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Shakti 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jeet accepts Soumya and Harman’s eternal and selfless love

Shakti 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Soumya taking Harman’s name in an unconscious state. Doctor asks Sameer who is Harman? He says you are doing so much for her and she is taking Harman’s name. He asks who is he? Sameer says he is her husband. Doctor asks then who are you? Sameer says nothing, I love her and want to marry her. Sameer’s says I love her and want to marry her. Doctor asks him to call him if needed. Sameer gets his mum’s call. She asks where is he? Sameer gets angry at her and says he loves her. He looks at Soumya and thinks she became my life. Harman and Jasleen search the man. Preeto talks to Surbhi. Surbhi says maybe Soumya di is in that man’s captivity. Raavi asks Jeet to help her with packing and says I know you are upset. Jeet asks her to do packing and thinks of Soumya saving him. She asks

are we going? Jeet says I am thankful to Soumya for saving me, but my sister is more important to me. He asks her to do the packing.

Sameer sees Soumya still unconscious in the morning and thinks she is looking beautiful like a kid. He thinks to call Harman to check his traveling status. He calls Harman and asks about Soumya. Harman tells that he saw CCTV footage and saw that the man is wearing a helmet so they couldn’t see his face. Sameer looks at his helmet. Jeet calls Jasleen and asks them to come. Jasleen asks him to go with Raavi. Harman says we are not coming. Sameer throws the helmet somewhere and thinks he is feeling happy to fool Harman. Jeet tells Preeto that he is concerned for Soumya as she saved him. Harak Singh asks Shanno to pack Harman and Jasleen’s stuff and says we will send them just as they come.

Sameer says good morning to Soumya and makes her sit. Doctor tells that Sameer has taken care of you all night and brought tea for you. Soumya says he cares for me. Doctor asks her to marry Sameer then. Sameer scolds him and asks him to go out. He asks why did you go there? Soumya says she went to see Harman, but she couldn’t see him. She cries and says Harman will go today. Raavi tells Chintu that they are going to Canada. Chintu asks America? Jeet says they are going to Canada with Harman and Jasleen. Harman comes there and scolds Jeet for leaving Soumya in that condition as she risked her life for him. Jeet says my sister is very important for me. Jasleen says your stubbornness is more important to you. Jeet says you both are married and it is my responsibility to take you both to Canada. He says I believe that Soumya saved me and is a nice person. He asks Veeran to keep the stuff in car. Harman stops Veeran. Jeet says if you don’t come with us then I will tell Raavi’s secret to everyone. Harman slaps him. Jeet says you have to go to Canada. Jasleen says we didn’t marry.

Jeet says I want to know this? He says Soumya risked her life to save Harman, and other side is Harman, who loves her even though he knows that she is a kinnar. He says wah, and says I would be very sad if you had married Jasleen, and says I am the only brother who are laughing on her sister’s fake marriage. He says he don’t want a husband for Jasleen who loves someone else and don’t want a jija who would slap him. Harman says sorry. Preeto smiles. Jeet tells Harak Singh that Harman and Soumya are made for each other. Raavi cries and says my life is ruined because of you all. Jeet asks what happened to you and says I have done tickets for three of us. He says I will try to love you just as Harman loves Soumya, and asks her to lower her hatred for Soumya. Everyone smiles. Jasleen hugs jeet. Jeet says what did you think that your brother is a bad guy and says my way might be wrong, but I am a good guy. He asks Jasleen to search Soumya and come to Canada. He tells Harman that he is sure that he will get Soumya back. Preeto asks Jeet to stay in their house and says now you are our family member.

Harak Singh says if everyone is blinded. Preeto asks him to agree. Harak Singh says you can’t tell dialogue knowing about your sister’s fake marriage and says I will never accept a kinnar in my house. Sameer and Soumya are on the signal. Sameer says we will reach soon. Harman and Jasleen are in the car. Harman says we shall go to Sameer’s house. They are also near the signal. Harman looks out and sees Sameer on the bike with Soumya.

Harman and Jasleen come to Sameer’s house. Harman beats Sameer for lying to them even though Soumya was with him. Sameer asks Soumya to tell what is the difference between Harman and him. Soumya tells him you love a woman while Harman loves a kinnar. She says Soumya is a kinnar whom you think as a woman. Sameer and his mum are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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