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Heart Exchange JaBir FS Part 4

Heart Exchange Part 4

Kabir-Pooja returned home.There was a woman waiting .Pooja was shocked to see her.
That woman tried to caress her face.But Pooja moved her hand away.That lady became upset.
Kabir:Who is this?
Pooja:She is my so called mom.
Kabir was shocked.
She:I am Madhu.Pooja’s mother.

Kabir:Hi Aunty…

Madhu:Hi.I heard that your name is Kabir.Am I right?


Pooja:You were busy in America.Right?Then how did you come here?Once in a while we talk on the phone.That was enough.What was the need to come here?

Madhu:Pooja…I heard that you both are living together here.As a mother I want to advise you to get married to Kabir.

Pooja:So you came here from America to give me lecture?

Madhu:As a mother I have to show you the right path.

Pooja:So the right path is marriage?

Madhu:If you have found the right guy that’s the best.

Pooja:You yourself could not manage your married life.You led a loveless marriage.Everything was fake in your married life and got separated from your husband.Then how are you saying that marriage is the best?For heaven sake don’t be a hypocrite.We are happy without marriage.So please leave.

Madhu looked at Pooja emotionally:Ok.

Madhu left wiping her wet eyes.Pooja burst into tears.


Pooja:I did’nt want to behave like this to mom.But when I think of what happened in the past I lost my control.

Kabir embraced her to console her.

The next day…

Kabir got a phone call.

After that he went to a place.There Madhu was seen.

Madhu:Thank you for coming here Kabir.I doubted whether you will come.

Kabir:Why did you call me?If you have still come to adise us to get married please don’t do that.

Madhu:Kabir..you hear what I want to say first.Pooja hates to get married thinking that her parents led a fake married life.But actually that is not true.The truth is different.

Kabir:what stupid truth?

Madhu:Nothing was fake in our married life.Whatever love Pooja saw between me and Ashok was true.But our happiness was short lived as Pooja’s dad was diagnosed with cancer.Her dad did not want Pooja to be broken if he passes away one fine day.So he wanted to make Pooja prepare herself to live in her dad’s absence.So we both pretended to fight beyond a limit.Ashok left home.But not because he did’nt want to live with us..but to take treatment without Pooja’s absence.Pooja thinks that I left for America to live happily.But actually I went to America to be with Pooja’s dad as he is taking treatment there.The truth is that Ashok and I are deeply in love with each other.I am very busy with Ashok there.That’s why I could not talk to Pooja every day.But she thinks that I don’t care about her or her dad and want to be a free bird.So these days she is not even attending my calls.

Kabir was shocked.

Madhu:Ashok and I have come here knowing about yours and Pooja’s live in relation.More than me,her dad is upset about live in relation as every parent dreams of their daughter’s wedding.Please convince her to get married.It’s our respect.

Kabir became so emotional that he was not able to say anything.

Slowly Madhu saw Pooja coming from behind.She was in tears.

Pooja:Kabir had brought me also here as it’s you who called him here.But we never knew that you were going to reveal the biggest painful truth of our life. I am sorry mom.I misunderstood both of you. Dad’s health….

Madhu said tearfully:He is getting better.Kabir…I called you to come alone.Why did you bring Pooja also here?Because of that Pooja came to know everything.

Kabir:Pooja was living under a misconception that her parents were leading a horrible married life.It was essential for her to know the truth.it’s good that she came to know of her dad’s health.It’s her right.Good that she realized how madly her parents love each other .

Pooja hugged Madhu and cried:I want to see dad.

Madhu:I will take you there.
Pooja fell down weeping,Kabir held her:Pooja!
Pooja:How much did I misunderstand my own parents when their love is pure like Krystal?
Kabir became upset seeing her traumatic state:Pooja…you should be happy that it was jut your misunderstanding and your parents love each other unconditionally.

Madhu’s eyes became wet seeing it.
She thought:I am happy that our daughter Pooja got a nice life partner like Kabir who will stand by her always like Ashok stood for me.






Madhu took Kabir and Pooja to Ashok.Pooja hugged Ashok and cried:Dad…

Ashok became emotional.He caressed her face:Pooja beta…I am ok now.Much better now.That’s why I could travel back to India.And your mom is there to look after me.When your mom is with me why should I worry?
Madhu:Don’t worry Pooja.I am there to look after your dad..

Pooja:You both love each other unconditionally.

Ashok and Madhu smiled tearfully.

Ashok:Till our end we will love each other.
Pooja and Kabir were touched by his words.

Ashok:I am sure that you both also love each other like us.So please get married.

Pooja and Kabir looked at each other emotionally.






At home…

Pooja and Kabir were thinking of the words of their parents  and Ramesh about their married life being filled with love.

Pooja:Kabir…were we having a misunderstanding that married couples cannot love each other?

Kabir:Guess we were wrong.We were so blind that we believed what we saw.What we see may not be true.Whatever bitter things we witnessed may have hidden love inside it.

Pooja:Now we know that marriage does’nt end love,it only strengthens a relationship.Our parents also want us to get married.So shall we get married?

Kabir:Yes Pooja.We will get married.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

Kabir-Pooja smiled at each other.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).




Kabir-Pooja informed their parents about their decision to get married.They were really excited.

Kabir-Pooja decided to leave the colony to get married.

So Ramesh,Kalika and other colony members gave them a treat.

They gave them a cake with thank you ..’We will miss you’ board.Kabir-Pooja got excited.


One person:Thank you so much for being so friendly with us.We all will miss you.But it’s for your best.

Pooja:Thank you to you people also for such a sweet farewell treat.

Kabir:Thanks for accepting us as we are without judging us on the basis of our live in relation.

Kalika:We were always sure about your love for each other.But marriage’s purity and sacredness is different.

Ramesh:We always wanted you both to get married.We are happy that finally you both are getting married.All the best.

Kabir-Pooja smiled:Thank you.

While moving out of the house Kabir Pooja became very emotional.
Pooja:We are leaving this house which is full of beautiful memories.

Kabir:But those memories will be always with us.

Kabir-Pooja got married happily.

Their parents blessed them.

Ashok:I am so happy to see my daughter’s wedding.Now I feel my life time will get extended.

Pooja smiled tearfully:Of course..you will have a long life time dad.

Madhu:May your married life will be long and beautiful.

PK:Pooja..If I have talked rudely to you that day I am sorry.

Pooja:No need dad.

PK:I am really happy that you both got married.

Suman:Always remember that even if you guys fight the whole day sort out everything at night and sleep looking at each other with a smile.

PK:Just like us.

Kabir-Pooja smiled nodding.
PK:Your mom and I fought a lot.But we had always resolved our problems before the day ended and that’s why we are still together.Seeing a couple fight you can conclude that their marriage is on rocks.After a big fight still with each other is what true love.
Kabir-Pooja smiled.
Kabir-Pooja made hearts with their fingers.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

Kabir:Let us exchange our hearts once again.
Pooja nodded smiling.

They shared a romantic eye lock.





A year passed by….

Ashok is cured now.Madhu and he stay in India now.

Kabir-Pooja went to the dining room when all the family members screamed:Happy wedding anniversary.
They were surprised.
They brought a cake and fed them.
Kabir-Pooja and others had a lot of fun.

After some time Kabir-Pooja went to their room.

Kabir pinned Pooja to the door and started getting cozy with her.Pooja was blushing:Kabir..

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

Suddenly Kabir’s chachi Chanda opened the door pushing the door hard and barged into the room.Because of her sudden push,Kabir and Pooja fell down.

Seeing them on the floor Chanda laughed.

Kabir-Pooja were irritated.

Kabir whispered to Pooja:Chachi does’nt allow us to romance peacefully.

Pooja smiled.

Chanda:By the way what were you both doing near the door?

Kabir Pooja became shy.Chanda smirked seeing their shyness.

Chanda:Anyways get ready for your anniversary party.Your marriage completed one year successfully.

Kabir-Pooja smiled.

Chanda left.

Kabir and Pooja said to each other:Happy anniversary sweet heart.

They showed actions to each other that their hearts have been exchanged with each other.



Kabir-Pooja got ready for the party.


and PK-Suman wished them Happy wedding anniversary.
Soumya and Rani also wished them a happy Anniversary.

Kabir-Pooja were surprised to see Kavya with her husband Vyom there.

Kavya:Happy wedding anniversary.

Kabir-Pooja:Thank you.

Kavya:I am sorry for over reacting Kabir.You were right that we were not a match.Thank you for not marrying me.That’s why I got Vyom who suits me completely.

Kabir:You did’nt over react Kavya.You were right in your own place.I am happy that you finally found your soul mate.

Pooja:I am also happy that you have finally moved on and  happy in your life.

Vyom-Kavya smiled.

Kabir Pooja cut cake and fed each other.

Kabir-Pooja were having lunch with all the family members including Kavya and her family as they are  family friends.They were really happy.


Pooja to Kabir:Good that we got married.Because of that only we are able to spend happy moments with our family members.If we had continued our live in relation we would have missed all these precious family moments.

Kabir held her hand:You are right Pooja.

Pooja:By the way we have already exchanged our hearts with each other.Why don’t we exchange our dessert too?

Kabir smiled:Sure.

They exchanged their dessert and fed each other.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

The End




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