thank you.

Flashback shows Manas kicking a ball with force. It falls in the jungle. They go to find it and see Rakesh troubling Champa. That’s how they had recognized Rakesh yesterday. Flashback ends.

Kids high five. Champa says I wouldn’t have been able to expose Rakesh if it wasn’t for them. We dint want Choti Mukhiyayini to go through this ordeal. Thank you for doing justice. Inspector thanks the kids. You two are very brave. Police leaves with Rakesh. Virender hugs his kids proudly. They run to hug haathi next. Sakshi realizes why kids had called Champa in the engagement. They wanted to save Purvi and stop the wedding. They lied to me. They hid the truth intentionally!

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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