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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh follows mata kali’s signs.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kartikeya saying where did mother go ganesh? Ganesh says brother I don’t know, even she has gone in meditation and father is already meditating in deep. Kartikeya says brother, mother said she has given you the powers to know what may happen in the future, so you shall know where mother has gone, please see from your powers brother. Ganesh says yes brother I have those powers but I don’t know what mother told me to do after this? I think we should wait for a sign from mother and father, they will give us a sign somewhere, we should then go after that. Kartikeya says okay, as you say.
Then as they wait, suddenly the ground starts to tremble and stones move and shake. Kartikeya says what is that? Ganesh says I don’t know brother, but this trembling is coming from

somewhere. Kartikeya says it seems to be dangerous. Ganesh and kartikeya look at mahadev and say father is meditating, what do we do now? Ganesh says brother I think this trembling is the sign that father and mother are giving us, we will know if we go to the epicenter of this shaking and trembling, kartikeya says you are right, lets go.
Both ganesh and kartikeya sit on their animals, and ride towards the sound. Ganesh and kartikeya fly on mushak and mayur ji respectively. As they fly, ganesh says I think we are getting closer to these sounds. They soon reach the sound and ganesh stops mushak as kartikeya stops mayur. Ganesh and kartikeya look down and they see a very huge army of demons in millions gathered to attack a palace. Ganesh says there are so many demons. Kartikeya says I will get down and kill these evil demons. Ganesh says no brother, this is the sign, we have to see why these demons have gathered and where they are marching, there we will see what mother and father wanted us to see. Ganesh says I have a plan to be quiet and not be noticed by these soldiers.
Ganesh says lets become very small in size brother and then follow these demons. Kartikeya says yes good idea! Both of them become small in size like an ant and they slip under the legs of demons. Kartikeya says ganesh, we should have thought more, these soldiers are marching with their spears, we will get crushed. Ganesh says yes brother, we have to save ourselves from being stamped by any of these soldiers. Ganesh and kartikeya dodge the feet of the demons. Kartikeya says ganesh, to protect ourselves, lets hold onto their spears, this way it wont hurt us. Ganesh says okay and they both hold onto the spears of the demon soldiers. The soldiers march and ganesh and kartikeya are carried with the soldier’s spears ahead, thus following them.

Precap: the demon soldiers come and are fighting the gods. Ganesh and kartikeya see this and kartikeya says what did mother want us to see?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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