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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-51)

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At Lifeline Hospital:-

At 6 pm:-

The door flung open marking the entry of Aryan

Vansh- What happened Aryan?

Aryan- Bhai your wife is with me

Riansh- WHAT?

Riddhima and Vansh looked at each other

Riddhima- Vansh you betrayed me

Vansh- I didn’t

Riddhima- Waise to pure din kehte ho mujhe bhaut sabar hai mujhme bahut sabar hai itna sabar nhi raha ki mera wait karlo (Btw, whole day you keep saying I have a lot of patience I have a lot of patience, You don’t have that much patience to wait for me)

Vansh- What problem do you all have with my patience?

Riddhima- Don’t you dare1 to say that word “patience” you don’t have “p” of patience no wait you don’t have even that…. Liar…. With whom you betrayed me

Vansh- I haven…….

Riddhima (interrupting him) – No wait you are a liar, I don’t believe you (to Aryan) you tell Aryan with whom this guy married

Aryan- Di woh…..

Riddhima (interrupting him) – No wait you will also support him only na, where were you when he got married

A voice came in the room

Voice- Married? Who?

All looked to see Ishani, Sejal and Siya

Ishani- Riddhima who got married?

Riddhima- This Vansh, oh Sorry Mr. Idiot Vansh Raisinghania

Kabir- Vansh you got married and you haven’t called us

Angre- When you got married? Do mom and dad know about it?

Vansh- No Ang…..

Siya (interrupting him) – Bhai you eloped…. (teasing him) Who is the lucky girl?

Riddhima (shocked) – Siya?

Siya- Sorry Sorry di, I forgot about you

Riddhima- You forgot about me and you remember his wife

Sejal- Siya you know who the girl is?

Siya- No who said

Sejal- She (pointing to Riddhima)

Riddhima- When I said?

Sejal- Just now you said na (mimicking her) “You forgot about me and you remember his wife” So I thought

Riddhima- Hey you….. Forget it….Vansh how dare you to betray me?

Vansh- When the hell did I betrayed you?

Riddhima- Oh you mean to say you marry someone and propose me aren’t you betraying us

Vansh- Us?

Riddhima- Me and your wife

Vansh- You care for her

Riddhima- See Kabir he is accepting that he had a wife

Kabir- Vansh where is bhabhi

Riddhima (shocked) – Kabir? Bhabhi from now only?

Kabir- Aray No but by the relation it will be bhabhi only

Sejal- No way

Kabir- Why?

Aryan (shouting on top of voice) – Aray…. Mar jaao sab…… Chup ek dum chup…… (Aray…. Go and die you all…… Just keep quite)

Riddhima- Tum chup yahan meri life barbad hogayi aur yeh chup bade aaye (You keep quite, here my life is destroyed and he is saying to keep quite)

Voice- Tum sab chup…. Guys bahar aur bhi patient hai (You all keep quite…. Guys patients are there)

All looked to see a ward boy

Riddhima- We all keep quite how can I he betrayed Mr. Ward boy you tell me he 4 days before proposed me and he is married. Didn’t he betrayed me?

Ward boy- He did

Vansh- What I did? I even don’t know when I get married

Veer- Wait Vansh haven’t you got back your full memory

Angre- Hawwww…….

All (in unison) – What happened?

Angre- Such a big thing happened and you all are asking what happened? Let me call the doctor

He went to open the door when the ward boy said

Ward Boy- Doctor is in operation theatre

Aryan- Aray Angre….. Why to call the doctor?

Ishani- Hey you idiot, you first of all leave for school you really don’t have brain

Aryan- Yeah just like you have 1000 brains with you

Ishani- Just shut up Aryan

Aryan- Oh now I should shut up

Ward boy- Guys please

Aryan- You can leave…

Ishani- No wait… You tell me isn’t he an idiot

Kabir- I would suggest to not to speak because if you said yes then Aryan will beat you if now then Ishani

Ishani- Shut up Kabir…… (to Ward boy) You tell

Aryan- Exactly tell…. Who is an idiot and who need to go to school?

Ward boy- You both

Ishan- What the….. We won’t go to school together ever

Ward boy- Then take admission in different school

Ishani- That’s good…… Wait a second what do you mean am I an idiot

Aryan- See even he knows

Ishani- Aryan

Sejal- Guys….. Shut up please Vansh with whom you got married

Aryan- Who said he is married?

All (in unison) – You

Aryan- When I said he is married…. He is not

All heard a huge gasp and looked at Kabir

Kabir- Haww…..

Vansh- Now what happened to you?

Kabir- Join the dots guys, He has a wife but he isn’t married and then to he has a wife that means

All (in unison) – That means

Kabir- He is in a live in relationship

Vansh- What the?

Riddhima started weeping

Riddhima (crying) – Veer bhai Take me somewhere else this betrayer I’m going to kill him

She took the Vase and was about to threw on him

Riddhima (shocked) – Do you have children even?

Vansh- Hey….Hold on your horses

Kabir- No…. I don’t think so…. He can’t do that

Vansh- Excuse me

Aryan- Aray guys listen me first please

Vansh- listen him please

Aryan- He has a wife and here only

Riansh – Where is she?

Aryan- Your phone bhai actually you keep it close to you 24*7 so remember I refer to it as your wife

Two pillow was thrown on him and he saw Riddhima with her red shot eyes and second of Vansh

Riddhima- Aryaaannnn……….

Vansh- Leave about Aryan till where you went Marriage, live in and after everything to children and you guys don’t you trust me

Riddhima- This Aryan…..

Ishani- Just leave it guys don’t forget you are still patients and he (to Aryan) you leave for school I will pack your school bag… Idiot

Ward boy- Let them rest they are patients

All looked at the ward boy in shock and now the blood rose to their cheeks showing there embarrassed face and he left

Veer- Guys take rest

All left and Vansh turned his face away from Riddhima

Riddhima- Vansh

No reply

Riddhima- Vanshu….

No reply

Riddhima- Baby

Vansh- What Riddhima?

The door again flung open again marking the entry of Aryan

Vansh- What happened to now? Do I have children even?

Aryan- How will I come to know?

Again a pillow landed on him from Riddhima

Aryan- Sorry Bhai your phone aka wife

He rushed out and again pillow landed on the door

While both looked at each other and then after few seconds burst out laughing

Riddhima- Sorry Vansh

Vansh (laughing) – My wife I mean seriously….. Btw after a long time I will be able to open my phone from its password just because of you I wasn’t knowing the password

Riddhima- Shut up and rest….. Good Night

Vansh- Oh ma’am, It’s evening

Riddhima- But I’m going to sleep now

Riddhima laid on the bed and switched off the light

Vansh- You want me to do something

Riddhima- Like

Vansh- Something something….

Riddhima- What’s something?

Vansh- Don’t be too innocent

Riddhima- I’m

Vansh- Who was the one to kiss me first?

Riddhima- Ohh because you asked me

Vansh- If I ask you to make something else also will you make that with me

Riddhima- What?

Vansh- Shall I speak clearly

Riddhima- Yaa….. What do you want to make ok wait you want to eat something

Vansh- Yes….

Riddhima- What?

Vansh- You….

Riddhima- How?? (Realizing) What the….. You are such a shameless creature

Vansh- Just after you

Riddhima- Shut up and Sleep

Vansh- Come

Riddhima- Where?

Vansh- You want to sleep na…. No wait…. I will come there

Riddhima (stern) – Vansh….. Sleep now…. No rest now

Vansh gave her a naughty smirk and she closed her eyes blushing

Vansh- Someone is blushing so much

Riddhima- Vansh If you will stop flirting then I will stop blushing

Vansh- When did I flirt?

Riddhima- Just now

Vansh- That wasn’t flirt that was just a daily dose for you

Riddhima- Shut up please….

Vansh- Ok fine… Good Night

Riddhima- Hmm

Both slept for sometime

At 9 pm:-

Door knob click open making the sound echo in the room and disturbing their sleep

Vansh and Riddhima rubbed their eyes and saw all standing there with their moist eyes and then both looked at each other

Riddhima- What happened?

That was it, Sejal, Ishani and Siya hugged her tightly sobbing at her arms

Riddhima- My hospital gown is getting wet guys

Vansh- What happened?

All 3 girls and moved at different corners while Veer moved to her and hugged her tightly fighting with his tears

Riddhima- Bhai What happened? Is everyone ok?

Veer- Riddhima listen the second bad news

All composed themselves

“That day when your operation was going on Samiara told us that as the bullet is stuck in the middle of your brain then she will have to keep it there only and in that case there were two chances either you will lose your memory or you will go in coma and that only happened you lost your memory but now that bullet is causing harm to your brain and full body and now it’s the time to remove that bullet through operation…. An….and”

He couldn’t complete as he started crying

Kabir- “ and doctor checked your reports and there is just 5% chance of your survival as due to this accident you even lost a lot of blood and tomorrow is the surgery in the morning”

Tears were now in everyone’s eyes and then Riddhima gave a slight chuckle at her fate and looked at Vansh who had bent down his head and his eyes were blood shot red and his fists were closed

Riddhima composing herself took a deep breath and asked

Riddhima- Bhai what’s the good news?

Veer looked at her with his moist eyes and said

Veer- 3 days back when you were shot I got the news that Ruchi fell from the stairs due to the shock and after the operation Ruchi gave birth to a baby boy

Riddhima (in excitement) – Where is he?

Veer- Actually both are still under observation as the child was born in 7th month

Riddhima- Oh no I can’t meet him

Veer- Ok you can but tomorrow morning

Riddhima- Where is mom?

Veer- Mom and dad is at home as dad is having high fever

Door flung open and a nurse entered

Nurse- It’s time for patients to rest

All nodded and soon left

Now this time Vansh closed the light and both laid facing each other back

At 1 am:-

Vansh eyes opened and he turned back and saw Riddhima sleeping cutely he sat up and moved to her and sat on the bed and

Vansh- Riddhima, why are fate is like this we love each other since almost 7 years and still we aren’t together? Why do we have so many enemies? Why can’t we live our life like a normal couple? Why can’t we?

He bend down and cupped her face and joined the foreheads and she opened her eyes and he was firstly shocked and she said

Riddhima- After all we are unique Vansh, We do everything in unique way…. Right?

Vansh- But why only us?

Riddhima sat up and straight and Vansh close to her face and caressed her cheeks

Riddhima- May be god is testing us…. Btw if tomorrow I die

That was it Vansh took her lips into his and started sucking her lower lips which firstly she was shocked but then when his cold hands caressed her bare arms she hugged him and started sucking his upper lips while he was nibbling, sucking it and then he moved his cold hands on her neck sending chill down her spines and she moaned into the kiss giving him the space to enter into her mouth and taking the opportunity he smirking entered his tongue into her mouth and she grabbed his hairs into her fist and moved him closer to her so that even she can enjoy the kiss and she pulled him closer to her and due to sudden pull his other free hands lost his patience and started caressing her back while the second only was pleasuring on her face and those cold hands did magic on her every time it touched she get lost in her own world of pleasure and now he started the fight of dominance and she fought back but at last he was one to won and he once again started tasting her mouth by his tongue while his lips were sucking her

Soon they broke the kiss after turning it into a passionate one and they once again joined their foreheads and a drop of tear fell from their eyes

Vansh- You have to get well soon or in the operation theatre only I’m going to make love to you

Riddhima- Shut up shameless creature

They broke the hug

Vansh- From whom I should I have shame… You? Then how will we enjoy

Riddhima- Not from me at least from table sofa and bed

Vansh- If these won’t be in our room where will be make out

Riddhima- You are truly shameless

Vansh- Mujhme bhaut…….. (I have)

Riddhima (interrupting him) – Sabar mat bolna (Don’t say patience) we all know how much you have

Vansh- I love you

Riddhima- I love you too

They hugged each other and slept on the same bed cuddling each other

In Morning:-

At 7 am:-

Door open of their room and all boys entered and was shocked to see them sleeping while cuddling

Veer moved to them and patted at Riddhim’s shoulder

Riddhima- Let me sleep Vansh

She again cuddled into her and slept

Kabir did same with Vansh’s shoulder

Vansh- Sleep na, Riddhima

He gave her a quick peck on lips and cuddling into her laid again

Veer- Waah mere baachon kya sabar paaya hai (Wow my kids what a patience you have)

Listening to the voice both sat up straight and saw all 4 there and was embarrassed

Vansh- What the hell were you guys doing here?

Angre- You weren’t in your bedroom

Aryan- Not even married yet

Veer- Guys think if doctor saw this and Vansh at least have some patience

Kabir- Bhai why are we giving money for two beds to the hospital they can adjust into one

Vansh- Shut up Kabir

Vansh moved down from the bed and went to washroom

Veer- Riddhima are you okay?

Riddhima- Yaa Bhai….

Veer- I mean surgery is after half an hour doctor’s would be coming to take you

Riddhima- Chill Bhai I’m sister of an Interpol officer nothing will happen to me

Veer- Love you

Riddhima- Love you bhai…. (Remembering) Bhai baby?

Veer- I was going to doctor… wait yeah

All left after giving her a hug and after that Vansh came out and saw her

Episode ends

Precap- Samiara- Sorry we couldn’t save her

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