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Celebration day with friends goes wrong? Episode 2

Hey all I know first one I messed up and so sorry for that once again. Here’s part2 I hope I didn’t mess this one.
So let’s start:

Gayatri: shut up😠

Riddhima: whatever(rolled her eyes)

Riddhima: (to sejal) can you tell me what are we doing here if it’s not usual hangout. I’m fed up with this nonsense(said irritatedly and eyed gayatri)

Sejal: you remember you were the only one who decided last year that we’ll celebrate for completing10 years friendship.(said in sarcastic way)

Riddhima said to herself: oh damn that’s the reason. How can I be so dumb🤦‍♀️

Riddhima to sejal: sorry seju you know na I forget things. I’ll do whatever you want as a punishment pleaseee.

Gayatri: ok so now you have to click our pictures and have to make video

Riddhima: did I asked You? So please shut up.(to sejal) but wait a minute where the hell other 3 have gone.

Sejal: others don’t ask about them they are becoming headache for me.

Riddhima: let it be I’ll see them once I’ll go home. For now let’s go and celebrate.

Sejal: come (to gayatri) madam if you are done with your live on instagram so please do honour to come with us.
(Guys there were standing in parking of the cafe and talking)

Gayatri: please 2 minutes sejal.

Ok till she complete her live we can talk.Hey I didn’t give you the introduction of my friends na. So let’s talk about sejal, sejal is like soul sister for me, she understands me, care for me like my mother, scold me, supports me ,most importantly she tolerates me, you know I’m very annoying. We fight like 2 years old kid, seriously one day we were fighting in school campus like small kids fighting for chocolate, then after sometime we started laughing like manic. She is angry bird but I call her crybaby😂. She is just perfect and I don’t wanna lose her. Yaa I got irritated with her when she call be bachi(kid). But I love her. And talking next talking about gayatri, she’s very good but short tempered. She is my first friend and because of her I got sejal, ishani, sia, ritu as friends. I’m very introvert type person that’s why I’m not good at making friends(actually it’s true) and talking. We are like this only we never had normal conversation like other friends used to reply each other in sarcastic way only. I call her lizard, witch and what not on her face😂😂 and she used to get annoyed(dil ko sukoon milta hai😂😂). And about ishani she’s always busy with her boyfriend on calls. Sia our devdas, convincing her mother to let her come with us is like aa bail mujhe maar(to put ourselves in danger). Talking about ritu she always make excuses for not coming. So I hope you got to know about my friends.
POV Ends

They enter in cafè and celebrated for completing 10 years and promised to be with each other forever and ordered to eat something.

Riddhima’s pov
Here we go me and sejal called waiter three times and he didn’t come so we asked gayatri to call him and he came instantly. Like what the hell whenever we come together he never listened to us and at one call of gayatri he came. So why to leave this golden opportunity to tease gayatri😂.

Sejal and riddhima started teasing gayatri and they know she’ll get angry and scold them but friends are friends they never leave any opportunity to tease each other.😂

Finally I completed. Hope you all liked it.
And please do tell me which character you liked the most. And yeah if I had made any mistakes do tell me. Love you all😇❤

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