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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Vijay’s outrage

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pallavi worried and in tears thinking about Raghav’s past and Raghav’s anger about not sharing with him and Kirti’s curse. Pallavi sees staff take ice for Raghav in bar.
Raghav asks staff -Shri to have drink with him, Shri says my wife would be waiting for me, Raghav says take this money get her something.

Pallavi walks to Raghav and says stop drinking, bar closed, Raghav says yes everything is closed for me, Raghav says who are you to stop me, Pallavi says your wife, Raghav says who gives friends more importance, Pallavi says its not about us, it was for Kirti, Raghav says I see what everyone is doing here, all want to save their relations with others except me, I shared everything abd you hide about Kirti, I feel bad seeing I am not priority to anyone, why wilk you share your past, enough of this being good, go Pallavi do what you want good night and leaves.

Next day Pallavi ask Shri if he has seen Kirti and Raghav, Shri says Raghav left for work early morning and Kirti for exercise, Pallavi asks him did you see Kirti carrying bag or anything, Shri says no and leaves. Pallavi keeps trying to reach Kirti’s phone, and gets worried.
Pallavi calls Farhad.

Pallavi sees Jaya sitting alone, Pallavi says let me heat your coffee, Pallavi tells Jaya Kirti is not home, Jaya says lets go get her, Pallavi says calm down Farhad is looking for her, Jaya says I shouldn’t have come, how did I think Raghav will behave, I lost Kirti because of Raghav, Pallavi says I am sorry but why do you blame Raghav for everything its like a habbit now.

Sulochana on call for marriage proposals for Mansi, Milind asks what are you upto, Sulochana says Rahul got engaged and Mansi’s husband will be rich than Rahul’s fiance and Pallavi’s husband, Milind says this is your problem, life is competition for you, change it, if you want Mansi happy find someone who will love and care for Mansi like Raghav, look how he has changed himself for Pallavi, always looks for Pallavi, find someone like him for Mansi.

Pallavi tells Jaya that Raghav told her about past and says Raghav was a kid and he did everything for his family, his mistake was trusting Krishna Rao, Jaya says I lost my son and father because of that wrong trust, Pallavi says I know that memory must be killing you, calm down, Jaya says Pallavi I couldn’t share this with you but now since you know it what do you think, Pallavi says we can never give guarantee of any work, I lied to my father about shop profit and that lie destroyed everything, Raghav never had wrong intention, I am not defending him, but he was doing it for good, you were good wife, and best mother for Kirti and me but not for Raghav, you lost there.

Kirti at Sunny’s house, Farhad arrives there, Kirti says I am worried Sunny isnt receiving calls or anything, what must have Raghav done to him, Farhad says Raghav has done nothing, I just spoke to neighbor’s, Sunny left last night and didnt come back.

Vijay packing saree and calls Milind says I want to file FIR against Raghav for false accusing me, Milind says have you lost it, we know its not Raghav, Sulochana walks to them says its definitely Raghav, we arw innocent people its not our cup of tea, Milind says enough Sulochana and this isnt about rich poor, its relation, let this go and let everyone live in peace, Vijay says she spoilt my life why shouldn’t I, Raghav walks in says what you want to do here, Vijay says such shameless, Raghav says I came here to do good, Vijay says by sending people jail, Raghav says you can see things I didn’t do and ignore what I did, don’t forget I helped you out of jail, open your mind, things will change, Vijay says I am happy where I am, I will die but never let you and your wife here, Raghav says and I wont leave till you forgive Pallavi.

Mansi says to Raghav why do you want this, we don’t want you just get lost, Raghav says you were Pallavi’s beat friend how can you do this, Mansi says she is reason my marriage broke, she is the reason for my state here, Raghav says you are intelligent but how could you do that, tell me what you want, nothing is impossible I will do everything for Pallavi,Vijay says wait a minute and gets water and a plate. Milind makes a call.

Pre cap:Vijay says to Raghav you want to do good right then wash my feet and drink the water.

Raghav gives Pallavi train tickets and says you are free now,you can go Kolhapur to your brother’s place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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