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Udaan 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini returns to ruin lives

Udaan 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli saying I don’t want to go jail, show some greatness, how can you send me Chakor. Kasturi and Bhuvan come. Imli asks them to save her. Kasturi asks Chakor to take the evidences against Imli and handover to police, get Imli strictly punished. Imli cries and asks her not to do so, being her mum. Chakor says Imli will be punished. They take Imli in the car. Imli says you are doing wrong with me, you can’t do anything, police won’t be able to punish me. Vivaan says we would have buried her alive. Chakor and Suraj agree. Imli says don’t do this, send me jail, I will be quiet. Two cars block Suraj’s way and don’t let him drive ahead. Suraj says who are they, what’s happening. Vivaan says these people want to save Imli. He asks Imli did she call them. Imli says no, I don’t

know them.

The man throws a smoke can inside the car. Suraj and everyone cough by the smoke. They faint. Suraj, Chakor and Vivaan wake up and find themselves tied up. They look for Imli. Suraj shows the fire lit. He asks them to break the ropes and leave, else they will die. Chakor sees loud speakers and says who can fix this here. Ragini says you have seen it first Chakor, like always. Vivaan says its that woman’s voice, who calls me. Chakor says it means she did this. Vivaan says come out in front of me. Ragini sees them on tv and says you can save your lives. Chakor asks what do you want. She says I want to kill Imli. She shows Imli at gunpoint. She says let me kill Imli. Chakor asks why do you need our permission. Ragini says I do all my work by enjoying. Vivaan recalls the trauma. He sees the fire and says kill Imli, I want to go alive and see you.

Ragini asks Suraj to think of Saanvi, does he want to raise Saanvi like an orphan, Imli has to die. Suraj says kill her. Vivaan says kill Imli, leave us. Ragini asks him not to get angry, its bad for health, you all have to permit me to kill Imli. Vivaan asks Chakor to say yes. Chakor recalls Imli and cries. Suraj asks Chakor to say yes. Chakor says I don’t give my approval. Suraj says you should be worried for Saanvi, not Imli. Ragini calls her foolish. Suraj says Imli is a curse, she wants bad for us, if she is left alive, she will kill Saanvi, say yes. Vivaan says yes, Imli is a devil, let her die. Chakor says no, I can’t become anyone’s murderer. Suraj says we will lose our lives then, think about Saanvi, who will take care of her, how will she live. Chakor thinks of Saanvi and cries. She sees Imli on the screen and says no, I can’t see Imli crying, just law has a right to punish Imli, we won’t punish her.

Ragini says you have no other option, I have to kill Imli. Ragini’s past is shown. She calls her goon and says very soon, their courage will break and they will agree to kill Imli, Chakor is her sister, so she will try to save Imli, but she has to agree too, when Chakor says yes, kill Imli. Vivaan says why don’t I remember her, it looks like I know her, who is she. Suraj and Vivaan ask Chakor to say yes. Chakor sees the fire. They struggle to get free. Chakor gets an idea.

Goons stop Chakor, Suraj and Vivaan. Imli kills the goon. Ragini gets shocked. They all fight with the goons. Chakor saves Imli. Imli gets emotional.

Update Credit to: Amena

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