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“Now what to do ?? I am caught in this mess! I don’t want to marry anyone! Relax be calm! You will get an idea ……. Yeah idea!”

“Arrey! What are you going to do now ???”

“Ssshhhh relax shwetha I have an excellent idea! See there is a shawl nearby . Let me escape with that through the balcony as it happens in movie always and you cover up.”

“It’s 11th time you are doing and if mom and dad comes to know about that then they will chop us into peices!”

“Nah! This time it’s perfectly planned so I won’t flop this plan! Rakesh will be waiting for me in the bus stand and I have to run at any cost or else he will smash me into pieces . “

“See everything you are boasting about yourself but you are getting caught every time! That to ultimate was that dog “

‘I remember when this idiot tried to escape last time this stupid went into the cupboard shelf on the top and settled there . Maa , papa , Akka, mama , periya Amma, paati everyone searched for that donkey . THEY complained police and my mama suggested to bring the police watch dog for searching and it found that monkey in the shelf and it turned out to be an embarrassing moment in front of our relatives . That stupid had tried many tricks on us but this one turned as an hilarious one indeed!’

“Hey korangu( monkey ) What happened to you ???”

She let out a chuckle , ” thought about your ideas! What an idea sirji!”

“This time it will be a good plan and trust me you won’t get into trouble for sure .”

Saying this that person opened the window and tied one end of the shawl at the iron rod there and with the help of other end that person jumped down!

“Be careful! ” shwetha shouted .

“I am and I will and be careful! Maybe we would see or not too! Who knows it! I love you sweetheart !”

“Love you too ” she gave a flying kiss.


A Big bungalow is shown! It’s beautifully decorated with lillies and roses . The theme was RED AND WHITE! Witha board “MAHESHWARI FAMILY WELCOMES YOU ALL TO THEIR SON ‘S WEDDING!”

A well built man in a purple kurta with fair complexion and a baldie! Is shown welcoming guests at the entrance . Inside a women in early 50’s is shown ordering ladies,” ask that makeup girl to help to make the bride ready!”

“Ada kadavule! Who kept these him by bags here ??? Akash ask those contractors to take these bags and place it there in the storeroom “

All are juggling here and there busy in their younger son ‘s wedding .

“Hey everyone! See I am at the right time!”

A man in late 20’s  stood there with a suitcase in his hand smiling widely .

“Arrey  sanskar beta! It’s good that you came early or else I would have miss your non sense talks!”

“How mean! You oldie! Eeww I didn’t come to see your wedding! I came here for my bhai’s wedding!”

“Happa by the end of 11th attempt he agreed to marry that girl!”

“I know my lucky will get married! Anyway it’s good that I didn’t get married earlier!”


Someone threw slipper at sanskar.

“Ouch! I know it’s my mom ‘s work . Why are you always being an action queen Mrs. Sujatha ???”

“Then being elder to laksh you can’t marry at first place , and now you are justifying your statement get lost from here sanskar .

“Okay enough of the commotion here sujatha . Sanskar beta go now and refresh yourself , I’ll ask shwetha to give you your sherwani !!!”

“Okay badi maa!” He bend down to take her blessings and annapurna placed herhand on his head,” I know beta you will get a good girl who is an early bird like you “


“Arrey ragini! How much time will you take to get ready ???”

“Papa five more minutes and I ‘ll one out of the restroom “

“What is this swara doing ??? Swara maa ??? Papu what are you doing ???”

                         *NO RESPONSE *

” Arrey ragini and swara just don’t make me tensed always it’s my boss ‘s daughter ‘s wedding and I need to go there . Don’t make me to get embrassed there “

“Ayyo daddy please 5 more minutes “

“Now if I come there I’ll pour hot water on your face and you can’t go for modelling “

“Nahi papa I ‘ll wake up! See I am your champ nah !” Swara yawned .

He came inside and saw swara smiling at him ,” good morning papa ” she greeted him sweetly .

“Good morning princess “

“Now you forgot to wish me huh ?” Ragini mocked at his words .

“How will I forget my sweetheart ???” He planted a kiss on her forehead .

“Love you so much dad!”

“Chalo now both go and get ready for your friend naina’ s marriage “

“Sure ” both screamed at the top of their lung and ran away .


Ragini was applying kajal to her eyes when swara stood at her back . Swara bent forwards and took kajal and placed it behind ragini ‘s ears ,” be happy always bacha! Love you always “

Ragini stood up and placed her shoulders ,” I am happy that I got a good papa and you bacha!I hope even I get a joint family as my sasural!”


The guruji asked Anna poorna ma to bring laksh , she in turn asked sanskar to bring laksh . Sanskar searched for him everywhere and returned ,” badi maa laksh isn’t there!”

“I know this would happen” Dp placed his hand on his head  and sat down.

All the goons went in search of him .

“I ‘ll also go with them bade papa ” sanskar wore his slippers and went with them .

“Laksh thambi wouldn’t have gone too long! He would be here nearby “

Laksh saw them and didn’t know where to go ,” ayyo they are here and there is no trees or house to hide there. What to do ?? Idea “

He took a branch and stood there as a statue . One of the goons passed that side and stood in front of him ,”This statue looks like laksh thambi know ” he exclaimed  .

Other goon ,” yeah but it’s statue I guess! See laksh thambi won’t be there even for a minute without A.C. “

They both went off and sanskar came by that side Thought of something and took a twig and placed in laksh ‘S nose .

“Huchewww ” laksh sneezed  . All turned to see him and laksh stared at sanskar angrily.

At last goons caught laksh and brought him to the mandap.

“Congrats laksh! It’s your 12th attempt ” dp Sat down on the chair .

“Papa ” he lowered his head down gazing the floor.

” why arent you marrying anyone laksh ??Do you like someone ???” Sanskar winked at him  .

“Yes ” he nodded his head vigorously .

” may I know who is she ???” Sanskar couldn’t control his laugh.

Laksh cursed sanskar under his breath and closed his eyes and pointed a girl to his right  .

Sanskar smiled playfully and went and pulled that girl towards him  .

That girl looked with a confused expression raising an eyebrow questioningly to sanskar .

“Raginiiiii ……….. be careful …..” swara shouted in a scared tone .


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