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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun saves Roshni

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishita getting emotional seeing the house and recalling past. Mrs. Bhalla does tika to Roshni and blesses. Mihika gives her the dress. Roshni likes it and goes with Pihu to change her dress. Ruhi stops Ishita and sees Mihika. She takes Ishita along. Roshni likes the room. Ruhi says Papa has set the room for you, take some rest. Aaliya gets the comforter for Roshni. Pihu says Aaliya got this pillow especially for you. Ishita says we shall wait outside. Roshni says I m feeling restless. Ishita asks shall l I check your BP. Roshni says no, I m happy coming here, I feel guilty, Aaliya’s marriage broke because of me, this should have not happened. Ishita says it was destiny, now we have to think about coming life, healthy baby, you have to keep positive thoughts. Romi says

don’t argue, I don’t want to go. Mihika says its a joyous occasion, you come for some time. Romi says I m not happy, Ishita has snatched our Adi, she killed Adi, I can’t welcome her like you all, pamper Roshni, do anything you want, I can’t do this, if Adi’s not here, his child won’t be here. He goes.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla welcome guests. Raman sees Parmeet and says I told you not to come. Mrs. Bhalla says attend the function peacefully, I have invited you being helpless. Amma says the function is just for ladies. Parmeet says I will act to help and get some food please. Mrs. Bhalla takes Roshni and makes her sit. The women come there and see Roshni. Mihika says we will start mehendi in some time, wait till then. Ishita and Ruhi make Roshni wear the jewelry. Aaliya gets upset, but smiles. The women get away and start their work. They remove the bolt from swing and inform Parmeet as well. Ruhi says we will take Roshni to the swing. They take Roshni. Ishita gets the bolt and stops Roshni. She checks the swing and asks Raman to see. Raman says this swing is shaking, who got this swing. He scolds the man. He says the bolts are loose, check it. The man checks the swing. Mrs. Bhalla asks the man to take away the swing. The women talk that anyone can doubt on them. The woman sends the other one out. Amma asks Roshni is she fine.

Roshni cries and hugs Ishita. Bala says relax Roshni, they will take care. Roshni says I feel like crying, I m happy, don’t know. Ishita says its okay, it happens by hormonal imbalance. Ruhi says I have a brilliant idea to cheer up. Ruhi and everyone dance. The woman says I had gone to washroom and just came. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is the other woman. Roshni says I have to go washroom. Ruhi takes her. Raman says house is locked. Mr. Bhalla says no, Neelu is at home. The woman informs the other one that Roshni is coming upstairs. Ruhi tells Roshni that she will make a peacock design in her mehendi. Simmi asks why didn’t Roshni come till now. Mrs. Bhalla says we will wait for her. Simmi argues. Parmeet says mummy ji, you don’t realize who are your friends and well wishers. He takes Simmi with him. The woman throws the marbles. Roshni steps on it and slips.

Ruhi and Ishita get shocked. Shagun holds Roshni. Parmeet pacifies Simmi and feeds the chaat. He gets a call. She asks is it from that person. Parmeet asks did you miss this time, can’t you do the work well. Raman holds her and starts scolding. Parmeet says you always doubt on me, I was going to have golgappas with my wife. He goes. Raman asks what happened. Roshni says I just slipped. Shagun says Mani is also coming, we thought to support as Aaliya is also supporting Roshni, I went upstairs and saw her. Raman and Shagun ask Pihu not to leave marbles here or not. Pihu says I didn’t play brainvita since long. Raman says then Neelu would have done this. Ishita calms him. Roshni thanks Shagun. Ishita also thanks Shagun. They ask Roshni to relax. Ishita says I will get Roshni. Raman says I will wait here, there won’t be any argument about this.

Raman and Ishita dance on Chor bazaari….. Everyone smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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